2013 Contributions

Sustenance Community
(minimum of $5,000 in cash or “building” supplies/services):

Eileen Stott Tecza
Elton Harris
Meridian Energy
Richard and Gabrielle Ewell
Bethesda Foundation, Inc 2011- 2013
Lorraine and Charles H. Joyce and Family
Bill and Geri Ford
The Belovsky Family Foundation
Thomas F. and Laura L. Moogan Family Foundation, Ltd.
The Family of Pauline Morrison
Lucia and Sam Beer and Catbird Griddle
Bill Lynch
The Estate of Bob Hutter
Alfred-Almond Chiropractic
Kevin Laforge, Laforge Disposal, Inc.

Solace Community
(minimum of $2,500 in cash or “building” supplies/services)

David DuBois
Richard and Gabrielle Ewell
Alfred-Alfred Station Community Chest (2010-2013)
Jim and Darlene Smith
Jerome Hart
Allegany County Area Foundation (2011-2013)
Tami’s Floral Expressions
Wellsville Lions Charities, Inc. (2011-2013)
Leila Hunt
Mike and Cheryl Jackson
Bob Geffers
Union University Church (2010-2013)
The Family of Ruth Buhl
Joe and F.A. Felsen
Municipal Electric Utilities Association of NYS
Charles Orlando and Bill Banker, Decorative Iron Artists
Janice and David Porter
Anderton Living Trust
Ashley Furniture of Olean
Corning, Inc. Management Team
Barbara and Tom Wright

Hope Community
(minimum of $1,000 in cash or “building” supplies/services)

Anna Joyce
Mary Ann and Bill DiBerardino
Pat Edwards
Chan and Karen Whitford and LC Whitford
David Myers
Deb and Ron Leitzell
Dan and Ann Bower
Constantine and Rheba Rigas
Castaways Restaurant
Dawn Elliott
Larry and Deb Clark
Anna and Casey Joyce
Job 397, Gaines, PA Crew
Mark Letourneau
Apex Pipeline Service – Pamela Moss
Denny and Karen Harris and Release Coating
Ken and Judi Van Dine
Teresa Joyce
Manor Hills, Inc.
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program – The Rossman Family
Wellsville Curves Patrons
Michael and Marjanne Kunz

Comfort Community
(minimum of $500 in cash or “building” supplies/services)

Graham and Megan Marks
Max Yarowsky
Andrew and Wilma Morrison
Short’s Oil Company
Cheryl Hannigan
Steuben Trust Company
Susan and Bruce Greene
Sons of the American Legion, Post 702
Scio United Methodist Church
Wellsville Central School Student Government (Talent Show)
J.R. Morris Charitable Foundation
Don Raabe Big 30 Allstar Charities Classic
Belfast Lions Club
Deb Joyce &Certified Traffic Controllers
Amy Zakel
Erland and Pauline Kailbourne
Jack Moore
Judie and Jay Wetherby
Donna Riley
David DuBois
Greg and Dawn Baird
Johnstone Supply Company, Tom Wallace
Mrs. Francis Dean and Family
Michels Corporation
Max Thomas and H.L. Chapman Pipeline Construction, Inc.
McDyess, Inc.
James Walchi
Wellsville Lions Charities, Inc.
Jim and Deb Jones and Family
Mike Smith
International Union of Operating Engineers
Marilyn and Bill Weidman
Jerome Hart family
Wellsville Lioness Club
Darby Equipment Company
Joseph Pattison
Timothy Hoyt
Children of Charles S. Young
Dan and Paula Greene
Jeff Warner
Phil Dewhirst

Caregiving Community
(minimum of $250 in cash or “building” supplies/services):

Ken and Penny Canfield
Nancy Alt
John and Denise Richardson
First Citizens Community Bank
Thomas Summers
Pat and Jamie O’Kelley
Gregg and Stanny Shear
William Smith
Judy Braymiller
Ward Wilday
John, Jeanne, and Johnny Hyland
Sunnydale Neighborhood, Elaine George, and Della Gross
Dr. Stephen Collins
Angela and David Rossington
Friends and Family of Marguerite Maxwell
Kathryn Cretekos
Joe Fasano
Delores C. Kelley
Dan and Kim Johnson
Anne Church
Louis and Patti Petroni
Denise and John Richardson
Robin Carlin
Stephanie Trick
Genesee Valley Chorus
Andover Lions Club
Bill Rezak
Jeff, Kendra and Sylvia Meyers
Dave Mastens
Linda S.Fanton
Gregory and Jeni Lynn Connors
Fran Pettnot
Kevin Harris Family
Donald and Daniel Proto
Gary and Pat Balcolm
Stanny and Gregg Shear
Joe and Cindy Baker
Barb and Cal Graves
Robert Theroux
Kevin and Claudia Gildner
Wellsville Community Horseshoe League
Sons of American Legion, Post 702
Richard and Marilyn Cimbricz
Jim and Evelyn Smith
Marsha Sick
Shorts Oil
Susan and Rodney Perkins
Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church
Harter Secrest & Emery, LLP – Michael McEvoy
Miller Pipeline and Minnesota Lmt., Inc.
Community Bank, NA
Bokman of Wellsville
Indian Valley Industries, Inc.
Randy Shayler
Wellsville Middle School Jump Club – Lois Miller, advisor
Ken and Judi Van Dine
Mark Haskins
Minnesota limited, LLC – Chris Keller
Doreen Richardson
Jeff J. Wilson
Wallace Higgins
James Fitzpatrick
Carolyn Slocum and Penny Baker
Vickie Hand and National Fuel Gas Employee Foundation
Bootz Manufacturing

Support Community
(minimum of $100 in cash or “building” supplies/services):

Sandy Cameron
James and Nancy Stevens
US Energy Development Corporation
Margaret Kerton
Bonnie Wilkins
Sheila R. Faber-Hayes
Sharon and Roger Smith
Linda Lewandowski
William and Priscilla Gambill
Barbara Bernstein
Marjorie Erdmann
Gary and Jean Nevinger
First Trinity Lutheran Church Concordia Ladies Society
BPO Elks
Rick and Kris Gould
Rayana Kassas
Preston and Polly Lucas
Richard and Alfreda Weart
Marlee and Brian Cannon
Lyle Fraser
George B. Harris
Wellsville Lions Club
Jean and Tom Colegrove
Just one More
Jerry and Carol Kekos
Dwight and Gail Allen
Bryan Slack
Jeanne C. Yazak
Jeffrey and Lloyd Dugan and Families
Nyhl and Linda Austin
Diane and Bill Cox
Zoë Coombs
Joe Robinson
Roger and Sandy McGraw
Lawrence Kus
Linda and Vince Aliberti
Thomas and Bernadette Taylor
William and Catherine Fraser
Fred and Peggy Pearce
John and Heather Meacham
Hank and Diane Mercier
Gamma Pi Sorority
Nancy Reuning
Judith Trowbridge
Joan Smith
Jack and Joyce Robinson
Vickie and Don Lansberry
Art and Cindy Mclaughlin
Ron and Luann Ellis
Jeanne and Moe Mead
Keith Sale
Whitesville Booster Club
Friendship Rotary
John Lewis
Janet Chichester
Jim Ninos and Karrie Edwards
Lillian Hanks
Top of the Hill Retirees
Janice Rinker
Eugene Staiger
Dale and Marsha Clark
Dan Shea Septic Tank Service
Dan and Ann Acton
David and Barbara Zlomek
Brad and Joan Bowden
Friends and Associates of the Bower family
Mr. and Mrs. Denny Wyant & Mr. and Mrs. Tim Martin
Sandra Keough
Geralyn Gough
Melvina Smith
William La Chance
Harriett Bradley
Charles and Rosemarie Franzese
Richard and Ursula Golas
Rob and Ellie Riber
Chuck and Ellen Shultz
Chris and Bill Locke
Gerald and Cindy Vance
Sue and Woodie Lange
Stephen and Mary Rashid
Ellen and Herbert Ehrig
Cliff DuBrueil
Donald and Jackie Comstock
Paul and Marguerite Whitehouse
Mario and Peg Prisco
Marty and Ed Tezak
Jon and Therese LeGro
Joyce and Stan Krupnik
Robert and Sharon Pulos
Bruce and Dorothy Porter
Lynette Kaiser
Peter and Therese Finlay
Martha Lash
Martha Bower
Martha A. Mueller
June Mason
Hunt Engineers, Architects, & Land Surveyors, LC
Millie Hannigan
Deb Christian
Wellsville Middle School Staff
Dresser-Rand Maintenance Department
Marilyn Harris
Paul and Charity McCormick
Denny Harris
Laura Shields
Sylvia Weber
Elizabeth Searle
Fassett Lane Building and Home Center
Nick and Liz Abraham
Harris and Denner Families
Duane and Renee Potter
Cathy Harvey
Allegany County Vietnam Veterans
William and Barbara Gordon
Waneta Allen
Duane and S. Renee Potter
TRUIST Employee Contributions
Roberta Butler
O’Connor Family
Judy and Bob Loughlin
Deb and Jim Joyce and Family
American Legion Post 702
American Legion Riders, Post 702
Nora Burdick
Sharon Ash and Rudy Reinprecht
Barry and Kate Kulp
Mike and Ellen Baker
Marion Johnson
Dick and Wanda Fanton
Darla Edwards
John and Wanda Dean
Dr. Robert Campbell
Robert J. and Cindy Baker
Vicki Hand
National Fuel Gas Corporation
Melissa Wise
Karen Perrigo
Janet Lynch
Peg and Don Jefferds
Mary and Allen Ormsby
John and Fran Houseman
James and Betty Meehan
Rocky and Bill Fardin
Bob and Voni Walker
Beverly and Conrad Schmidt
Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce
Village of Wellsville Employees
Robert G. Smith Family
Wanda and Dick Fanton
Dresser Rand Corporation
Richardson & Stout
The Gostley Family
Rockford Corporation
Fountain Bistro
Michelle Green
First United Methodist Church, Wellsville
John and JoAnn Allen
Gail Aiken and Rob Mason
Patricia Parker
Kathleen Shine
Bonnie Stivers
Welded Construction, LP
Steuben Trust Company Board of Directors and Officers
La Gra Salon and Day Spa
Utility Line Services, Inc.
Peter O’Connor
Rima O’Connor
Wednesday Night Ladies Bowling League
Judith Miller
Ann Hallett
Norris Andeers
Guy S. Howell
Robert and Cindy Baker
Great Wellsville Balloon Rally
Edith Finney and Family
Distribution Contractors Association
Coy Fanton and Connie Woodworth
US Energy Development Corporation
A.C.E.S. Alfred State College
Right-of-Way Clearing and Maintenance, Inc. – Peter Billey/Thomas Brown
Jeffery and Nancy Coolsaet
John Narjarian
Greater Allegany County Chamber of Commerce
William M. Barnes
Allegany County United Way
Greenes Energy Group – Raymond Keller
Rayvan Pipeline Consulting – Raymond Keller
Stephen and Diane Fabo
Henkels & McCoy
Griff Bell
Marcella Heckman
George and Charlotte Gavin
Joseph and Cynthia Baker
Teresa Tullar
Rich and Gwen Shear
Jon and Debbie Rossrucker
Sheehan Pipeline Construction Company – Robert Reiss
Chase, LLC – Marilyn and Phil Hayes
Chris and Bill Locke
Family of Robert and Mary T. McCormick
Wayne and Jeanne Johnston
IUOE Local 542
Snelson Companies, Inc.
Benson Construction & Develpoment
Andover Main Street Project
Dean Cassaday
Sharon Haney
Leo and Patricia Alvord
Marlee and Brian Cannon
Arthur Wilbert family
Starboard Capital Partners
Mike and Chris Berardi
Allegiance Capital Corporation
Ron and Darlene Cindrich
5 Star Equipment of Orchard Park – Anthony Cordaro
Maureen Cooper
Holly Deusenbery
Independent Oil & Gas Association of NY – Brad Gill
Don Wilkerson
Pipeline Energy Group- Beth Ann Smith
Lisa and Jeff Dutton
Price Gregory International
Reginald S. Jackman
DAnn Grell
Mike Wilhite
Alstom Power, Inc.
Jerome and Sonya Goodman
Richard Handrahan
Allison and Jerry Dickenson
Wellsville Community Horseshoe League
NAO Parts, Olean Dresser Rand
American Eagles Motorcycle Club
Jean and Gene Melasi
Whitesville Teachers Association
Paul R. Shaw
Nancy Cherry
Ruth Collins and Family
Mary Baker
Allegany County TRIAD Program
Anne Pittinger
Mr. and Mrs. William Leilous
Eleanor Young
Educational Foundation of Alfred, Inc. 7th Annual Taste of Wellsville
Maureen and Charlie Smith
Sheree Gielow and Jerry Miller
Curves, Carol Dodge and Members
Eileen and Joe Schaffner
Ray and Roxanne Campbell
Elizabeth Travenner
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn H. Coyne
The Hart Family
Mary Lou Fallesen
Barbara Roeske
Lauretta Goforth
Marsha Sick
Chelly Ninos
Connie and Randy Belmont and Family
Allegany County Employment and Training
Linda Fanton
Margaret and Bob Lagonegro and Family
The Estate of William H. Buckley
Susan and Rodney Perkins and family
Mary Ellen Abou-Eid
Sharan and Surender Narula
David L. Eno
Houghton College
Ken and Fancie Kunaniec
Jacque Ahms, Ann Buck, Mark Simolo, Mary Zoma
Robert and Priscilla Thompson
Joan Artlip and Richard Barrett
Millie, Cindy, Kim, and Cheri Hannigan
George and Terry Collins
Vincent J. Becker

Helpers’ Community:

Carol Mehs
Rick and Michelle Mapes
Genesee Wednesday Morning Coffee Group
Wilda and Norman Miller
Ann Dolback
Susan Wright
The Baker Family
Adam and Kristin Fuller
Acme Business Machines
Jim and Aileen Sirianni
Ann Brocci
CR Jackson
John Fitzgerald and Mary Ellen Bonnar
Alice Stevens
Ann and Tom smith
Dorothy Lendell
Lenora Michalek OFS and Family
Carolyn Miller
Connie Washburn and Family
Dennis Fridmann and Family
David and Cathy Dawson
Charles and Marjorie Costello
Carol and Fred Henke
Jim and Sharon Taylor
Brad and Marcie Bledsoe
Laurie DeMott
Dan and Annette Marsh
Carole Aldrich
Wellsville Business and Professional Women’s club
Dawn Hart
Sergio Cosso
Donald and Janeice Dahlgren
Loretta Smith
Robert and Delores Ackerman
William and Sandra Hollis
Diane Bledsoe and Family
Barbara Hults
Joseph Hollister
Jean Rosell
Ron and Carol Dionne
Barbara Abbott
Shirley Lyon-Bentley
Audrey Hall
Kay McCulloch
Ken and Nancy Lotter
Naty and Gary Smith
Krinstine Rathbun
Cheryl Howland
Jane Nicholson
Marguerite Graves
Rebecca Amore
Pat and Bill LaCourse
Frances Babcock
Rose Scott
William Barnes
Rick and Lois Whitney
Roger and Judy Easton
Denise Fagan
Richard and Darlene Nydegger
Josephine Biancuzzi
James and Loretta Cronin
Gwen and John Potter
M. Kathleen Decker
Rada Biedakiewicz
Mary-Lou and Jerry Cartledge
Myrna and Dominic Petrelli
Helen Holt
Bruce and Sue Gardner
Mary Nagle
Mary Ann Newark’s Class
Wellsville Giant Food Mart
John and Alice Dunbar
Joe and Bonnie Collins
Keith and Alona Wedge
Dr. John delCampo
Regina Dressig
Florence Buckley
Linda Presutti
Doris and Phil MacMichael
Bill and Ann Cronin
Charles and Madeline Burdick
Larry and Carolyn Rogers
Linda Galda
Dan and Connie Synakowski
Kathleen Hagenbuch
Vern and Sharon Burdick
James and Sandra Fitzgerald
Linda and Dwight Fanton
Joanne Rahr
Margie Jadwin
John and Sarah Farrand
Stanley Blackmon, Jr.
Dick and Mary Ellen Brunell
First Title Insurance Company
Cheryl Burrows-North
Daniel Jordan
John Gorton
Geoffrey Hicks
Kristy LaChance
Kathleen Weinhauer
Richard Culbert
Joe and Liz Menichino
Sandy Greiff
Corabelle Lounsberry
Wendell and Priscilla Brown
Patty Oliver
Pat and Art VanTyne
Bob and Kim Donious
Elizabeth Heywood
Nora Zimmer
John and Ann Holland
Dennis and Beverly Butts
Sharon Wardner
Maureen Nagle
Donna Butts
Dortha James
Cory and Sandy Guenter
Ken and Marianne Harris
Pete and Joan Folk
Dan and Joan Guinney
Lynn Harvey
Drina Vigh
Marcia Granger
Jack and Marilyn Palmer
Chester Gosper
David and Helen Heinzer
David and Mary Joyce Anderton
Robert and Beth Anderton
Jean and Bob Erskine
Denis and Colleen Dahlgren
International Association of Machinists LL1580
Roger and Cheryl Carlin
Six S Ladies Golf Association
Marge and Jim Goodspeed
Marilyn Snell-Brown
Barry and Diane Murphy
Joyce Perkins
Shaune Henry
Wendell and Priscilla Brown
George and Judith McNulty
Claire Dudar
Terry and Edie McDonald
Roxy Schmidt
Barbara Munro
Dan and Mindy Peters
John and Kathryn Gilbert
Xi Alpha Omicron Sorority
Whitesville Ladies Auxiliary
Ernie Moore
Susan DiBiase
Douglas VanSkiver
Marilyn Bathnik
Mary Fagan
Marsha Pratt
Doris and Floyd Mallory
Michael and Julie Willson
Sandy Cutter
Donna Sweet
Judy Barrett
Mary Huntington
Deborah Dibble
Doris Montgomery
Allegany County Athletic Association
Monica Arnold
Dawn Young
Judy Consedine
Jerry and Marlene Smith
Mary Stearns
Doris Harder and Family
Francis Green
Clare R. Jackson
Charles Yazak and Valerie Vreeland
L. June Truax
Stephen and Mary Lewis
Myrna Adderly
Barb and Bob Baker
Jay and Tammy Lee Lawrence
J.F. Hanen
Holly Burger
Fred and Vicki Gibson
Mike Green
Stephanie Crosby
Marvin and Ellen Mitterer
Jeremy McSpadden
Anna Ballard
Diana Pease
Middaugh Real Estate Employees
Glenn Zweigardt
Patricia Curran
Allison Raykovitz
Wellsville Ladies Golf Association
Alfred Lions Club
Steven and Susan Walker
Joe and Kathy Holla
Robert E. Dunham
Maxine Simons
Brook, Kim, and Margaret Tolman
George and Jeanette DeBarbieri
Mary A. Davis
Vaughn Bill
Mary Keckler
Kevin and Jeanne Harris
Kim and Denny Herr
Clifford and Rita Gooch
Edward Wilson
Cristina and Joshua Turner
Edward C. Harney
Doris McFarquhar
Dick and Connie Burrous
David and Janet Williams
Judy Cooper
Rhonda Geffers
Charlene and Leroy Goodlief
First Citizens
Cathy and Steve Emerson
Sally Dougherty
Annie and Bill Benz
Joan Artlip and Richard Bartlett
Roger and Jeannie Horton
Carlyn and Al Yanda
Terra Soule
Richard Walker
Stephen Malloy
Steve and Donna Stout
Rita O’Connor
Paul and Carol Hyland
George and Janice Ganter
International Union of Operating Engineers – Locals
Tom and Joann Dean
Karen Porter and Rex Olson
Nancy Quakenbush and Family
George and Debbie Stump
Lyle and Brenda Copeland
Helen Monroe
Betty DelVecchio
Ann Slade
Helen C. Holt
Don and Georgi Higgins
Jerry and Judy Perry
Jeff Bradley
Clifford and Anita Cornell
Jay Jenkins
Dale Kane
Darla Edwards
Lee Gridley
Harold and Jean Austin
Janet Casey
V. Scott, J. Marble, Y. Simmons, D. Meyers, L. Manning,& T. Doughterty
Larry and Carolyn Rogers
Bill and Geri Ford
Leon and Mary Jane McNeill
Jack and Carol Potter
Helene Cannon
Matt and Diane Fleming
GTM East – Jeff Bell
Scio Lions Club
Jeanne and Marty Pisano
Ann and Dale Green
Ken and Nancy Lotter
J. Mitchell Haley
Judith Abbott
David Almeter
Evelyn Folts
Berney and Joan Statts
Jane and Art Hazlett
Mike and Marie Cline
Catherine and Thomas Neugent
Sybil Wright
Karen Eastabrook
Barbara D. Morris
Amie Jozwiak
Dawn Santangelo
Leonard Watson
Lillian Fox
Jane and Patricia Chalker
Charles and Marjorie Costello
Debra and Michael Quinn
Dianna Helms
Edward and Betty Majot
Cathy and Stephen Emerson
Jeff Potter
Jason Carlin
Wayne Becker
Becky and Jason Black
Rich and Brenda Gill
Nancy L. Lewis
Roger and Joanne Horton
Dave and Jamie Gleasson
Vic and Betty Torpy
Scott Swift
Darla J. Edwards
Gary and Deborah Willis
Galen Stout
Jane Nicholson
Mike and Liz McGuinness
Clayt and Sue Stutzman
Charlene and Leroy Goodliff
Kim and Nancy Clark
Lynn Graham
Catherine Medynski
Co-Workers- Wyoming County Community Hospital
Joyce and Kimberly Wheaton and Lois Wheaton
Agnes and Tom Brush
Jan and Rob Williams
Joanne Rahr and Joyce Bledsoe
Annie and Bill Benz
Shila Quinlan and Family
Eleanor “Ona” Reynolds
Catherine Milne
Alexander and Lynn Marie Kosuch
Carolyn M. Everett
Jack Shaw
Braymiller Families
Mel and June Brandeis
International Association of Machinists LL1580
George and Catherine Kinnicutt
Jim and Schae Kane
Jamie, Marty, and Matt Kane
Mike and Val Kane
Jody and Jeff Spears
Paul and Kristin Nickerson
Therese Rucker
Ethel Margeson
Manning & Napier
Samuel Meyers
Rose Tracy
George Meyerhofer
Doug and Linda Tanner
Carolyn Miller
Grace McCrea
Bill Emrick
Barclay School
Judy Mong
Nancy Schiesel
Elizabeth Gulacsy
Mary Lousie and Jef Voorhees
Michael Stuck
Lucy Scrocco
Charles and Susan Sager
Clair and Connie Armison
Marie Canfield
Ruth Tompkins and Mr. and Mrs. Curt Ranger
Ruth Botttoms and Sue Anne Drake
Brenda and Helmut Mayrl
Gary and Chere Lounsberry
Glena Jacobs
Jean Young
Hedgerow Farm and Bakery
Galen Brooks
Rebecca Kelleher and Patricia Calkins
Ginny and Russ Allen
Bernice Wilkinson
Joe Asseltine
Kathy and Lon Hamlin
Sandra Congelli
Dorr and Barbara Olds
Jacqueline Moller
Marjorie Burger
Marcie Graves
Kristin Buchholz and Mike Griffin
Kathie Stedina
George and Marianne Markowitz
Annie and John Tucker
Louise and Steven Mattison
Mr and Mrs. Richard Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Clark
Joan and Charles Wallace
Carole Roth
Earl Robbins
Tom and Tim Slavin
Don and Anne Flansburg
NYS Retired Teachers’ Association
Wendy Lanterman
W.K. Goetschius Family
Helen and Jack Schneble
Connie and Perrin Knapp
Carol Lord
Central Western Zone Retired Teachers
Barbara Rosecrans
Mary Ann Newark
Gerald Kernan
Art and Cindy Marion
Julie and Bob Hogestyn
Marcia Lichtman
Alfred University Admisssions Operations
James and Cheryl Howland
Charles Edmondson
Sandra Greiff
Brian and Tammy Matteson
Marion and Mary Matteson
Alison Dickenson
Richard and Wanda Fanton
Wanda M. Norris
Shallee and Paul Lauzze
Maynard and Donna Dominic
Mark Van Tyne
Kimberly Wright
Paul and Nicky Lund
Patricia Smith
Tom and Ann Smith
Jacqueline Merrick
Donna Reardon
Mary Lynch Kramer
Jane Aiken
Maureen Soule
Linell Soule
Jean Young
Glena Jacobs
Loree Saunders
Roxy Schmidt
Nancy Moore
Bob and Barb Piscitelli
Patricia and Joseph Decker
Bob and Alice McEnroe; Amy and Tom Moore and Family
Roberta Corcoran and Family
Mary Walker
Bruce and Betty Herman
Della Gross and Bob Merrick
Bette Robarts
Tim and Suzanne Colligan
Loyal Order of the Moose #601
Steve and Collen VanScott
Aurela Dean
Belmont United Methodist Church
Frances Babcock
Betty Cary
Mike and Linda Tronetti
James Feldbauer
Jane Aiken
Rita Insley
James Holbrook
Jessica and Nicole Nye
Stacy Uhl
Educational Foundation of Alfred, Inc.
Theresa Memmott
Rick and Lois Whitney
Audrey Hall
Diane Armstrong
Friends of Barb McPoland at Hillcrest Middle School
Kathleen Atwood
Gene and Norma Cedruly
Chuck and Marge Costello
Jerry and Elizabeth Hayes
Joseph and Kathleen Timpano
Amie Jozwiak and Cher Kiel
Silken Stark
John and Angie Ninos