2016 Memorial/Honor Donations

As of December 31, 2016
Holly Burger in memory of Bill Sheehan
Richard and Alfreda Weart in memory of David Weart
Lynn Manning in honor of Sandra Denhoff

In memory of Charles H. Joyce
Lorraine Joyce and Family
Charles P. Joyce
Teresa Joyce
Richard, Tina, and Cory Joyce
Betty Joyce

Charles P. Joyce in memory of Charles H. Joyce and his grandchildren
Silas and Kathy Smith in memory of Kay Smith
Michael and Connie Doyle in memory of Dick and Doris Hall

Alan Griffin in honor of Linda Lewandowski
Roger and Sharon Smith in honor of Warren and Dorothy Bouck

In memory of Loretta Smith
Alan Griffin
Jon and Christine Hoek

In memory of Dorotha Harris
Dorothy Erdmann
Elton and Kris Harris in living memory of Lester & Dorotha

In memory of Laszló Szabó
Soltan Szabo
Eva and Kris Thompson

Kristin Ives in honor of Thirty-One Team Sisters
Otis Ladies Bowling Team in honor of Lynn Manning

In memory of Raymond Baker
Carl and Geraldine Hunt
Olean Wal-Mart Associates

Shirley Green in memory of Duane Green
John Fitzgerald in memory of Mary Fitzgerald and Jim Bonnar
Arlene Leave in memory of Carl Leave

Kathleen Weinhauer in memory of Don Weinhauer, Brigid Porter, and Verda Davis
Nettie and John White honor of Helen Clabeaux
Lillian Hanks in honor of John and Jennie Wright

Ann Koegel in memory of James Koegel
William Fraser in memory of Catherine Fraser
Skip and Jackie Merrick in memory of Vinton Nourse, Jackie’s father

In memory of Dorothy Ennis
Edie Ennis and family
Paula Kress and Ron Good

In honor of Scott, Cheryl and all volunteers at Hart House
Marlee and Brian Cannon
Kathleen Decker
Marsha Sick
Reita and Terry Lynch
Carolyn Miller, who also honors Sylvia and Carol

Douglas and Suzanne Heckathorn in memory of Ethel Ramsey
Jack and Honey Reed in memory of Dr. and Mrs. Robert Thompsett and
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Reed
Susan Greene in memory of Bill Horton

Marlee Cannon in honor of Shallee Lauzze
David and Cathy Dawson in memory of John Biedakiewicz
Jerry Chadderdon in memory of Miriam Gray and Jerry Codispoti

J.W. Embser and Sons Funeral Home, Inc. in honor of
*Wellsville Reporter Newsroom; Jones Memorial Hospital; Leonard Capizzi;
*Dept. of Public Works/Billing Office; Nancy Monroe; Dan Shea;
*Village of Wellsville/Kathy& Wendy; Dick Helms; Tim Shea; Sue Stout;
*Town of Wellsville/ Sylvia & Joanne; G.F. Wiles/ Karen & Sue;
*Town of Willing Clerk/ Deb; Yorks Corners Cemetery/Lester Fanton;
*Dan Gardner, Kate Rahr; Mary Weimer; Kathleen Whitfield;
*Kathy Hamlin; Bud Tronetti; John Fransisco

In memory of Elizabth Searle
Jeanne and Kevin Harris
MaryAnn DiBerardino

In memory of Elizabeth Harris
Jeanne and Kevin Harris
Stan and Joyce Krupnik

Susan Zanders in memory of Dennis Mills
John and Diane Embser in memory of Myrna Blouvet
Norene Ferris in memory of Pat McGranaghan
Shirley A. Lyon Bentley in memory of Annette Bentley Scorse

In memory of Dorothy Whitwood
Suzanne Colligan
Bob and Diane Foster

In memory of E. Sue Clark
Richard J. and M. Theresa Mengel
Pamela Rohrabacher and Carol Shaffer
Bob and Diane Foster
Marlee Talbett
Sandra and David Golden
Charles A. Thompson, Jr.
Allegany County Deputy Sheriff’s Association
Dana and Sue Ross
Lee and Donette Shelley
Pat and Terry Schmelzer
Warren and Connie Emerson
Deb Perry
Tom Brown

In memory of Jack Morrison
Morrison Family
Silas West

Lorraine Hasper in memory of Paul Vienna
Ken and Penny Canfield in memory of J. Ernest and Lewis
Dale and Joyce Eldridge in memory of Dorothy M. Fuller Clements

In memory of Larry Hannigan
Mildred Hannigan
Cheryl Hannigan
Cindy Hannigan

In memory of Joan Sortore
Jane Aiken
Steven and Colleen Van Scott

Cory and Sandy Guenter in memory of Pauline Percifield
Bob Grogan in memory of Judy Grogan

In memory of Brad Bledsoe
Marjorie Erdmann
Marcy and Brad Bledsoe

In memory of Linda Myers
Bill and Sandy Allis
Bruce and Sue Gardner
Joseph E. Robinson
Jack and Joyce Robinson

In memory of Harry “Connie” Johnson
Conrad Johnson
Joan Pettit
Patricia McCay

In memory of Pauline Morrison
Andrew and Wilma Morrison
Doreen Yager
Barbara Abbott
Richard and Darlene Nydegger

In memory of Charles S. Young
Eleanor Young
Carol Bush
William and Joan Smith

In memory of Gary Fiegl
Linda Fiegl
Gary and Jean Nevinger

Janet and Michael Steiniger in memory of Nancy Steiniger
Eileen and Joe Tecza in memory of Grace Stott
Sherry Herdman in memory of Doria Longway

Kimberly Gallman in memory of Bernard Piatt
Bobbie Staub in memory of Anne Perkins
Raymond Campbell in memory of Rita Campbell

Thomas Summers, MD in memory of Louise Summers
Maggie Hart Reuter in memory of Anne Marie Seery
Gary and Gloria Fanton in memory of Dale T. and Donna M. Smith &
Lyle and Lucille Fanton

Brenda Bowen in memory of Barbara Bowen
Lori Michalak in memory of Peggy Crittenden
Karen and David Maskens in memory of Alex Davis
Sheila Faber-Hayes in memory of John Snyder

Fred and Peggy Pearce in memory of JoAnne Wagner
Steve and Diane Pease in memory of Charlene M. Thompson
Steve and Diana Pease in memory of Dolores A. Roeske

Gene and Norman Cedruly in memory of Dr. Thomas Pamukcoglu
Jim and Sandra Fitzpatrick in memory of Cindy Slocum

In memory of Chester Baker
Dawn Williams
Diana Craig

Robert and Alice McEnroe in memory of Kathryn McEnroe Hollod
Darryl Lewis in memory of Terry Kear

In memory of Jack Nease
Mary Nease
John Nease

In memory of Bruce Porter, Sr.
Dorothy Porter
Kathleen Weinahuer

Edie Short in memory of Ken Short

In memory of C.R. Jackson
Robert and Yvonne Jackson
Clifford and Rita Gooch

Leon and Mary Jane McNeill in memory of deceased members of the
Christopher N. Flanagan Family

Rose Scott in memory of Robert Scott, Sr. and Lloyd and Alice Moyer
Dorthy J. Lendel in memory of Carrie Preston

Loyal Order of the Moose in memory of Pat Hennessy
Loyal Order of the Moose in memory of Pat Joyce

Barbara Roeske in memory of Francis Ed Roeske
Frances Chadderdon in memory of Jerry Codispoti and Miriam Gray
Amy Zakel in memory of Ruth Buhl

Larry and Carolyn Rogers in memory of Willie Monroe
Timothy and Suzanne Colligan in memory of Janice Boring-Davis

In memory of Carl Osgood
Marilyn Osood
Fred and Sally Dannheim

Gary and Jean Nevinger in memory of Bonnie Buckley
Stephen and Mary Rashid in memory of Sharon Caya
Kathryn Cretekos in memory of Steven Cretekos

Hank and Diane Mercier in memory of Tobin-Mercier Family
Joe and Bonnie Collins in memory of Lulu Burdick and Hattie Collins

Dolores C. Kelley in memory of Robert C. Kelley
Joanne Rahr in memory of Harold Rahr
Gerry and Cindy Vance in memory of Ernest and Eugenia Vance

Richard and Beth Howitt in memory of Jill Kingdon Tyson
Candace and Pete Hunt in memory of Leila & Ernest and Edward Hunt
Marguerite Jadwin in memory of Marguerite Maxwell

In memory of Theresa T. Biancuzzo
Josephine and Felecia Biancuzzo and Roseanna Tait
Daniel Biancuzzo
Deb, Andy, Adriane, and Parker Biancuzzo
Ona Reynolds
Dolores John
Dorothy Tobin
Jackie Manis
James Kane
Nancy Howbridge
Sarah Smalley
Jessie Vannname
Joanne Rahr
Maureen and Charlie Smith

In memory of Charles Costello
Bob and Judy Loughlin
Joe and Cynthia Baker
Maureen Cooper

Manor Hills, Inc. in memory of Gertrude Peaslee
Manor Hills, Inc. in memory of John J. O’Driscoll
Manor Hills, Inc. in memory of Kathleen R.Trader
Manor Hills, Inc. in memory of Donald Rice

Roy and Polly Lucas in memory of Jeffery Densmore
Maureen Cooper in memory of Mary Ellen Craft
Mike Smith in memory of Elaine G. Smith (2013)

In memory of Sandra R. “Sandie” Ellison
Jennifer and Erik Gehen
April Hall
Terrie and Stephen Morrison
Bill Potter
Walmart 2159 Associates of Tracy Marks
Thomas Starkey
Bill and Linda Ellison
Darlene Calabrese
Lois Centola
Kristine Rathbun
Teachers Aides at Bolivar Richburg Central School
PCS Plumbing and Heating, Inc.
Bill and Nancy Walsh
Elizabeth Starkey

In memory of Andrew Cornell
Uncle Jerry and Aunt Linda
Andover Central School Board members

In memory of Keith W. Rumsey
Julius and Susan Rumsey Dichter
Linda Rumsey-Dolega
Mark Rumsey
J.H. Steuver
Ellen and Michael Shawl
David and Sherry Brands
Ralph and Robyn Brands
Sandra Shawl
Gary and Susan Tuller
Bob and Diane Foster
Tad and Ruth Manske
Dorotha James
Rick and Lois Whitney
Jackie Whitzer
Star of the East
Rowena Fitzgerald Boyd, Mary E. Fitzgerald Boyd, and Francis Larry Fitzgerald
Peter and Lynne Vossler, Ken and Gayle Vossler, & Tom and Jean Bennett
Glad & Sad, Cyndie Phillips
Nancy and Lloyd Johnson
Richard Culbert
Alice and Harry Hurd and Michael Simons

In memory of Bobby Gross
Helen Monroe
Betty Robarts

Helen Monroe in memory of Mary Mumford
Florence Buckley in memory of Pat Pieri Law

In memory of Rita Childs
William Childs
The Orosz family
Maureen and Charlie Smith
Marge and Jim Goodspeed

In memory of Virginia Vincent
Family of Virginia Vincent
Diane and John Embser in Christmas remembrance
Judy and Jim Mong
Pam and Darrell Bump
Constantine and Rheba Rigas
Wilda and Norm Miller
Mary Ann Newark
Cindy Baker
Betty Pappas
Cattauraugus County Counselors Association
Ona Reynolds
Anne Hallett
Gene and Norma Cedruly

Charity and Paul McCormick in memory of Terry Monroe
Barb and Cal Graves in memory of Gene Fanton

In memory of Wade G. Cook
Daniel and Wendy Fleming
Paul and Charity McCormick
Gary and Naty Smith
Colleen and Ray Kailbourne
International Association of Machinists, LL1580
Gary and Gloria Fanton
Cindy Baker
Dale and Joyce Eldridge
Preston and Pauline Lucas

In memory of Jean Hart Hanks
Nancy Hanks “Happy 90th Birthday, Mom.”
Marilyn Weidman

Colleen and Ray Kailbourne in memory of Edward Carlin
Manor Hills, Inc. in memory of Anna Babcock
Manor Hills, Inc. in memory of Mary K. Peet

In memory of Jessie Stark
Al and Augie Stanford
Norma Jean Fritz
Victor and Leslie Stark
Freddy and Goldie Eversole
Dolly Foster
Kathleen Truax
Harold Snyder
Larry Hobbs
Doris MacFarquhar
Mary Ann Newark
Kathleen Truax
Barb and Cal Graves
Marsha Sick
L.C. Whitford
Wellsville Whittlers
Louise and Richard Kemp; Theresa, Vaughn, Ron & Jen Kemp
Buffington and Nickles families
Lucie Freeman
Patti and Bob Gressei

Alfred and Karin Kroenke in memory of Alice Moore
John Embser, Walter Gardner and Debora Richardson in memory of Dawn Riley
Susan Greene in memory of Anne Serra

In memory of Robert L. Manning
Lynn Manning
John and Annie Tucker
Nancy Smith
Vickie Scott
Yvonne Simmons
Sue Scott
Debra Myers
Janet Marble
Sandy Denhoff
Helen D’Arcy
International Association of Machinists LL1580
Evelyn Tyler and family
Roger and Candy Graham
Cyril and Jacqueline Merrick
Edgar and Mary Schwartz
Belmont Betterment Association
Rhonda Slocum and Tammy Gleason
Enid Sweet

In memory of Wayne Lang
David and Karen Lang
Gary Enderle
Eva Brown
Howard Powers
Anne Kruse
Ray and Polly Lucas

In memory of Judy Barrett
Pam Cockle and family
Eva and Bill Heaney

Members and Friends of the Allegany County Association for the Blind
and Visually Impaired in memory of Helen Kirsch

Manor Hills, Inc. in memory of Carrie Anderson

In memory of James Michael Hennessy
Barb and Cal Graves
Suzanne Colligan
Ann Hallett
Ken and Mary Linnecke Huber

Kate and Patrick Godfrey in memory of Ron Mott
Richard and Gabrielle Ewell in loving memory of Gerald and Mary Ellen Hart
American Legion Auxiliary, Post 702 in memory of Mary Agnes Sullivan

Maureen Cooper in memory of July birthdays:
Kelley Cooper, Gus Padden, and George Tate

Beverly Jones in appreciation of Joy and for the love and support provided for
her mother, Kitty Mooney.
Ken and Penny Canfield in memory of our moms, “Hilda” and “Lena”
Ed and Sharon Czarnecki in memory of Lillian Johnson

Susan Greene in memory of Bruce Greene
Joan Briggs and family in memory of Ethel Briggs

In memory of De Donner
Nettie and John White
The Briggs family

In memory of Eileen M. Shephard Matacale
Family of Sandra Shawl
Bob and Diane Foster
Kristen Braaten and Jarrett’s friends from the Class of 2007
Alice Hurd and Michael Simons
Perry Streeter
Helen Larrabee
Ida Mae Hill
Wilhelm and Olga Dichter
Dortha James

In memory of Lawrence Vossler
Richard and Wendy Lanterman
Lawrence Browning
International Association of Machinists LL1580
Ona Reynolds
James and Nancy Stevens
Belmont Rotary Club
Wellsville Rotary Club

In memory of John Cosgrove, Jr.
Carol Cosgrove
Mary McDermott
Star of the East
Kevin and Jeanne Harris
Association of Former NYS Troopers, Inc.
James Dello and Barbara Kelly-Dello
Charles and Mary J. Basil
Clifford and Rita Gooch
Robert and Carol Connors

Jerry Knapp Family in memory of George “Max” Knapp
Ann Hallett in memory of Jim Hallett

In honor of Teresa Fitzgerald
Ed and Sharon Czarnecki
Richard and Linda Johnson honoring her desire to make change in the world.
Ralph Naples, Release Coatings

In honor of Lillian Hanks’ 85th Birthday
Ann Peiffer
Tina M. Peters
Jean and Bob Brown
Anne Acton
Katy Fasano Foster
Joan and Walter Schulze
Merri-Lou McKeever
Teresa Hanks Wenner
Dave and Janice Porter
Marilyn Grillo
Mary Elizabeth Weyand
Ben and Eileen Palmer
Carl and Jan Leathersich
Don and Lorna Brink
Zachary Hann and Rebecca Weaver Hann
Doris Montgomery
Eleanor and Tom Taylor
Susan and George Benson
Yuxuan Gong and Bo Pang
Barbara McPoland
Terah Soule
Tara Rudgers
Kitty Baker
Don and Sandy Cameron
Jim and Judy Brush
Dave and Mary Bordeaux
Mary Ann Reitnauer
Shirley Green
Norma Rossman
Bonnie Ordiway
Don and Pat Guthrie
Bob and Brenda Sobeck
Diana and Walt Cook
Audrey Connell
James and Peggy Smith
Paul and Mary Sullivan
Lori Hann
Nancy Hanks
Shirley A. Benson
Virginia Allen
Hazel Bracken
Patrick and Nancy Hanks Ryan
Anne Jones
Tom and Cindy Mansfield
Tom and Tina Miller
Donald and Deanna Cook
Maureen and Joe VanCura
Jane and Joe Basta
Betty Ebert
Lona McIntosh
Anne Lorow
Don and Mary Crosby
Dan and Ann Spears
Carolyn and Jerry Powers
Patricia and Martin Curran
Mike and Linda White
Doris Martin
Kim and Kathy Costello
Chris and Donny Kernan
Mary Ann Leon
Lee and Donna Ryan
Steve and Pat Crandall
Dave and Beth Andrews
Diane Davison
Coreen P. Hallenbeck
Tom McCarthy
Bill and Marilyn Weidman
Shirley Sherman
Don Lynskey
Melissa and Dan Shephard
Joe Fasano
Dolores C. Kelley

In memory of Robert Chaffee
Barb and Cal Graves
Jean Wagner
Municipal Electric Utilities Association of NYS (MEUA)
Jane Lumb
Pal-Mac Primary School
Wellsville Whittlers
New York Municipal Power Agency
Mike Berardi
L.C. Whitford
Clark Patterson Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kaydos
Jannett Handy
Fisher’s Pharmacy
Evelyn and Jim Smith
Herald Ford, Inc.
Norm and Wilda Miller

In memory of Kathleen Chalker Sherman
Town of Scio
Loyal Order of the Moose #601
American Legion Auxiliary, Post 702
Steve and Pat Crandall
Dennis and Joanne White
The Robinson Family: Butch & Shawn, Jeff & Marcia, Tim &Brenda, and
Dean & Melody
Sherry Bledsoe
“Scio Friends” at the Store
Lynn and Cora Carlin
Bonita Spencer
Frank and Joan Cady
The Town of Scio Highway Department
Marcy and Brad Bledsoe
James Greene

In memory of Anne Perkins
Mary White
Kathleen Karpiak
Bobbie Staub
Daniel and Maria Staub
Andy and Maryalyce and Audra Peterson, &
Erica, Jose, Andres, Alycia and Ana Espouillat
Maria McFee
John Keller
Edith McMullen
Kathleen Mathias
Maria Mathis
Kay Winslow
Philip Staub
Nancy White
Bruce and Audrey Glover
John and Linda Nolan
Mary Ellen Smith
Karl and Vonnie Oakley
Gwen Spaulding
Dave and Joan Keller and family

In memory of Bonnie Shutt Perry
American Legion Auxiliary, Post 702
Steuben Trust Co. Employee Fund

Herald Ford, Inc. in memory of Rosemary Lynch
Voni and Bob Walker in memory of William Leilous, Elizabeth Wattenberg, and James Sweet
Mary Ann DiBerardino in memory of Lenny Lewis

Judy Grantier in memory of Linda (Grantier) VanDixon
Judy Grantier in memory of John A. Carlosh
Joe and Cindy BaKer in memory of Cheryl Huyler

In memory of Maureen Nagle
Norma and Gene Cedruly
Manor Hills, Inc.

In memory of Charles A. Dougherty
Carolyn Dougherty
Brad and Marcy Bledsoe
Gail and Rose Burdick
Paul and Charity McCormick
Annette and Kevin Perry
Allegany County FSA Office
Ellen Ryan
Dave and Jane Pinney
L.C. Whitford
Joanne Cooney and family
Otis Ladies Team and Spouses: Lynn and Bob Manning, Janet Marble and Dana Harvey,
Vickie and Nate Scott, Debbie and Brain Myers, and Yvonne and Art Simmons
William and Mary Dougherty
Lorraine Joyce
Vic and Marilyn Daley
Curtis Vars
Kathy Greenan
Dean and Maureen Lewis
Henry and Diane Mercier
Bill and Janet Lynch
Maureen Padden Cooper
Mary Fagan
Leon and Mary Jane McNeill
Alfred University Division of Student Affairs
Alfred University Office of Public Safety
James Walchli
Michael Smith
Brian and Marlee Cannon
Teresa Joyce
Bob and Kathy Woughter

In memory of Dana Pickup
Jackie Pickup
Brittany Willard
Todd, Christy, Jack and Grace Willard
Jim Thomas
Deb Woltag
Ladies Golf Association of the Wellsville Country Club
Denise and Patrick Regan
Doug and Sally Miller
Deb and Larry Clark
Robert J. Ellis, Financial Advisors, LLC
Jeff, Sarah, and Dylan Luckey
Marilyn M. Embser
L.C. Whitford
Voni and Bob Walker
Lorraine Joyce
Thaddeus M. Hershey
Miriam Kalnin
James and Catherine Seebald
Joe and Sandy Hall
Maureen Padden Cooper
Jack Carter
Thea and Dick Stover
Wilda and Norm Miller
Mary and Curtis Lovel
Kathleen and Jody Miller
Lisa and Rod Cutter
Scott Miller

In memory of Richard M. Baker II
His friends from the Andover Historical Society: Lavonne Smith, Cheryl Miller, &
Carole Hyland, Kim Haswell, Marilyn Bryan, and Sylvia Lehman
Anne Church
Charles and Joan Wallace
Marlee and Brian Cannon
Marsha and Dale Clark
John and Joan Burdsall
Janice Wightman
Cindy and Robert Baker
Norma Locke

In memory of Michael P. Conner
Lorraine Joyce
Maureen Padden Cooper
Mary Fagan
Michael Smith

In memory of Gary Brown
Manor Hills
Mary Fagan
Brian and Marlee Cannon

In memory of Roy Trask
Maureen Cooper
Lorraine Joyce

In memory of Philip MacMichael
Teresa Joyce
Manor Hills, Inc.

In memory of A. Michael “Mickey” Baker
John and Wanda Dean
Lorraine Joyce
Teresa Joyce

In memory of Pat Gostley
Bob and Voni Walker
Teresa Joyce
Harold Ford, Inc

Allegany County Historical Society in honor of Barb Graves

Manor Hills in memory of Gary Brown
Manor Hills in memory of Mary Lou Ranger
Manor Hills in memory of Curt Ranger
Manor Hills in memory of Barbara Drumsta
Manor Hills in memory of Kathryn Parker

In memory of Delores Gloss
American Legion Auxiliary, Post 702
Teresa Joyce
Helen and Jonnie Lehman
Dale, Diane, Larry and Jamie Ordiway
Marcia Manley
Auxiliary Campus Enterprises and Services, Alfred State College
Leon and Mary Jane McNeill and family

In memory of Chester Galle
Ken and Karen Galle
The Galles
Linda Huey and David Dronsick
Nelson and Amanda Snyder
Bernard Koloski
Coxsackie Hose Co. #3, Ladies Auxiliary
Roger and Elizabeth Crassi

In memory of Merle Swort
Arlene Swort
Walt and Dawn Swort
Georgia and Pat Birmingham
Curtis and Wilma Robbins
Daryl Lewis and Punky Ordway
Judy Grantier
Caren Gibson
Walter and Jane Folts
Marlee and Brain Cannon
Wyman VanSkiver
Kay and Bill Birmingham
Dean and Maureen Lewis
Brad and Marcy Bledsoe
International Association of Machinists LL1580
Judy Easton
Barbara Montilone
Earl and Patty Fauerbach
Sheri Sherman
Gary and Gloria Fanton
Paul and Shallee Lauzze
Elva Cornell

In memory of Ralph E. Fanton(2015)
Linda Orpet
Dean and Maureen Lewis
George and Jeanette DeBarbieri
Darwin and Dwight Fanton

Joanne Rahr in memory of Theresa Moyer

In Memory of Linda Myers (2013)
Bill and Sandy Allis
Bruce and Sue Gardner
Jack and Joyce Robinson
Joseph Robinson
Lyle Slote and Bob Dean
Richard and Wanda Fanton
Hearing Aid Shop of Bolivar
David Myers and the Richburg Rod and Gun Club
Allegany County Federation of Sportsmen

Sew Blessed of Chenunda Creek Church in honor of Paula Greene
Judy Donovan and Jim Potter in memory of Corabelle Lounsberry
Gary and Gloria Fanton in memory of Dale T. and Donna Mae Smith

In memory of William “Bill” Brown
Suzanne Colligan
Dresser Rand Wellsville Supply Chain Management Team and the Engineering Department
Paul Cozzi, Butch Cozzi and Candice McCarthy
Marsha and Dale Clark

In memory of Donna Mary (Alig) Herberger
Niles Herberger, Donnia, Warren, Wendy and Vaneese
Noel and Gerry Herberger
Marge Costello and family
Jean and Gene Melasi
Don and Janiece Dahlgren
Elva Cornell
Alig Alig
Jeanette Alig
Maureeen Cooper
Nancy, Joni, and Jeni Quackenbush
Liz Fekete and Dee Dennis
Ted, Sue and Diana Phalon
William and Linda LaChance
Bruce Bryant
Gene and Norma Cedruly
Jon and Dawn Hart
Bill and Ann Cronin
Deirdre Roeske
Lenora Michalak
John and Faith Ball
Joy and Jim Jurek
Mark and Donna Hollenbeck
James and Jacqueline Summers
Jynetha Miller and family

Melvina Smith in memory of Robert L. Harder
Harold Ford, Inc. in memory of Paul Willis
Judith Miller in honor of David Palmiter’s 72nd birthday

Joe and Cindy Baker in memory of Patricia Tronetti
Michael and Marjanne Kunz in memory of Joyce J. Enderle

In memory of Bruce Reuning
Voni and Bob Walker
Maureen Cooper

Ron Mix in memory of Myrtle Preston, Kit Long, and Jacqueline Mix
Ruth Coats in memory of Mrs. Vesta Hurd

Tim and Lori Good in memory of James Knox and Ronald Good:
“Our fathers – in our hearts forever”
Marlee and Brian Cannon in honor of Barb Graves and Little Gallery

In memory of Gail Willson
Paul and Cindy Willson
Lola and Lester Cline and family
MaryAnn DeBerardino
Bob and Voni Walker
Elva Cornell
Jeanne and Kevin Harris
Karen Perrigo
Maureen Cooper
Kathleen Winde and family
Ricard and Leah Dibble
Richard and Joan Fridmann
Gene and Jean Melasi
Marlee and Brian Cannon
Ray and Colleen Offhaus
James and Sandra Fitzpatrick
Sandra McDonald
Jeff Barnes and Cheryl Miles
Janice and Dave Porter
Bob and Connie Kulik
Craig and Deb Martin

In memory of Dale Coats (2015)
Alan and Linda Coats
Claire and Mark Morris

In memory of Charles Baker
L. Chandler Whitford
Holly Burger and Kevin Cashera
John and Denise Richardson

In memory of Helene Cannon
Brian and Marlee Cannon
Matthew, Annette, and Leo Cannon
Judy and Bob Loughlin
Penny Fairbach
Teresa Joyce
Brad and Marcy Bledsoe
Michael McCormick and Christine Joyce McCormick
Deacon Mike and Margeret Gomola
Harold Ford, Inc.
Joe and Cindy Baker
Jean Harwood
Cable Audit Associates
James and Linda Cannon
Michael Colomaio
Richard and Cathy Whitford
Richard and Angelique Martinez
Mary Ann Erickson
Craig and Gloria Bayer
Greg and Linda Hoino
Gus and MaryAnn Weber
Paul and Charity McCormick
Michael and Ann Howland
Jane Aiken
Michael Murray and family
Wyman VanSkiver
Gus Juleen, and Ardell Weber
Michael Smith
Marion Johnson
Colleen and Denis Dahlgren
Ken and Penny Canfield
Colleen and Raymond Kailbourne
Deb and Jim Joyce
Cindy and Robert Baker
Evelyn and Jim Smith
Paul, Shallee, Joe and Nick Lauzze
Kaaren L. Monroe
Kris and Eva Thompson

In memory of Cis Gasdik
Voni and Bob Walker
Brian and Marlee Cannon
Della Gross

In memory of Jane Walsh
Della Gross
Voni and Bob Walker
Manor Hills, Inc.

In memory of Jackie Burdick
Brad Burdick
Joy and William Cleveland
Chris and Donny Kernan
Regina Burke

In memory of Sharon Cartwright
Kim Waters and Friends: Career and Technical Center in Olean
Jessie VanName
Rick and Darla Babbitt and family
The Lincolns: Georgie, Gary, Randy and Ronnie
Joanne Rahr
John and Helen Reed
Donna Frungillo

In memory of Howard Jaekle, Mark’s father
Stephanie, Sam, Hannah and Jake Millich
Tom and Jen Murphy
Charles Webb

Richard and Gabrielle Ewell in memory of Judy Fosberg Griggs
Charles and Mary Smith in memory of James H. Newark
Denise and Pat Regan in memory of Elizabeth Atkinson

In memory of Richard Harrison
Peggy Tobin and Phyllis Harris
Mattie Lounsberry
Paul and Charity McCormick

In memory of Art Kellogg
Marilyn Kellogg
Ruth Kellogg
Richard Kellogg
Clark-Smith Reunion
Moore, Austin, and Johnson Families
Shady Ladies Card Club

Amie Jozwiak in memory of Blanche E. Calhoun
Amie Jozwiak in memory of Walter Brol
Amie Jozwiak in memory of Daniel Causer
Amie Jozwiak in memory of Richard J. Hosley

In memory of Doris Mingus
Holly Burger and Kevin Cashera
Maureen Cooper

Maureen Cooper in memory of James Cooper
Maureen Cooper, Shane,and Bridget in anniversary
remembrance of Kelley Cooper

Manor Hills, Inc. in memory of Doris Hurlburt
Manor Hills, Inc. in memory of Gary Havens
Manor Hills, Inc. in memory of Diane Cole
Manor Hills, Inc. in memory of Gregory Galati
Manor Hills, Inc. in memory of Harlan Mullen
Manor Hills, Inc. in memory of Leonard Abplanalp
Manor Hills, Inc, in memory of Gloria LaForge
Manor Hills, Inc. in memory of Anna Marie Trowbridge
Manor Hills, Inc. in memory of Caroline Carberry

In memory of George Gavin
The family of George Gavin
Brian and Marlee Cannon
Harold Ford, Inc
Teresa Carter
Jim and Diane Frungillo and family
CSEA Local 620
Lona McIntosh
Paul and Charity McCormick
James and Evelyn Smith
Glenn and Sharon Thorp
Robert and Cindy Baker
Eldon Mosher
Family of Doug and Betty Lown
Family of Jim Silvas and Jackie Gavin
Family of Kathleen Reynolds
Stephen and Mary Liz Lewis
Bob and Mary Cavanaugh
Michael Smith
Marcia Manley
Jimmy and Deb Joyce and family
Gus and Mary Ann Weber
Cindy Harrison
Teresa Joyce

In memory of Wilma DeMarte
Women of the Moose, #248
Mary Fagan
Joan Artlip
George and Judy McNulty
L.C. Whitford
Jane Aiken
Joanne Rahr
Judy Cooper
Virginia Schmidt in memory of Wilma and Michael DeMarte
Maureen Copper in memory of Wilma and Michael DeMarte
Betty J. Smith in memory of Wilma and Michael DeMarte

In memory of Cindy Vienna Lombardozzi
Lorraine Hasper and the Vienna family
Ron Mix and Ruth Taber

Jane Burr in memory of Gene Wilson

In memory of Chester L. “Don” Baker (2015)
Family and Friends of Chester “Don” Baker
Dawn Williams
Diana Craig
Donna Fungillo
Kathryn Baus
Darrien Bradt
Shawn Clancy
Lisa Clark
Tracy George
Lisa Schneider
Charles Thompson
Charles and Mary Smith
Mary and Dave Lindeman

In memory of Robert (Bobby) Hackett(2015)
Friends and Fellow Floaters from Bolivar and Allegany County (2016)
Richard and Michelle Dunbar
Pete and Pat McKay
Lisa and Todd Taylor
Conrad Johnson
Allegany Co-op Insurance Company