2010-2011 Contributors

Heart Community
(minimum of $50,000 in cash or “building” supplies/ services):

The Hart Family – Donation of Hart Family House

Vision Community
(minimum of $10,000 in cash or “building” supplies/services):

Otis Eastern Service, Inc.
The Joyce Family in Honor of Lorraine Joyce
Christian Youth Groups, Inc.

Sustenance Community
(minimum of $5,000 in cash of “building supplies/services):

Estate of Robert Hutter
Barbara and Thomas Wright
Alfred-Almond Chiropractic
Bill and Geri Ford
Morrison Hayes Unit 702, American Legion Auxiliary

Solace Community
(minimum of $2,500 in cash or “building” supplies/services):/strong>
Thomas F. and Laura L. Moogan Family Foundation, Ltd.
Bethesda Foundation
Corning, Inc Management Team

Hope Community
(minimum of $1,000 in cash or “building” supplies/services):

Wayne Carter
David DuBois
Bill and Carla Coch
Joe and F.A. Felsen
Lorraine and Charles H. Joyce
Megan and Graham Marks
CURVES Carol Dodge and members
Janice and Dave Porter
Richard and Gabrielle Ewell
Eugene Staiger
Jud and Mary Stearns
Teresa Joyce (Atlanta, Ga.)
Clifton Miller and Dianna Fleming
Immaculate Conception School
Mary and Jon Tabor
Mike and Cheryl Jackson
Harriet Bradley
Michael and Cynthia Nicoloff
Jeanne and Moe Mead
Mary Ann and Bill DiBerardino
M. Gretchen Probst
Alan Griffin
Denny and Karen Harris
Release Coating of NY
Leonard A. Lewis
Constantine and Rheba Rigas
Community Bank

Comfort Community
(minimum of $500 in cash or “building” supplies/services):

Mary and Steve Rashid
Allegany County Funeral Directors Association
Allegany County Schools, FCU
Thomas A. Summers, MD
Traditional Acupuncture
Belfast Lions Club
Ken and Penny Canfield
Joe Fasano
Greg and Stanny Shear
Union University Church
Carla Coch
Steve Collins, MD
First Congregational Church
Nora and Craig Burdick
Linda and Sam Conner
Brookside Wesleyan Church
Lynn Morrison
Mike and Nora McArdle
Jerome and Nancy Hart
Liz Menichino
Short’s Oil
Kevin and Jeanne Harris
WMS Jump Club
Steuben Trust
Judith Hill
Cliff DuBreuil
Phyllis and Walt Dennis
Renu Thomas
Allegany County Mud Club
Leslie and Keith Stube
Michael Kunz
Allegany Eye Associates
Barry and Catherine Kulp
Joan and Bradley Bowden
Lions Club of Cuba, NY
Gene C. Melasi

Caregiving Community
(minimum of $250 in cash or “building” supplies/services):
Dwight and Gail Allen
Wellsville First United Methodist Church
John and Gayle Childs
The Hennessy family
Teresa Joyce (Wellsville, NY)
Bob and Kim Mead-Colegrove
Lyle and Beth Slack
Kenneth and Judith VanDine
Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church
Stannards United Methodist Church
Robert and Sharon Pulos
Martin and A. Jeanne Pisano
Jean and Gary Nevinger
Jean Murray
H. Woodie and Sue Lange
Chris and Robert Lane
ID Booth
Erica and Jim Freeman
Richard Cudahy, MD
Larry and Deborah Clark
James Brady
Jonathan and Dawn Hart
Terry Palmiter
Linda Belle and Virginia Rasmussen
Dominic and Donna DiGirolamo
Donald and Jackie Comstock
Mario and Peg Prisco
Karen and Chan Whitford

Support Community
(minimum of $100 in cash or “building” supplies/services):

Linda and Vincent Aliberti
Richard and Mary Lou Davis
Joe and Marjorie Anderson
Kathleen Decker
Mary Bentley
Pat and Steve Cole
David and Mary Dempster
Bernie Hyde
Patrick and Kate Hart Godfrey
Mary Huntington
Rick and Michelle Dunbar
Joyce Howland
Thomas Dunn
Sally Hopkins
Mark and Maggie Hart Reuter
Geoff and Patti Hicks
Rob and Ellie Riber
Betty and Arthur Hayes
Rite Aid Employees
Harris Hill Staff
Scott and Mary Rose
Annette Harding
Jarrell and Catherine Habeggar
James and Mary Groves
Dan and Annette Marsh
Dan and Paula Greene
Pat and Jamie O’Kelly and Family
John and Andrea Gill
Carole and George Onada
First Citizens Bank Patricia and Glenn Schreiner
The Dahlgren Family
Kevin and Claudia Gildner
Ann Hallett
Cory and Sandra Guenter
Dottie and Sid James
Fred and Peggy Pearce
Aquinas McCormick
Karen and Dan Perrigo
Diane and Bill Cox
Kurt Culburt
Paul and MaryAnn Whitehouse
Michael and Lisa Lindsay
Patricia and Louis DiPonzio
Herb and Ellen Ehrig
Roger and Jennifer Fajman
Wellsville BPO Elks
Rick and Heather Wonderling
Linda and Nyhl Austin
American Legion Riders-Morris Hayes Wellsville Post 702
Bill and Deb Jones
Ellen Schultz
James and Deborah Joyce
Better Days
M Patricia Haak Baumgartner
Paul Kilbane
Beta Sigma Phi, NY Gamma Pi
Pam and Darrell Bump
James and Diane Cox Lanzo
Barbara Bernstein
Wellsville Full Gospel Church
First Trinity E. Lutheran Church
John and Michele Ninos
Denise and John Richardson
Sunnydale Association
Erik and Mary Ann Lane
Scio Lions Club
Martha Mueller
Larry’s Latrines
Kathryn Cretekos
Wellsville Investment Group
Paul Cully
Joyce and Stanley Krupnik
Teresa Clark
Robert and Isabelle Theroux
Loretta Smith
Angela and David Rossington
Marsha Sick
Mary Beth and Michael Bieger
M. Keith and Danielle Sale
Diane and Henry Mercier
Sharon and Roger Smith
Scio Central School Business and Administrative Staff
Marshall and Sandra Allen
Stan and Joyce Krupnik
Ann McAndrew
Harold and Bev Snyder
Shirley A. Lyon-Bentley
Martha Lash
Kathy and Don Weinhauer
Bill Hart
Preston and Pauline Lucas
Hair Care
Mary Jane and Gary Lloyd
Barb and Cal Graves
Bea and Savo Jevremovic
Bonnie Enke
Sharon and Vern Burdick
Wellsville Full Gospel Church
The Axtells
Doris and Phil McMichael
Anne, Dennis, Ben and Elizabeth Sobeck
David Pullen
Wellsville Elementary School Faculty and Staff
Charity and Paul McCormick
Patricia and Dean Humbert
Tim DiBerardino
Judith E. Samber and Gary Ostrower
Marc Rawady
Geralyn and Kenneth Gough
Charles and Betsy Orlando
Jay Ellie
Linda Lewandowski
Wellsville Investment Group
Deanna and Robert Pavone
Connie and Daniel Synakowski
Ann Brocci
Ann and Mark Lewis
Nancy and James Stevens
Eva and Neil Benedict
Gregory Gunzbuger, D.C.
Dennis and Beverly Butts
3rd and 6th Graders of Immaculate Conception School
Ed and Marty Tezak
Alfred Lions
Wednesday Ladies Golf League
Kay and Bill Birmingham
J.W. Embser and Sons Funeral Home, Inc.
Ed and Kay Eicher
Anne Church
Alexanderina Vigh
Mary Clare
Karrie Edwards and Jim Ninos
ICS Students: Lorali, Kaelyn, Katie, Joe, and Sophie
Belmont Rotary Club
Robert and Delores Kelley
M. Richard Rose
Caroline Littell
Alice and Robert Heineman
Heather and John Meacham
Bob and Judy Grogan
Cato and Carol Aldrich
Robert and Loraine Moran
Joan Hooper
Cyndi Hooker Stanton
Jeanne Hyland and Hare Care Customers
Rev. Vincent J. Becker
Linda Staiger

Helpers’ Community:
Joseph Hollister
Iris Huang
Kelly and Robert Ingalls
Lynette Kaiser
Pat and Bill LaCourse
Kelly and Lois Lounsberry
Louis and Marcia Lichtman
James and Jeanette Maxim
Art and Cindy McLaughlin
Hope and Robert Gilfert
Almond Union of Churches
Cuba United Methodist Church
Nick and Elizabeth Abraham
Betsy and Joseph Bucher
Diane Embser
Tim and Suzanne Colligan
John Del Campo, DDS
Laurie DeMott
Donations from John Street
William and Catherine Fraser
George and Mary Harris
Tom Peterson
Merry Seeley
Nancy and Tom Reuning
Joyce and Glenn Patton
Greg and Jaynee Spradling
Barbara Morris
Patricia B. Hale
Eldred Murray
Todd and Roxanne Sabins
Garielle Tripodi
Eileen and Joe Tecza
Thomas Taylor
Nalini and SK Sundaram
Aileen and James Siriani, Jr.
Carlyn and Al Yanda
Union University Church Youth Group
Wellsville High School Faculty and Staff
Cuba United Methodist Church
Business and Professional Women
West Side Wine and Spirits, LLC
Bernice and Stephen Reppenhagen
Joseph and Anne Quackenbush
Sherman Clarke
Barry and Martha Lash
Mary and Andrew McInnes
Colleen and Raymond Kailbourn
Sylvia LaChance
Nora Zinner
Joseph and Felecia Biancusso
Sylvia Masin
Joseph and Gilda Cutry
Thomas and Cynthia Gehl
Lee Gridley
John and Vivien Anderson
William and Delores Brady
Pauline and Preston Lucas
Myrna and Dominick Petrelli
Wilda and Norman Miller
VFW Ladies Auxiliary Post 2530
Nichole Wesche
Mike Finn
Brendan Wesche
Kathryn Church
Mary Fagan
Robert and Tammy Christman
Jim Moretti
Victor W. Bethge