Next VOLUNTEER Training – October 26


Join the ranks of the most dedicated volunteers in Allegany County. Let JoAnne know that you can attend the next volunteer training, and she will tell you more about timing and refreshments and what you will learn.

On Friday, October 26th from 5-9 at Grace United Church is the next volunteer training.

If you are interested in becoming a Hart Comfort House volunteer, please contact JoAnne by calling 585-596-1045.

Email her at for more information.


La Gra’s Little Gallery Helps Hart House all year


Plan to do find some unique treasures. The Little Gallery is full of an amazing variety of gifts for all occasions.

The Little Gallery is full of handcrafted items and antiques.

Barb and Cal Graves have created a very welcoming shop for local artists who agree to allow Barb to donate 10% of all sales to Hart Comfort House.

Amazon Smile Opportunity for Supporting Hart House

<We are now registered with Amazon Smile as a 501(c))3 charitable organization.  To make sure Comfort House of Allegany County receives .5% of your purchase, you must go to and type in Comfort House of Allegany County as the charity you would like to support.    From that point on, every time you order from amazon, use amazonsmile and Hart House will automatically receive a donation.  (This money comes from the Amazon Smile Foundation and will not affect the amount you are paying for your purchases, nor will it be you that is donating.  The money collected will be donated quarterly to Hart House by the Amazon Smile Foundation)

silver script and pen thank-you


Thank you for your support in your purchases from Amazon.

Wish List – Needed Supplies

Wish List of Needed Items for Hart Comfort House        Updated Winter 2018

Check with Scott and/or JoAnne on what is needed for Kitchen Supplies (596 1045). We keep a running grocery list for such items as milk, bread, butter, and certain kinds of juices. If you like to cook, check to see if a casserole or soup is needed for residents or families. We often have families staying with us, so any way you choose to help is good for offering comfort and sustenance.

Office Supplies:

Postage Stamps
Gift Cards: Tops, K Mart, Local Restaurants (for families from out of town)