Community Builders

“Built by Allegany County support and hands for Allegany County”

The Board of Directors thanks all our “building” hands and financiers who have helped in all areas of beginnings and reconstructions, and yearly giving for Hart Comfort House.
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Heart Community
(minimum of $50,000 in cash or “building” supplies/ services):

The Hart Family – Donation of Hart Family House
Charles P. Joyce and Otis Eastern Service, Inc.

Vision Community
(minimum of $10,000 in cash or “building” supplies/services):

The Joyce Family in Honor of Lorraine Joyce
Christian Youth Groups, Inc.
Dan Peters, Fassett Lane Building and Home Center
Two Hogs With Hart (2013)
Morrison Hayes Unit 702 American Legion Auxiliary (2011-2014)
The February Basket Auction (2012-2014)

Sustenance Community
(minimum of $5,000 in cash of building supplies/services):

Alfred-Alfred Station Community Chest (2011-2014)

Solace Community
(minimum of $2,500 in cash or “building” supplies/services):

As of April 7, 2014
Robert Steiniger
William Coch
The Belovsky Foundation

Hope Community
(minimum of $1,000 in cash or “building” supplies/services):

As of April 11, 2014
Cheryl and Michael Jackson
Crosstown Alliance Church Youth Group (Roots)
Pat Edwards

Comfort Community
(minimum of $500 in cash or “building” supplies/services):
As of April 5, 2014
Larry and Deb Clark
Dennis Chase
Anna and Casey Joyce
Michael and Marjanne Kunz
Paula and Dan Greene
Alan Griffin

Caregiving Community
(minimum of $250 in cash or “building” supplies/services):
As of March 10, 2014
A Friend of Wellsville
Louise Kemp
Alstom Power, Inc.
Jim and Darlene Smith
David and Janice Porter
Sherry Walton and Charles Joyce
Thomas W. Smith and Janetta Hinkle
Wellsville Lioness Club
Dresser Rand Office Employees

Support Community
(minimum of $100 in cash or “building” supplies/services):
As of April 11, 2014
Whitesville Faculty and Staff
William Schettine
First United Methodist church
Jerome Dean
Michael Smith
Ronna McMurtrie Cassotis
Michael and Janet Steiniger
Janet and Bill Lynch
Ken Van Dine
Hank Cole
Tastefully Simple Party – Roberta Butler
Larry and Marjorie Erdmann and Families
Richard and Rebecca Cudahy
Joe and Eileen Schaffner
Jeffrey and Stacy Erdmann
Lyle and Beth Slack
Ken and Nancy Lotter and Family
Vickie Hand
National Fuel Matching Grant
Jean Murray Colegrove
Marsha Sick
Anthony Boncaro
Robin Carlin
Wellsville Cheerleading Team
Mike and Connie Doyle
AC Assoc. for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Dora and Proctor Bush
Belmont United Methodist Church
Ben Sr. and Marilyn Cornelius and Ben Jr. and Judy Cornelius
Poksil Heitainger
Richard and Michelle Dunbar
Thomas J. Dunn
Thomas and Cynthia Gehl
Vincent Becker
Community Bank
Andover/ Wellsville Birthday Girls
Maureen and Leonard Capizzi

Helpers’ Community:
As of April 15, 2014
Gloria West
Manor Hills, Inc.
John and Denise Richarson
Margaret Ball
C. Thomas and Sheila Smith
Catherine and James Seebald
Crosstown Alliance Church
John Emerson
The Braymiller Family
Doris McFarquhar
Bill and Geri Ford
Maxine Simons and Bob Dunham
Dave and Lucille Hart
George and Judy McNulty
Robert Starks
Amy Garvey
Marion Johnson
Dennis and Clissie Sheatler
Josephine Lynch
Allegany ARC
Jeanne and Kevin Harris
Joan Hooper
Cynthia and Gerald Vance
Joe and Cindy Baker
Cathy and Mike Powers
Karen Perrigo
The Family of James Joyce
Anna Marie and Charles Costanza
Penny and Rich Klein
Jean A. and Timothy Armstrong
Marietta Piersons
Robert and Elaine McEnroe
Louann Pawlak
Bolivar Lioness Club
Joe and Margaret Latham
Myra Campbell
Lynn and Trina Harvey
Gene and Norma Cedruly
Donna Poissant
Denise and Patrick Regan
Ruth E. Hann
Wendy and Dick Lanterman
Lynn Manning
Belfast Central School Faculty and Staff
The Line Dancers
The Latten Family
Sharon Bumann
Joe Fasano
Maureen Cooper
Donna Jones
Cory and Sandra Guenter
Judy and Bob Loughlin
Amie Jozwiak
Michael and Lisa-Gaye Mead
Ruth and Tad Manske
Doug and Sue Watt
John Shelley
Patricia Curran
Jane Aiken
Nancy Alt
The Ruth Ritter Family
Mary Nesbit, kathleen Wenke, and Katy Harbeck
Thomas and Janet Manko and Family
Jim and Betty Meehan
Rudy Reinprecht
Barrie and Kare Kulp
Richard Rahr, Rita Childs, and Carol Orosz
Bernie and Edie Jo Seligman
Kelly and Lois Lousberrry
James and Jeanette Maxim
David and Ann Ried
Drina Vigh
John and Carol Flurchutz
Deborah Barry
Jim and Judy Brush
Mary E. Boyd
Rita Childs
Amy Burgett
Kim Rounds
JW Embser and Sons Funeral Home
Mary Ann, George and Padden Newark
Stephen and Mary Lewis
Jane and Gerald Christie
First United Methodist Church
Lindsie Meese
Chester Gosper
Bruce and Paula Strange
Phil and Dot Crayton
Jack and Donna Emrick
Russ and Ginny Allen
Judy and George Marlatt
Judith Miller
David and Sandra Palmiter
Doris Reed
Dolamite Products Company, Inc. – Patrick Barry
Ed Wilson
Carlyn and Al Yanda
Ed and Kay Eicher
Joseph and Mary Durfee
Peg and Don Jefferds
Nada and Lynn Lawton


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