Thanks to Our Volunteers

Volunteers (individuals and groups) who contributed Time, Hands, and Spirit to Build the
Hart Comfort House in 2009-2010, and those who continue to add to its beauty and comfort.
Mike Lindsay
Paula Greene
Tim Reagan
Alfred State College Applied School of Technology
– building trades students-Habitat for Humanity, Norm Ellis, Advisor
Alfred State College Applied School of Technology
– electrical students; Jim Jerla, Department Chairman
Cheryl Jackson
Angela Rossington
Bill Hendrick
Bill Wesche
Brian Steen
Carrie Jefferds
Chad Mulholland
Dave and Janice Porter

Hope Zaccagni, Artist
Joanne Hutter
Houghton College Community Day Volunteers
Inmate Release Program of Allegany County
Jeff Warner
Jeanne and Moe Mead
Joe Fasano

Joe Shantz

Kathy Hamlin
Ken and Penny Canfield
Mary Ann DiBerardino
Michael McArdle
Mike Eck
Mike Crawford
Mike VanDewalle
Nora Burdick

Pat Jung
Phil Dewhirst
Randy McKeown
Scio Central School – Future Business Leaders of America
Scott Snyder
Sharon Ash
Stephen Pink

Terry Stempin
Wellsville High School
-Seniors from “Participation in Government/Economics” Class
Wellsville Middle School Jump Club
Youth Group from Union University Church