2012 Contributions

Vision Community
(minimum of $10,000 in cash or “building” supplies/services):

Otis Eastern Service, Inc.

Sustenance Community
(minimum of $5,000 in cash of “building supplies/services):

The Belovsky Family Foundation
Thomas F. and Laura L. Moogan Family Foundation, Ltd.
The Family of Pauline Morrison
Lucia and Sam Beer and Catbird Griddle
Morrison Hayes Unit 702 American Legion Auxiliary (2011-2012)
Bethesda Foundation, Inc 2011- 2012

Solace Community
(minimum of $2,500 in cash or “building” supplies/services):
Mike and Cheryl Jackson
Municipal Electric Utilities Association of NYS
Charles Orlando and Bill Banker, Decorative Iron Artists
Anderton Living Trust

Hope Community
(minimum of $1,000 in cash or “building” supplies/services):

Alfred-Alfred Station Community Chest
Allegany Area Foundation
Alan Griffin
David and Janice Porter
Linda and Richard Johnson and Family
Michael and Marjanne Kunz
Ruth Buhl
First Trinity Lutheran Church
Michael and Wendy Tuttle
Manor Hills Residents and Staff
Dr. Lyle F. Renodin Foundation
Bob Geffers, Sr.
Priscilla Thompson
Joseph and FA Felsen
Genesee Valley Swim Club
The Family of Judith Cole- Wendy and David O’Brien, Randy and Valerie Cole, Clifford Cole and Matthew Cole
Lorraine and Charles Joyce
Teresa Marie Joyce
David DuBois
Richard and Gabrielle Hart Ewell
Union University Church
Alfred-Alfred Station Community Chest
Joe Dosch and Nancy Evangelista
Wellsville Lions Charities, Inc,
Robin and Leonidas Klados
Lauretta Goforth
Andrew and Wilma Morrison
Family of George Emerson
Shiela Ofano
Pat Jung
Allegany Western Steuben Rural Health Network; Access Allegany
Tim Embser, Attorney at Law

Comfort Community
(minimum of $500 in cash or “building” supplies/services):**
Sherry Walton and Charlie Joyce
Amanda and Nelson Snyder
Dan and Kim Johnson
Mary Ann and Bill DiBerardino
James Lanzo and Diane Cox Lanzo
The Corwine Family
JR Morris Foundation – Jeff Morris and Laurie Richter
David DuBois
Lorraine and Charles Joyce
Steuben Trust
Cory, Tina, and Richard Joyce
Fay L. Billings
Short’s Oil Company
Meridien Oil
William C. Shettine
Hot Dog Day 2012
Barbara Graves
Terry Clark
Susan and Bruce Greene
M. Gretchen Probst
Jill Hopper and Joy Skiver
Bokman of Wellsville
Wellsville First United Methodist Church
Wellsville Lions Club
Manor Hills, Inc.
Christopher Depner, MD
Edward and Linda Galda
Andrew Morrison and Doreen Richardson for July Volunteer Celebration
Cuba Lions Club
Mike and Nora McArdle
Mary Ann Baldwin Newark
Terry and Pete Finlay
Bonnie and Richard Ives
John H. Heyer
Marion Johnson
Allegany County Funeral Directors Association
Friends of Dr. Bill Coch on his retirement
Sherry Walton

Caregiving Community
(minimum of $250 in cash or “building” supplies/services):
Jud and Mary Stearns
Ken and Penny Canfield
Nancy Hanks
Harriet Bradley
Wreathe Fundraiser
Town Clerk/Collection Association Raffle
Thomas Summers
James Walchli
Rick and Heather Wonderling
Joyce and Stan Krupnik
IC Ninth Grade Religious Education Class
Andover Lions Club
Dr. Steven Collins
Jeanne and Moe Mead
Delores C. Kelley
Belfast Lions Club
James and Sandra Fitzpatrick
Patti Petroni
M. Gretchen Probst
Nora Burdick
Nancy Emerson and family
Andover Lions Club
Jeanne and John Hyland
Teresa Berardi
Coordinators of the Fat Tuesday Chocolate Buffet
Scio United Methodist Church
Wanda and John Dean
Nancy Alt

Support Community
(minimum of $100 in cash or “building” supplies/services):
Michele and Richard Dunbar
Fillmore & Fisher Pharmacy, Inc.
Josephine Lynch Slotkin
Bob, JoAnn, Rachel, and Rebekah Greenberg
Dana and Karen Perrigo
Judy Braymiller and Erma Cornell
Friends of Ruth Buhl at the First Congregational Church
First Citizens Community Bank
James and Nancy Stevens
David Ballinger
Jacquelyn and Tim McPoland
Gary and Chere Lounsberry
Larry Clark
Rob and Ellie Riber
Edward and Betty Majot
David and Mary Jane Demster
David Ballinger
DuraWear Corporation
Kyle Torok
Mark and Ann Lewis
Daniel Jordan
Wednesday Nite Ladies Bowling League 50/50 Raffle
Dan and Anne Acton
Sandra and Roger McGraw
Jon and Therese LeGro
Bonnie Enke
Gary and Jean Nevinger
Scio United Methodist Church
James Richardson
Paula and Dan Greene
Pat and Steve Edwards
Milla Litzburg
Marcia Lichtman
Warren and Connie Emerson
Kevin and Claudia Gildner
David and Angela Rossington
Mary Lou Fallesen
Fred and Peggy Pearce
Dennis and Beverly Butts
Sharon and Roger Smith
Gerry and Cindy Vance
Release Coating of NY
Denny and Karen Harris
Ken and Judith Van Dine
Keith Sale
John and Gayle Childs
Allegany County DOH/WIC; Allegany/Cattaraugus Cancer Services
Janet Chichester
Herb and Ellen Ehrig
Lauretta Goforth
Deborah and William Jones
Kevin Close
Dan Shea Septic Tank Service
Joe and Cynthia Baker
AAUW Alfred/Hornell Branch
John and Carol Flurschutz
Loretta Smith
Martin and Jeanne Pisano
Anonymous – Travelers Community Connections
Christine and William Locke
John and Jeanne Hyland
Alan and Caroline Littell
LuAnn and Gregory Kaye
Eugene and Linda Staiger
Art and Cindy McLaughlin
Linda Aliberti
Robert and Judith Grogan
Donald and Jacqueline Comstock
Thomas Dunn
Betty Searle and Family
Cliff DuBrueil
Deb and Jim Joyce and Shirley Rossrucker
Barbara Bernstein
Vern and Sharon Burdick
Robert and Sharon Pulos
Anne Church
Jay and Mary Morris
Dresser Rand Employee Trust Association
Edward and Linda Galda
Ron and Luan Ellis
Judy and Bob Loughlin
Ellen Shultz
Stanley F. Blackman
Pat and Jamie O’Kelly
Chan and Karen Whitford
Nyhl and Linda Austin
Barry and Catherine Kulp
Henry and Diane Mercier
Lenora Michalak
Nancy Cherry
Jim and Darlene Smith
Andrew Harris
Ann Church
Beverly and William Dawson
Allentown United Methodist Church
Allegany County Employment and Training – One Stop Center
Preston and Pauline Lucas
Jack and Carol Potter
Rada Biedakiewicz and Family
Michael and Pamela Torok
Wellsville Duplicate Bridge Club
Evans and Unger Families
Anonymous Contribution through Travelers
Kelly Winchell and Lois Stevens
Denise and John Richardson
Fred and Peggy Pearce
John and Doris Rigas
Kathryn Cretekos
Peter and Mary Cretekos
Conemaugh Valley Mutual Insurance Company
Kathleen Decker
Wednesday Morning Ladies’ Golf League
Harold and Marjorie Short
Joseph and Cindy Baker
Michelle and Gary Perkins
Marion Johnson
Dan Shea, Jr.
Glenn and Diane Aldrich and family
Rita O’Connor and family
Allegany Co-Op Insurance Company
James Walchli
Elizabeth Searle and family
William and Helen Rogers
Patrick Regan and family
John and Kathleen Roeske
Prima Salon
Vickie Hand
National Fuel Gas Company Foundation
Kate and Patrick Godfrey
Lillian Cleary
Eleanor and Bernard Driscoll
Lehman’s Lawn Service
Brian and Danielle Zannino
Alfred Lions Club
Charity and Paul McCormick
Ann Hallett
Wanda, Gary, and Bob West
Jon and Therese LeGro
Fillmore Jubilee Foods
Terry Piper
Whitesville Teachers’ Association
Friends of Pauline Morrison from Wellsville Woods
Patricia Linehan
Kimberly Dates-Lynch
Milla Litzburg
Friendship Rotary
Eileen and Joe Schaffner
Jen and Tim Smith and family
Warren and Connie Emerson
James Walchli
Judy and Robert Loughlin
Bob and Mary Cavanaugh
Dorothy and Bruce Porter
Dawn and Douglas Thomas
Carolyn Wright
Andrea Lawson
Judy Grantier
Melissa and Abbie Grantier
Easton Family Reunion
Jones Memorial Nursing Administrators
Laura Hoffman
LuAnn and Gregory Kaye
John and Michele Ninos

Helpers’ Community:
Joan Hooper
Jim and Aileen Siriani
Patty Curran
Zoë Coombs
Jim and Judy Brush
Judith Miller
Alison Dickinson
Ann Baldwin
Ed and Kay Eicher
Al and Carlyn Yanda
Frances Sprague
Candy Barth
Anne Brocci
Lyle and Beth Slack
Joyce and Roy Oates
CR Jackson
Rodney and Susan Perkins
Marybeth and John Thompsett
Judy Consedine
Karen Eastabrook
Carol Bush
Judy and Jim Mong
Lori Cornell
Robert Link
LeeAnn Goodrich
Kathryn and Jim McPoland
Sheila Grasdorf
Belfast Central School Faculty
Harley and Jackie Schmidt
Barbara Fairbanks
Virginia Hemmerly
Hanover Engineering Associates, Inc.
One on One Haristyling
Annette Marsh
Gary and Kathy Salvagin
Bruce and Nancy Tucker
Chester Gosper
Barbara and Larry Greil
Rita Belhar
Conrad and Eloise Hilsdorf
C.F. Lockwood, Jr.
Bill and Dianne Lockwood
Tim and Donna Conner
Amie Jozwiak
Wellsville Full Gospel Church
Paul and Lucy Stewart
Chestnut Ridge Elem. School Social Committee
Annie Tucker
Scott and Laura Seeley
Ronald and Diana Willman
J.W Embser Sons Funeral Home, Inc.
David L. and Sandra K. Palmiter
Joe and Eileen Tecza
David and Cathy Dawson
John Fitzgerald and Mary Ellen Bonnar
Thomas and Bernadette Taylor
Joan and Dan Guiney
Drina Vigh
Bob and Alice McEnroe
Harlan Ost
Mary-Lou and Gerald Cartledge
Cathy and Mario Zokel
Martha Buhl
Ann Harris
Laurie DeMott
William and Joyce Loughlin
Ed and Sharon Czarnecki
Cecilia Gasdik
Dick and Ann Jones
Connie Smith
Business and Professional Women
Mary Anderson
Doris Rigas
Collen and Milton Brown
Denise Grandusky
Mario and Peg Prisco
Bill and Pat LaCourse
Mike and Lisa Lindsay
David and Carolyn Huych
Kelly Ingalls
Norm and Wilda Miller
Patricia Soper-Oakes
Dwight and Linda Fanton
Mary Sheeder
Geoffrey and Patti Hicks
Dominick and Myrna Petrelli
Alice Stevens
Jack Emrick
Acme Business Machines
Kay McCulloch
Jim Morettti
Helen Holt
Merry Seeeley
Donald and Janeice Dahlgren
Lynette Kaiser
Judith Grantier
Barbara Roeske
Walt and Phyllis Dennis
Steve and Diana Pease
Liz and Joe Menichino
Kim and Bob Donius
Paul Kilbane
Phil and Doris MacMichael
Andrea Richard and Aaron Brenner
IMM Conception Parish Fair
Agnes and Tom Brush
Robert Meyers
William and Catherine Fraser
James Feldbauer
Wayne and Therese Gary
Dave and Barb Zlomek
Nancy and Herbert Oakes
Kate Truax and Bill Wixon
Marsha Sick
Kay and Bill Birmingham
Stephen and Mary Rashid
Dwight and Gail Allen
Dick and Mary Brunell
Nora Zinner
Neil and Eva Benedict
Shirley Lyon-Bentley
James and Jeannette Maxim
John Gorton
Mary Ellen O’Connell
Barb and Bob Baker
Barbara Morris
Bonnie Wurtz
Joe Fasano
Robert and Cindy Baker
Ellie and Jerry Mednik
Leon and Mary Jane McNeill
Pat Palmatier and family
Evelyn A. Jones
Victoria Hedlund
Diane Armstrong
Sunnydale Yard Sales
Allegany Department of Health
Scio Senior Sunshine Club
Bonnie and Joseph Collins
Richard and Kristin Ives
Mike and Brandi Lasnick
Ryan and Christy Colllins
Naomi Cline and Family
Michael and Julie Wilson
Scott Schepler
David and Cathy Dawson
Mary Huntington
Bill and Karen Paulman
The Moss Family
Todd, Kathy, and Sam Searle
Ronald and Helen Shireman
Elizabeth Toporas-Hosier
Mary Fagan
Harold Schen
John and Joann Felsen
Bea Jevremovic
Karen and Mike Forhan
Sister Patricia Collins and the Sisters of Mercy
Betty Lou Delvecchio
Jeanne Yazak
Kelly Fortner
Jack and Marilyn Palmer
Bunco Girls
Susan Embser
Pamela J. Kirkwood
Harold and Jean Austin
Nancy Quakenbush
Elizabeth Haywood
Kathleen and Joseph Timpano
Betsy and Duane Chaffee
Todd and Renee Meola
Susan DiBase
Richard and Connie Burrows
Bill and Geri Ford
Jerry and Cindy Vance
Dennis and Becky Amore
Thomas and Marie House
Family of Catherine and James Hennessy
Patrick and Jacque Searle
Ed and Kay Eicher
John and Kathy Kuhn; Kevin and Kelly Kuhn
Bill and Ann Cronin
Sylvia Masin
Floyd and Alma O’ Banion
Tom. Lynne, Mark and Jennifer Roeske
Corabelle Lousberry
Carol Brown
Marian Greenberg
Jim Feldbauer
Florence Buckley
Cher Kiel
Carol and Ron Lang
Sandra F. Joyce
Raymond and Maureen Miller
Dora Bush
Richard Delap
Dorothy Graham
Roz and Joel Greenberg
Jan Kruse
Dorma O. Boggs
Jane Aiken
William and Erin Stalker
Paul and Sharon Stalker
Bob and Alice McEnroe
Walt and Phyllis Dennis
Wellsville HS & MS Cafeteria Staff
Rick and Kris Rathbun
Timothy and Janice Rinker
Joe and Mickey Carucci
William Shabala
Bob and Eileen Shabala
Della Gross
James and Frances Babcock
Houghton College
Doreen Pensyl
Cathy and Bill Fraser
Amie Jozwiak
James and Debra Richardson
Barbara Abbott
Margaret and Mike Gomola
Sally Kaiser
Kathleen Weinhauer
Jim and Bonnie Nichols
Wes Wolfe Family
Wendy Werner
Mary-Lou and Jerald Cartledge
Loyal Order of the Moose #601
Thelma and Lyle Palmiter
Glen and Mary Bossard
Dave and Brenda Heeks
Mary Baker
Dolores Phillips
Gerald Frisicaro
Geraldine Kelwaski
Gerald and Cynthia Vance
International Association of Machinists LL1580
James and Loretta Cronin
Constance M. Sattler
Georgianna and Donald Higgins
Gus and Mary Ann Weber
Rose Scott
Patrick and Michelle Barry
Dottie and Sid James
Angela Parrino
Melissa Bishop
Joseph and Irene McKenny
Anne Wright
Susan McCarter
Gail Schulz
Anna and Rodney Waldrip
Judy Booth
Willam and Christine Locke
Lynn and Keith Keltz
Zahi and Rayana Kassas
Barbara Metz
Patricia Curran
Betty Fay
Albert Kerton
Margaret Kerton
Ceclia Gasdik
Doris Harder
D. Maxson and Susan CLark
Esther Ingersoll
Women of the Moose, Wellsville Chapter 248
Doris and Phil McMichael
Wendy and Rich Wenslow
Shirley A. Cambria
ACMH Children and Youth
Olean Wholesale Grocery Co-op
Colleen Hennessy