2015 Contributions

Heart Community
(minimum of $50,000 in cash or “building” supplies/ services):

The Hart Family – Donation of Hart Family House
Charles P. Joyce and Otis Eastern Service, Inc.

Grace Community
(minimum of $20,000 in cash or “building” supplies/services):
Christian Youth Corps, Inc.
Morrison Hayes American Legion Auxiliary, 702

Vision Community
(minimum of $10,000 in cash or “building” supplies/services):

Otis Eastern for 2015
The Joyce Family in Honor of Lorraine Joyce
Dan Peters, Fassett Lane Building and Home Center
Jim Smith and Rob Warboys, Two Hogs With Hart (2013)(2015)
The Belovsky Family Foundation
The February Basket Auction (2012-2015)
Family of Pauline Morrison
Gabrielle and Richard Ewell
Cheryl and Mike Jackson
Thomas F. and Laura L. Moogan Family Foundation, Ltd.

Sustenance Community
(minimum of $5,000 in cash of building supplies/services):

Allegany County Area Foundation
Susan and Bruce Greene
Joanne Hutter and the estate of Bob Hutter
Lucia and Sam Beer and the CatBird Griddle
Lorraine Joyce
David DuBois
Bill Lynch
Alfred-Almond Chiropractic
Bethesda Foundation
Elton Harris
Eileen Stott Tecza
Linda Myers Memorial Trap Shoot – Richburg Rod and Gun Club, Dave Myers-President
Kevin LaForge, Laforge Disposal, Inc.
Alfred-Alfred Station Community Chest (2011-2015)
Bill and Geri Ford
Bill Coch
Larry and Deb Clark
Tami’s Floral Expressions
Union University Church
Teresa Joyce
Meridian Energy, Bill Schettine

Solace Community
(minimum of $2,500 in cash or “building” supplies/services):

As of December 31, 2015
Alan Griffin
Teresa Joyce (2015)
Mike and Cheryl Jackson (2015)
Charles and Lorraine Joyce Family Foundation
Marleah Ritter and Family
Richard Sortore and Family
Harry Johnson’s Family
Michael and Marjanne Kunz
Constance and Rheba Rigas
Doug and Judy Lynch
Hot Dog Day
Rich Shear and his band members: Pig Roasts 2011-2015
Dresser Rand Co. and Employees
Municipal Electric Utilities Association
Jim and Darlene Smith
Charles Orlando and Bill Banker, Decorative Iron Artists
JR Morris Foundation
Shorts Oil, Co.
Wellsville Lions Charities, Inc.
The Family of Ruth Buhl
Anderton Living Trust
Manor Hills, Inc.
Jerome Hart
Robert Steiniger
Bob Geffers
Tom and Lisa Albert & Family
Leila Hunt
Dr. Lyle F. Renodin Foundation
Janice and David Porter
Joe and F.A. Felsen
Barbara and Tom Wright
Corning Inc. Management Team
Ashley Furniture of Olean

Hope Community
(minimum of $1,000 in cash or “building” supplies/services):

As of December 31, 2015 ** member of Solace, Vision Community, Heart Community
Allegany County United Way Donors
Wayne Davis
Charles P. Joyce**
Constantine and Rheba Rigas*
Teresa Joyce**
Sue Greene**
Sue and Tim Colligan
Lorraine Joyce**
Alan Griffin**
Charles Burdick
Lorraine Joyce**
Richard, Tina and Cory Joyce
James and Catherine Seebald
Gwen Coats
Marilyn Kellogg
Dean and Darlene Stebbins, Just One More, Carrie Merrick and
Jim and Darlene Smith, First Annual Jamboree
Emma Nelson
Joan Briggs
David Ransom and Edgar Ransom
Larry Clark**
Elton Harris
Hot Dog Day*
Fidelity Charitable Grant – Anonymnous
Keith and Jennifer Scheible
Alfred-Alfred Station Community Chest**
Leonard Lewis
Gary and Bruce Blackmon
Union University Church**

Comfort Community
(minimum of $500 in cash or “building” supplies/services):
As of December 31, 2015 ** member of Solace, Vision Community, Heart Community
Lanny Wesche
Carol and Timothy Hoyt Fund
Richard Howitt
Janice and David Porter
Charlene Bledsoe McComb
James and Catherine Seebald
Cheryl Hannigan
Steuben Trust
Lillian Hanks
Steven Collins
Linda S. Fanton
Dolores C. Kelley
Shorts Oil Company**
Edie Short
William Cox
The JR Morris Foundation – Jeff Morris and Laurie Richer**
Don Raabe Big 30 Charities Tournament
Certified Traffic Controllers – Deb Joyce
Chauncy Crowley and the Crowley family: Golf Tournament
Johnstone Supply: Tom and Ellen Wallace and family
Ruth Kellogg
Carolyn Kellogg Jonas
Richard Kellogg
Mike and Nora McArdle and Family
Class of 2015, Andover Central School
Zane and Laura Fiegl
Kristin Ives
Dean and Roberta Barnett and family
Brian Shively
Peg Shively
Tops Markets
Manor Hills, Inc.**
Linda S. Fanton
Christopher Depner
Michael and Marjanne Kunz
Shawnna Szabo
Western NY Field Trails Association
Leadership Allegany Euchre Tournament

Caregiving Community
(minimum of $250 in cash or “building” supplies/services):
As of December 31, 2015
Frank and Lynne Bunke
Doreen Richardson **
William and Carol Smith
Susan and Steven Walker
Linda Fiegl
Cassidy Scholla, Lydia Kaye, Caelyn Stevens & Nicholas Germain-Taradieu
Tom and Cindy Gehl
Jamie Moore
Max Yarowsky
Jim and Sandy Arthur
Susan DiBiase
John and Mary Lewis
Joe Fasano
Virginia Rasmussen and Linda Belle
Kathryn Cretekos
Dan and Kim Johnson
Marilyn Weidman
Marion Johnson
Andover Lions Club
Tad and Ruth Manske
Rayana and Zahi Kassas
Doris Montgomery
Drina Vigh
L. Chandler Whitford**
William Childs
Elizabeth Gulacsy
Joyce and Jack Robinson
Randy Shayler
Hope Zaccagni
Bob Grogan
Pro Am Charities Tournament, Wellsville Country Club
Bill and Geri Ford*
D’Ann Grell
Maureen Cooper
Jamboree 2015 bands: Pierced Arrow, Those Guys, Plan B, and Chet and Louie
Paula Greene
Belfast Central School
Bill and Pat LaCourse
Pamela Cockle
Bill Cox
Ruth B. Coats
Jeffrey and Stacey Erdmann
Pat McGranaghan’s Family
Teri and Thomas Neaman
Steven and Diana Pease
Union Univeristy Church Youth: Madeleine Dewey, Phillip Jones, Matthew Mayes
Dennis and Joanne White
Belfast Lions Club
Linda Pullman
American Eagles Motorcycle Club
Andover Cares- Andover CS Staff and Students
Greg Ralyea
Blackmon Family
Faculty and Staff at Genesee Valley Central School
Ardent Solutions
J.W. Embser Sons Funeral Home, Inc

Support Community
(minimum of $100 in cash or “building” supplies/services):
As of December 31, 2015
Conrad Johnson
Linda Aliberti
Cattaraugus Region Community Foundation
Marianna El Haddad-Van Casselle
Pat and Charlie Van Casselle family
Marilyn Osgood
John and Gayle Childs
Rebecca and Richard Cudahy
Zoltan Szabo
Dan and Connie Synakowski
Margaret Kerton
Roger and Sharon Smith
Joe Robinson
Joe and Christy Hart
Darryl Lewis
Mike Smith
James and Nancy Stevens
Allegany County Republican Committee
Gordon Wereley and family
Megan Marks
Gary and Gloria Fanton
Jane Aiken
Naomi Circle – First United Methodist Church
Gary Ostrower and Judy Samber
Carolyn J. Miller
Don and Peg Jefferds
Millie Hannigan
Employees and Board Members – Town of Andover
First Citizens Community Bank
Linda Graham
Sandra and Donald Cameron
Linda Garner
Joe and LuAnn Decerbo
Mary Nease
Henry and Diane Mercier
Richard and Alfreda Weart
William and Christine Locke
Judy Braymiller
Alfred Lions Club
Kristin Kruger
Geroge and Mary Harris
Wellsville Ladies Bridge Club
Tonya Scholla
Judy Grantier
Leon and Mary Jane McNeill
Brenda Grover and family
Dan and Ann Acton
Joe Dosch and Nancy Evangelista
Richard and Kris Gould
Robert Jackson
Alfred Station Fire Department
Wednesday Nite Ladies Bowling League
Jon and Terese LeGro
Rob and Ellie Riber
Mario and Peg Prisco
Douglas Heckathorn
Jean Murray Colegrove
Elizabeth Heywood
Bryan Slack
Mary Ormsby
Judith and Donald Mong
Regina Dressig
Robert and Cindy Baker
Audrey Hall
Scio Methodist Church
Raymond Campbell
Reita and Terry Lynch
Art and Cindy McLaughlin
Carole Aldrich
Dean and Maureen Lewis
William and Joy Cleveland and family
Margery Erdmann
Carol Bush
Woodie and Sue Lange
Sam and Lucia Beer
Alison Dickenson
Kevin and Jeanne Harris and family
Sheila R. Faber-Hayes
Thomas Dunn
George and Judith McNulty
Jack and Donna Emrick
Janet Chichester
Herb and Ellen Ehrig
Dan Shea, Jr.
Community Bank, N.A., Alfred
James and Sandra Fitzpatrick
Jeanne and Morris Mead
Mary Fagan
Cliff DuBreuil
Walker Business and Staffing Service
Michael and Connie Doyle
Thomas Summers
Donald Comstock
Eugene and Linda Staiger
David and Diane Tuttle
Art and Cindy McLaughlin
John Fitzgerald and Mary Ellen Bonnar
Robert and Sharon Pulos
Clay and Sue Stutzman
Marley and Brian Cannon
Keith Sale
Cliff and Gail Briggs
Deborah Goodridge
Dorothy Porter
Paul and Maryann Whitehouse
Maureen Soule
Ken and Judi VanDine
Mary Patrick
Evan and Mary Thomas Family
William and Joan Smith
Nyhl and Linda Austin
Sally Kaiser
Barbara Bernstein
Anne Inge
Jean Armstong
Louise Kemp
Hannah Brown
Keith Scheible
Pat and Jackie Searle
International Association of Machinists LL1580
Air Force Medical Operations of Fort Detrick
Brad and Marcy Bledsoe
George and Brenda Henderson
Mark Clark
First United Methodist Church
Wildrick-Cole Family
Marlee Cannon
Jean and Victor Cassidy
Jeff and Bonnie Ordiway
Dawn and Tren Young
John and Lorraine Hasper
Eileen Tecza
Horace and Diane Emmons
Dale and Marsha Clark
The Nichols Family
Martha Bower
Kevin and Nancy Kailbourne
Local 1580 – Dresser Rand
Ivo and Ruth Zeuch
The McCaffrey Family
National Fuel Gas Foundation
Vickie Hand
Foundations for Change
Patricia and Leo Alvord
Gretchen and Curt Shively
Gloria Morehouse
Joseph Geirmak
Rita Peangatelli
John and Doris Rigas and family
Martha Roberts and family
Larry and Margery Vossler
Doug and Sue Heckathorn
Jean and Gary Nevinger
Modern Diner
Lawrence Kus
Sally and Bruce Smalley
Louis and Patti Petroni
Dawn Fiegl Bateman
Kathy, Paul, and Korin Scheible
Jack and Carol Potter
Nan and Duane Sylor
John Houseman
Dana Pickup and Patti Regan
Ann Hallett
Kimberly Fregoe
Debra Sullivan
David and Alice Palmitier
Hugh Church
Max and Sue Clark, Doris Harder, & Janis Lockwood
Betty and Edward Majot
Lenora Michalak and Family
Randy and Connie Belmont and Family
Angelica Conservation Club
Ray and Peg Midgley
Bill and Beverly Leilous
Alpha Associates
Kathy and Lon Hamlin
Dave and Gail Aiken and Family
Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church
Hann Homestead, Inc. LLC
Craig VanCassele
The Wereley Family
Barb and Cal Graves
Anne Church
Lubeth Reeve
The Matteson Family
Lawrence and Sue Browning
John and Wanda Dean and family
Rick Whinery
Ken Ralyea
John, Jeannie, and Johnny Hyland
Wellsville American Legion Riders, Post 702
Gregg and Stanny Shear
James Walchli
Ben and Judy Cornelius
Annie Dailey Hunt and family
Evelyn and Jim Smith
Ken and Penny Canfield
Colleen and Ray Kailbourn
Janet Erway, Susan’s family
Jennifer Vaughn
Tim White
Amy and David Lippitt
Bill and Karin Whyman
Bob and Sue Gerhardt
M. Gretchen Probst
Greg Smith
George Goetschius
Deb and Jim Joyce and family
Randy Shayler
John Provost
Elva Cornell
Carolyn and Joe Mullaney
Lauren Crandall
Friends and Family of Peggy Crittenden
Department 59 Employees – CUTCO
Donald and Eileen Reed
Jonathan and Lynn Ridgeway
Sharon Jordan
Stephen Walker
Microscoft Matching Grant, Jesse Harvey and Family
Claudia and Kevin Gildner
Bill and Karen Weatherell
Rich and Elaine Blackmon
Presta Family Partnership: Tim and Lisa Presta; Len and Barb Presta;
and Harry and Marcie Morgan
Cutco Corporation: Jim Stitt, Jim Stitt, Jr., John Whelpley, Brent Driscoll,
and Erick Lane
Bill Rezak
Joanne Kelley and Ted Schwalbe
Whitesville C.S Faculty and Staff
Eileen Schaffner
Richard and Michele Dunbar
Barbara Kelley-Dello and Jim Dello
Bernadette Taylor
Lori Good

Helpers’ Community:
As of December 31, 2015
Joseph Monaco
Catherine Powers
Aileen and Jim Sirianni
Marsha Sick
Chuck Shultz
John and Linda Taggert
Gwen and John Potter
Judith Miller
Deb Wight
John and Wendy Schoonover
Silas Smith
Phil and Dot Crayton
Dolores and Robert Ackerman
Bill and Sandy Allis
Ed and Kay Eicher
Michelle Mapes
Carlyn and Al Yanda
Pat and Jamie O’Kelly
Jim and Linda Karns
Maureen Harris
Wellsville Garden Club
Allegany A.R.C.
Norene Ferris
Thomas P. Brown
Dave Scions
Ann Koegel
Carole Onada
Allegany County District Attorney Office
Bob Willets
Diane and Brantley Davis
Eva M. Thompson
Allegany County DSS
Ann Brocci
Arlene Leave
Rada Biedakiewicz
Bernie Reppenhagen
Bette Burger
Business and Professional Women
Mary-Lou and Jerry Cartledge
Shirley A. Lyon-Bentley
Alice and John Dunbar
Donald and Janeice Dahlgren
Eileen Stilson
Barbara and David Walter
Teresa and Jerry Uganski
Eugenia Metzler
Barbara Hardy
Eleanor Young
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Ford
Dottie James
Dan and Kathy Babcock
John and Ann Holland
Susan Rossman
Stanley Blackman, Jr.
Jerry and Eloise Kernan
John and Angie Ninos
Kay Birmingham
James and Marjorie Goodspeed
A. Jeanne and Martin Pisano
Pamela Thomas
Wendi and John Keenan
David and Cathy Dawson
Cliff and Rita Gooch
Dick and Mary Brunell
Gene and Norma Cedruly
Joyce and Stan Krupnik
Margie Dunford
Frances Babcock
John Mindler
Clifford Cole
Ron and Arleen Jennings
Barbara and Larry Greil
Mary Ann Trice
William Fraser
Kathleen Weinhauer
Suzanne Nydegger
Kimberly Gallman
Theresa Silverberg
Alice Stevens
Joan Pettit
Bob and Kim Donius
Dwight and Linda Fanton
David Haggstrom
Whitesville Ladies Auxiliary
Jean I. Rosell
Sandra Keough
Myrna and Dominick Petrelli
Joanne E. Rahr
Bea Jevremovic
Robert Henry
John and Carol Flurschutz
Della Gross
Zoe Coombs
Curran and Harvey Families
Joan and Brad Bowden
Gary and Connie Taylor
Jim and Cheryl Howland
Michael Murray
Skip and Jackie Merrick
Shirley Faisst
Russell and Ginny Allen
Dale and Joyce Eldridge
Lori Michalak
Wanda Norris
Winfred and Debra Jacob
Pam Shattuck
Cory and Sandra Guenter
Josephine and Felicia Biancuzzo
Dr. John A. delCampo
Kay McCulloch
Gloria Knox
Barbara Abbott
Daniel Jordan
Judy and Roger Easton
Bruce Gardner
Shirley N. Green
Loretta and Jim Cronin
Richard and Ursula Golas
Bob and Diane foster
Nancy Cherry
Melanie and Matthew Zengel
9th Grade ICS Religious Ecuc. Class
Joe and Liz Menichino
Giant Food
Maureen Kelley
Robin Kellogg and the Alpaca Kissing Booth
Mary Boyd
Gerald and Mary Swartz
Sylvia Masin
Betty DelVecchio
Dennis and Susette Ordiway
Susan Zanders
Harold and Beverly Snyder
John and Netty Whitte
Lorie and Joe Henley
Terah Soule
Matthew Pastizzo
Gus Weber
Mike and Julie Bellone
Kathy Sheley
Mike and Sherry Blackwell
Robert and Sylvia Weber
Andrew and Jamie Weber
Robert and Suzanna Weber
Paul and Shallee Lauzze
Joseph, Bonnie and Ryan Collins
Fred and Peggy Pearce
A.C.E.S. of Alfred State
Beverly and Dennis Butts
Rose Scott
Rick and Lois Whitney
Amy Zakel
George and Judith McNulty
Diane Sampson
Pat Wolfley
Rushford Fire Department
Jerry and Patty Borden
George Probst
OES Bartlett Chapter #411
Larry and Carolyn Rogers
Wayne and Jeanne Johnston
Sherry Herdman
Joseph and Carol Szymkowiak
Geoffrey and Florence Barrett
Wendy Lanterman
Jerry and Judy Perry
Doris Borden
Calvin and Linda Borden
Donna and Michael Phillips
Mrs. Lola Wilson
Mrs. Nina Decker and family
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Olsowsky
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Barlow
Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Owens
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Edwards
Dorothy Tinklepaugh
Rose and Molly Fleming
Dorothy and Robert Grossman
Ellen Kreckman
Hattie Roskey
Kim Rounds Howe
Allegany County Probation Department
Sunnydale Yard Sales
Christiane Terranova
Kay Nagy
Allegany County Treasurer’s Office
Carol Bledsoe
Sharon and Alan Presutti
Nancy Hanks
Patricia Wolfley
Ronald Mix
Monica Arnold
Sandra Jackson
Cheryll Wickard
Donald and Doris Kovach
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Romanowsaki and Family
Ed and Jay Eicher
Robert Ackerman
Nancy Howbridge
Tom and Lynn Roeske
Sheree Gielow
Tops 0927 Group
Eileen Schnetter
Gerald and Cindy Vance
Paula Stull
Brian and Terry Kelly
James and Karen McCormick
Marilyn Lester
Dennis and Ruth Doell
George and Brenda Henderson
Bob and Edie Holmes
Michael Sharrer
Joan Lisa and Michael Roberts
The Dolph Family
Co-Workers from Delevan Electronics
J. Lynn Burkholder
Carol and Paul Gallman
Dolores Donner
Diane Embser
Diane Osgood
Steve and Colleen VanScott
Dick and Lee Borst
Jessie Vanname
Lori Wood
Alan and Diane Fosberg
Marilyn Cornelius
Vern and Sharon Burdick
Chris Danias
Connie and Clair Armison
Chemung Valley Antique Car Club
Art and Gail Kedzierski
Robert and Judy Condrate
Larry Bennion
Anne Fahey
Phil and Doris MacMichael
Mary Wakeman
Martha Mueller
Dick and Roberta Baker
Ryan And AJ Shear
Fox Run Vineyards
Frances Babcock
Byron Brocious
Bruce and Donna Hess
Dorothy Konz
The Store – Cindy Potter
Bob and Barb Rice
Hyla Sizer
Leroy and Lila Crouch
Lucille Baldwin
Eleanor Reynolds
Louann Pawlak
Ruth and Edward Faust
Linell Soule
Strate Welding Supply Co.
James Layland
Abigail Davidson
Joel Norris
Roger Morris and Judy Scott
Ford and Margaret Easton
Charles and Rosalie Young
Amie Jozwiak
Girl Scouts of Whitesville, Leader- Sue Beckhorn
Tom and Kathy Burt
Walchli family
Cathy Surra
Carol Ann Weber Ormsby
Kitty Baker
Dawn Santangelo
Richard and Wanda Garland and Family
Bob and Barbara Baker
Jack Darr
Nancy Brewster
Shirley Bottomley
AFSCME Locsal 2574
Robert and Mattie Lounsberry
Pat and Jackie Searle
Bill and Ann Hendrick
Doug and Judy Lynch
Mikie and Don Burr
Hornell Furniture Outlet
Cheryl Macafee
Paul and Charity McCormick
Alfred University
Gus Weber
Joe and Cindy Baker
Walt and Phyllis Dennis
Nancy Alt
Lillian Blouvet and Family
Doris MacFarquhar
Tom and Mary Hennessy
Susan Church-Jamesson
Wilson and Sarah Butz
Cindy Miles
Elizabeth Toporas
Elnora Fanton
Sandy and Terry Denhoff
Darryl Lewis and Punky Ordway
Cyndi Fanton
Barbara Claire
Sharon Harshman
Scio Seniors Sunshine Club
Ellen and Nancy Tuttle
Belmont American Legion Auxiliary 808
Jones Memorial Hospital Medical Staff
Gwendolyn Hard
Wendell and Priscilla Brown
Wilma and Norm Miller
Hal and Mary Sue Rogers
Middaugh Real Estate
Jim and Diane Cox Lanzo
Roger Horton
Wellsville Women of the Moose, Chapter #248
Barry and Kate Culp
Johannah Jewell
Darla Edward
Maureen and Charlie Smith
Doris Mallory
Maureen and Charlie Smith
Daniel and Rose Mary Vossler
June Helmer
Kenneth Brandes
Charles and Marjorie Costello
Cathy and Steve Emerson
Fred and Sally Dannheim
Denise and John Richardson
Rachel Speta
Lori and Tom Good
International Association of Machinists 1580
Michael and Mary Hanaka
Debra and Win Jacob
Sally Kaiser
Lillian Lyon
Stephen and Diana Burton
Ken and Nancy Lotter
Debbie Clark
Georgia Eastman
Tom and Fran DeByl
Richard Culbert
Gary and Deb Willis
Cyril and Jacqueline Merrick
Arnie and Kay Wienk
Sue and Beth Pederson
Richard and Connie Burrous
Jack and Marilyn Palmer
SunWest Federal Credit Union
Kathryn Cretekos and family
Kelly Cumpston
Shelley Valentine
Elizabeth and Jerry Hayes
Joe and Kathie Timpano
Naty and Gary Smith
Jennifer Sorochin
Dale and Sue Zanders
Diane and Lyle Ostrander
Gloria Sluyter
Camilla Szymanski and family
Bob and Sally Dougherty
Adam and Kristin Fuller and family
Scott Ketchner
Melanie Hitchcock
Cyndi Stanton and family
George and Jeanette DeBarbieri
Robert and Yvonne Morris
Jane Nicholson
Wellsville CS WHO Committee, Faculty and Staff
Carol Sherwood
Corabelle Lounsberry
John and Denise Richardson
Ted and Vonda Shultz
Wendy Letterman
Ben and Linda Saxbury
Debra Glass
R. McGuinness
Pam and Darrell Bump
Jeanne A. Whyman
Doris Dailey
Alice and Bob McEnroe
Anne Walchli
Molly Young
David and Sandra Palmiter
Craig Miller
Leonard Watson
Barbara Graham
Nina Harrison
Todd and Kathy Searle
Robert and Beverly Terranova
Raymond Grant
Lonnie Childs
Stephen Sweet
Betty Washburn
Paul and Barb Appleby and family
Bob and Diane Foster and family
Laureate Alpha Xi
Elaine Fulmer
Jacquelyn Schieble
Florence Balicki and the family of Norma Ralyea
Amanda and Erik Smith
Family of Norma Ralyea
Lynne and Tom Roeske
Nora Dooley
Cecilia Gasdik
Tom and Agnes Brush and family
Wanda Norris
Betty L. DelVecchio
Joan Craft, Heather and Autumn Hale, Cindy Harrison, Sally Hooker &
Cindy Santora, Deanna Spencer, Ann Stephens, Glenda Stocking, and Della Warner
Kathleen Decker
Alison Dickinson
Jane and Frederick Gram
Lisa Fountain, Lorie Biederwolf, and Laine Golden
Stephen Heimin
Donald and Ruth Palermo
Aurthur Van Tyne
Jim and Pauletta Copenheaver
Dresser-Rand Supply Management Team
Abby Harris and Pat Shea
Belfast Central School’s Students and Staff
United States Steel Workers Local #5429
Kodak Alaris Employees
Jay and Tammy Lawrence
Georgi and Don Higgins
Suzanne Nydegger
Don and Joanne Goldstein
Patsy and Burdette Hulse
Annette and Kevin Perry
Susan Adams
Shirley Bailey Fleming
Bolivar Lioness Club
Denis and Colleen Dahlgren
Joan and Steve Ball
Linda Palmer and Barry Kent
Bonnie Enke
Denis Coats
Sunnydale Group
Mary Meglicio
Peg Ball
Lisa Hover
Monroe and Jan Bishop
Cynthia Barton
Betsy Pappas
Betty Searle
Dawn Ketchner, Kathi Dunham, Linda Cook, Roxanne Fisk, Mary McFadden,
and Kim Walsh
Barbara Zlomek
Hinsdale Guys and Gals
Jones Memorial Hospital Board of Directors, Administration and Staff
Lisa O’Connell
Gloria and Jerry Zuroff
Sue McAndrew
Susan Demerath
Rich and Jean Pollinger
Kim Toot
Jeffrey Blackmon
Judy Donovan
Patricia Colosimo
Joyce A. Foht
Family of Don Blackmon, SR.
Jean and Victor Cassidy
Michael and Carol Shattuck
Ben and Lena Hwang
Paul and Chris Carlson
Jeffrey Shattuck
Tom and Mary Snopkowski
Linda Landstrom
R. Diane Scirto
Debra Knapp
Kelly and Lois Lounsberry
Susan Phelan
Genesee Vally Educators’ Asssociation
Kent and Ellen Yousey
Barbara Cooper McManaman
Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post 2530, Men’s Auxiliary
Ralph Best
Tim Kane
The George Family
Chester Gosper
Laura Allen
Donna Jones
Max and Mary Eldridge
Tom and Mary Hennessy
Sheila and Heather Malloy
Chris Mattison
Belmont United Methodist Church
John and Gayle Childs
James and Jeanette Maxim
Crego’s Birdsall Inn, Inc.
Ann Harrington
Rich and Gwen Shear