Donations in Memory of Bob Jackson

In 2016
Robert and Yvonne Jackson
Clifford and Rita Gooch

Robert J. Jackson
Michael and Cheryl Jackson
Marcella and Bradley Bledsoe
Chris Mattison
Janice and Dave Porter
Gregg and Stanny Shear
Rita aand Cliff Gooch
Wayne and Jeanne Johnston
Kay and Dick Rifenburg, Jolene Rifenburg, Richi Rienfenburg and family
Jeff and Bonnie Ordiway
William and Charlene McComb
Jane Aiken
Sally Reinschmidt
Ed and Ann Rhodes
Alice Marasco
Cristina Turner
Fred and Mary Baker
Jean Dunham
Constatine and Rheba Rigas
Evelyn Cornell
Richard Nye
Ellen and Tom Wallace and family
Linda Brace Streicher
Joseph and Cynthia Baker
Diane Bledsoe and Lynn Coleman
Mr.and Mrs. John Richardson
Larry and Carolyn Rogers
Georgi and Don Higgins
David and Victoria Murphy
Anne and Chris Moser
Nancy Alt
Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce, Inc.
Diane and Hank Mercier
Teresa Joyce
Lorraine Joyce
Sandy Congelli and Mike Buckley
Marjorie Erdmann
Phil and Doris Mac Michael
Sherry and Charlie Joyce
James Walchli
Gary and Patricia Cook
Robert and Cindy Baker
Association of Former NYS Troopers, Inc. Allegheny Mountains Chapter
Mike Smith
Stephen and Mary Liz Lewis
Roger and Joan Lewis
Evelyn and Jim Smith
Dale and Marsha Clark
Galen Brooks
Mary Fagan
Don Swartz family
Edward Wilson
Steuben Trust Company Employee Activity Fund
Bill and Geri Ford
Deb and V. James Joyce
Leslie Behn
James and Cheryl Howland
Mattie and Robert Lounsberry
Camilla and William Szymanski
Aquinas McCormick
Terrance McCormick
Larry and Mary Jane McNeill
Jeffrey and Stacy Erdmann