Donations in Memory of Gerald Hart

In 2015
Shirley A. Lyon-Bentley in memory of Gerald and Mary Ellen Hart

In loving memory of Gerald and Mary Ellen Hart
Rich and Gabrielle Ewell 2012 2013 2014 2015

Arlene R. Lehman
Thomas and Darlene Caschera
Kay McCulloch
Cal and Barbara Graves
Mike and Nora McArdle
Cyril and Jacqueline Merrick
Michael and Lisa Lindsey
Susan and Robert Thomas
Daniel and Donna Hand
Thomas and Nancy Scorby
Joseph and Cynthia Widmer
Mary Ellen Bonnar and John Fitzgerald
Frederick and Kelly Dolmanet
Nancy Alt
Thomas Dunn
Tova Kristal
Betty Searle
Ed and Sue Palmer
John and Denise Richardson
Tom and Agnes Brush
Jim and Deb Joyce and family
Joe and Cindy Baker
Marion Johnson
Employees of Harris Hill
Carole Sewar and family
Dan and Paula Greene
Dave and Janice Porter
Wellsville Postal Employees
Bernie and Steve Reppenhagen
Bonnie McCormick
Joe and Bonnie Collins and family
Don and Georgi Higgins
Ken and Penny Canfield
John and Jeanne Hyland
CJ and Rheba Rigas
Charity and Paul McCormick
Doris McFarquhar
George and Jeanette DeBarbieri
Jeane and Marty Pisano
Loyal Order of the Moose. No. 601
Cathy Casey
Kurt Culbert
Robert Baker
Mary Bentley
Cynthia Price
Meghan Godfrey Martins and Audra Dickson
Margaret and Paul Whitehouse
Diane and Jim Lanzo
Eva and Neil Benedict
Kevin and Jeanne Harris and family
Teresa B. Clark
Annie and Fred Collins
John and Virginia Hart
Ann and John Holland
Kathy Manion
Maureen Schmidt
Carol and Daniel Gardner
Bill and Mary Ann DiBerardino
Kevin and Cynthia Schreiner
Maureen Cooper
Larry and Debbie Clark
Helen Holt
Louann Pawlak
Vickie and Bruce Hand
Tim and Kelly Costello
Cathleen Linnecke
Rita Sick
Ethel Buckout
Elmyra Kearns
Anna Norstrom
Julia and Magnus Elberts
Judy and Karl Ochs
Carol and Rob Byrne
Barbara Zlomek
Mark and Margaret Hart Reuter
Lilian Hanks
Joyce Empson and Cheryl Slocum

In Memory and Honor of Gerald and Mary Ellen Hart:
Darrell and Pam Bump
Kathleen Decker
Shirley Bentley
Marjorie and Joseph Anderson
Steve and Diana Pease
Thomas A. Summers
Jon and Dawn Hart