Donations in Memory of Charles H. Joyce

2016 Donations
Lorraine Joyce and Family
Charles P. Joyce
Teresa Joyce
Richard, Tina, and Cory Joyce
Betty Joyce

2015 Donations
Charles P. Joyce
Teresa Joyce
Lorraine Joyce
Cory, Tina, and Dick Joyce

2014 Donations:
Mike and Charyl Jackson
Richard, Tina and Cory Jackson
Charles Yazak and Val
Larry and Carolyn Rogers
Thomas J. Dunn
Cynthia and Gerald Vance
Dana Pickup and Patricia Regan

2012-2013 Donations
Lorraine Joyce and family
Anna and Casey Joyce
Teresa Joyce
Mary A. Davis
Dana Pickup and Patricia Reagan
Larry and Carolyn Rogers
Cynthia and Gerald Vance
Thomas J. Dunn
Bruce and Paula Strange
Brad and Marcy Bledsoe
Jerry and Carol Kekos
Joan Rosell
Educational Foundation of Alfred, Inc.
Gerald and Cynthia Vance
Constandine and Rheba Rigas
Mr. and Mrs. Erland Kailbourne
John and Kathryn Gilbert
Mary Fagan
Gregory and Jeni Lynn Conners
John and Wanda Dean
Gary and Pat Balcolm
Mary Huntington
Johnstone Supply – Tom Walker
Melissa Wise
Rocky and Bill Fardin
Doris Harder and Family
Bob and Voni Walker
Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce
Charles Yazak and Valerie Freeland
The Gostley Family:Holly, Pat, Laurie, Greg and Pam
Stephen and Mary Lewis
J.F. Hanen
Richardson & Stout
Shorts Oil Company
Rockford Corporation
John and JoAnn Allen
Diana Pease
Alice and Bob McEnroe
Kathleen Shine
Middaugh Real Estate:Patty, Bonnnie, Debbie, Jen & Connie
Fassett Lumber, Inc
Bonnie and Richard Ives
Glenn Zweygardt
Bonnie Stivers
Jim and Darlene Smith
J.F. and Evelyn Smith & Family
Steuben Trust Company Board of Directors and Officers
Barb Graves- La Gra Salon and Day Spa
Welded Construction, LP
Wellsville Ladies Golf Association
Allison Raykovitz
Utility Line Services, Inc.
Micheal McEvoy – Harter Secrest & Emery,LLP
Mrs. Francis Dean and Family
Michaels Corporation
Cristina and Joshua Turner
Edward Wilson
Clifford and Rita Gooch
Guy S. Howell Andover
Lions Club
Steven and Susan Walker
Joe and Kathy Holla
Maxine Simons
Robert E. Dunham
George and Jeanette DeBarbieri
Brook, Kim and Margaret Tolman
Miller Pipeline and Minnesota Limited, Inc.
Mary Keckler,
Holly and Shannon Vaughn Bill
Nancy Alt, Altrasound Services, Inc.
Kevin and Jeanne Harris
Dave and Janice Porter
Kim and Donny Herr
Norris Anders Job 397, Gaines Pa. Crew
Edward C. Harney
Max Thomas & H.L Chapman Pipeline Construction, Inc.
Community Bank, N.A.
M.G. Dyess, Inc.
Doris McFarquhar
Dick and Connie Burrous
Bokman of Wellsville, Inc.
Richard and Gwen Shear
Richard A. Walker
Distribution Contractors Association
David and Janet Williams
Charity and Paul McCormick
Judy Cooper
Robert and Cindy Baker
Rich and Gabrielle Ewell
Stephen Molloy
The Great Wellsville Balloon Rally
James Walchli
Steve and Donna Stout, Stephanie, Sara, and Kelly
Art and Pat Van Tyne
Rita O’Connor
Randy Shayler
US Energy Development Corporation
A.C.E.S. of Alfred State College
Hank and Diane Mercier
Indian Valley Industries, Inc.
Rudy Reinprecht and Sharon Ash
Right-of-Way Clearing and Maintenance – Peter Billey & Thomas Brown
Paul and Carol Hyland
Jeffery and Mary Coolsaet
George and Janice Ganter
International Union of Operating Engineers: Local Unions 17, 17A-17D, 17RA & 17S
John Najarian
Allegany Chamber of Commerce
Tom and Joann Dean
William M. Barnes
Karen Porter and Rex Olson
Wellsville Lions Charities, Inc.
Allegany County United Way
Jim and Deb Joyce and Family
Raymond Keller – Rayven Pipeline Consulting &
Greenes Energy Group
Steven and Diane Fabo
International Union of Operating Engineers, Washington, DC
Nancy Quakenbush and Family
Betty Searle
George and Debbie Stump
Sandy Keough
Henkels and McCoy
Lyle and Brenda Copeland
Griff Bell
Steven and Marcella Heckman
Helen Monroe
Mr. and Mrs. John Richardson
Betty DelVecchio
George and Charlotte Gavin
Ann Slade
Joseph and Cynthia Baker
Teresa Tullar
Helen C. Holt
Jon and Debbie Rossrucker
Robert Riess – Sheehan Pipeline Construction Co.
Don and Georgi Higgins
Marilyn and Phil Hayes, Chase LLC
Jerry and Judy Perry
Ken and Judi VanDine
Chris and Bill Locke
Jeanne C. Yazak
Family of Robert & Mary T. McCormick: Mary Jo, Jim, Anne, Mike, Eileen, Cam, and Families
Jeff Bradley
Harriett H. Bradley
Wayne and Jeanne Johnston
Clifford and Anita Cornell
IUOE Local 542
Snelson Companies, Inc.
Brian and Joanie Ganske
Benson Construction
Andover Main Street Project
Marlee and Brian Cannon
Jay Jenkins
Mark Haskins
Dean Casaday
Sharon Haney
Dale Kane
Leo and Patricia Alvord
Kathryn Cretekos
Lee Gridley
Harold and Jean Austin
Gregg and Stanny Shear
Dale and Marsha Clark
Gamma Pi Sorority
Denis and Colleen Dahlgren
Janet Casey
Janet Marble, Yvonne Simmons, Debra Meyers, Vickie Scott, Lynn Manning, & Theresa Dougherty
Larry and Carolyn Rogers
Bill and Geri Ford
L. Chandler Whitford Co., Inc.
Leon and Mary Jane McNeill
Mike Smith
Jack and Carol Potter
Arthur Wilbert Family
Karen M. Perrigo
Helene Cannon
Starboard Capital Partners
Mike and Chris Berardi
Sons of American Legion Squadron 7-02
Matt and Diane Fleming
Allegiance Capital Corporation
Jeff Bell – GTM East
Anthony Cordaro,
Five Star Equipment,
Orchard Park Store
Ron and Darlene Cindrich
Chris Keller, Minnesota Limited, LLC
Kenneth and Nancy Lotter
Jeane and Martin Pisano
Ann and Dale B. Green
Brad Gill
Maureen Cooper
Marion L. Johnson
J. Mitchell Haley
Holly Deusenberry
Mark Letourneau
Jeff And Lisa Dutton
Pipeline Energy Group, Inc DBA
Carl Smith Pipeline – Beth Ann Smith
Don Wilkerson
Price Gregory International – R.F. Wise
Darby Equipment Company – Bonnie Darby
DAnn Grell
Judith Abbott
Apex Pipeline Service – Pamela Moss
Mike Wilhite