Volunteers of time and hands and spirit have helped build and support Hart Comfort House.

Hart Comfort House’s residents (up to two at a time) are people in the last stage of a terminal illness. Volunteers are a vital part in caring for residents and families. Volunteers bring their own unique and special gifts, and we are grateful to them.
Quotes from Hart House Volunteers in 2015.
“Our residents feel like family members. They treat us well and make our efforts rewarding.
“I have volunteered since February of 2013, generally one afternoon a week. There is always something to do there, from resident care and communicating with families, to cooking and sweeping up. It’s a home with all the tasks involved in keeping it pleasant and functioning well. It’s a privilege to volunteer at the comfort house.”
” Once you become part of this wonderful home, you just want to be here and do whatever. We just take care of individuals, as if they were family and treat them as we would if they were living in our personal homes. The best part is you are never alone, and there is always someone to ask for help.”

Volunteers must complete a four-hour training program, which prepares them to be confident and comfortable in caring for residents.

Volunteers have said about the training:
“Very informative.”
“It gave me an insight into Hart Comfort House and prepared me for the next step.”
“Exceptionally good information and training.”

Volunteers may choose to help with a variety of tasks, including:

*Resident care
*House cleaning
*Fund raising

If you are interested in helping, please contact the coordinator of volunteers, Joanne White, by phone (585-596-1045) or email volunteerschac@gmail.com

A volunteer application may be downloaded by clicking here!