Memorial/Honorary Donations 2019

The Board of Directors gratefully accepts memorial or honorary donations. You may donate by sending a check to Comfort House with details about whom you are remembering or honoring and, if you wish, how you’d like your donation to be used.

Memorial or Honorary Donations:

Click here for donations made in memory of Betty E. Searle
Click here for donations made in memory of Bob Jackson
Click here for donations made in memory of Charles H. Joyce
Click here for donations made in memory of Gerald Hart.
Click here for donations made in memory of Dawn E. Reagan.
Click here for donations made in memory of Elizabeth O’Connor Harris.
Click here for donations made in memory for 2010-2011.
Click here for donations made in memory for 2012
Click here for donations made in memory for 2013
Click here for donations made in memory for 2014
Click here for Memorial/Honorary Donations made in 2015
Click here for Memorial/Honorary Donations made in 2016
Click here for Memorial/Honorary Donations made in 2107
Click here for Memorial/Honorary Donations for 2018

Memorial Bricks as of November 24, 2019
Honoring Wellsville Employee Recreation Association
Honoring David Sherk: Colleen Gyr
Honoring Sandi Sweet: Heart Sisters
Honoring Bolivar Lions Club
Honoring Richard Davis: Helena, Ed and Richie
Honoring Carol Davis: Helena York
Honoring Michael York: Helena and Richie York
Honoring James Meehan: Micheala Drabic
Honoring Katherine Greenan: Friends at Curtis Wright SAS
Honoring Frank and Mary DiMaria: Kathy Hamlin
Honoring Father Sean DiMaria: Kathy Hamlin
Honoring Dawn Elliott: Mark and Linda Elliott
Honoring Grace Stott: Eileen Tezca
Honoring Judy Clark Donovan: Sharon Haney

Memorial Bricks as of December 28, 2018
Honoring Sue Ando: Kathy and Mike Olejniczak
Honoring Sandra Spence: Jim and Maureen Edmonston
Honoring David Graham: Jim and Maureen Edmonston
Honoring Lisa Miller Cutten: Wilda and Norman Miller
Honoring Neil and Louise Depew: Their 4 D’s: Debra, Denise, Diane, and Doug
Honoring James Snyder: Michaela Drabic
Honoring James Snyder: James and Betty Meehan and Family
Honoring Betty Ferris: Norene Ferris
Honoring Carl N. Leave: Arlene, Vicki, Linda, and Peggy:
Honoring Carl N. Leave: Linda and Merrill
Honoring First Trinity Lutheran Church
Honoring Wellsville Volunteer Fire Department
Honoring Scio Senior Sunshine Club
Honoring Rita Insley: Co-Workers of Chris Carson, Canadaigua National Bank –
IT Department
Honoring Rita Insley: Ontario County Department of Social Services –
Income Maintenance Department

As of December 15, 2017
Honoring Mary Ann and William DiBerardiono: Tim DiBerardino
Honoring Nancy Lotter: Lee Hillard
Honoring Jean Windus: Kim Dickerson
Honoring Norma Ralyea: Kenneth Ralyea
Honoring Jasmine: Rima O’Connor
Honoring Duane “Gus” Koss: Susan Doran
Honoring Norma Ralyea: Nancy Cherry
Honoring John J. Cosgrove: Mary Cosgrove
Honoring Chrystelle Robert: Bill Laubert
Honoring George McNulty: Robert McNulty
Honoring James Brush: The Willey Family

As of December 31, 2016
Honoring Jack Morrison: The Morrison Family
Honoring Sandra Rae Ellison: Jennifer and Erik Gehen
Honoring Martha Hanks: Tina M. Peters
Honoring John J. Cosgrove: Mary McDermott
Honoring Rita Childs: The Orosz family
Honoring Judy Barrett: Pam Cockle and family
Honoring John J. Cosgrove: Carol Cosgrove
Honoring Ethel Briggs: Joan Briggs and family
Honoring Donna Herberger: Noel and Gerry Herberger
Honoring Donna Mary Herberger: Niles Herberger and Family
Honoring Richard J. Harrison: Phyllis Harris and Peggy Tobin
Honoring Helene Cannon: Brian and Marlee Cannon
Honoring Gail Willson: James Winde Family
Honoring Gail Willson: Jeff Barnes and Cheryl Miles
Honoring Art Kellogg: Moore, Austin, and Johnson Families
Honoring Janice Boring Davis: Tim and Sue Colligan
Honoring Gary C. Fiegl: Linda Fiegl
Honoring the 8th Birthdays of Cassidy, Nick, Caelyn, and Lydia
Honoring Paul and Lorraine Ordiway: Dennis and Susette Ordiway
Honoring Cecil R. Clark: Mark and Cynthia Clark
Honoring Marty Boyer: Class of 2015, Andover Central School
Honoring Liz Atkinson: Rita Peangatelli
Honoring Carl Osgood: Kerri and Kris
Honoring Gert and Gus Padden: Maureen Cooper
Honoring Kevin M. Padden: Maureen Cooper
Honoring Kelley Marie Cooper: Maureen Cooper
Honoring Dorotha and Lester Harris: Elton Harris
Honoring Rolly Miles: Dave and Janice Porter
Honoring Jessie Wereley: Molly Young
Honoring Bruce Porter: Dave and Janice Porter
Honoring Linda Myers: Dave Myers
Honoring Connie and Shirley Johnson: Margo and Dave Thornton
Honoring Percy “Bud” Stitely: Paula Stitely
Honoring Bev Burdick: Deanie Crocker Daily
Honoring Linda Myers: Barbara Hults
Honoring Bruce Greene: Janice and Dave Porter
Honoring Lillian Fox: Her family with a memorial bench for the Garden
Honoring Susan Boyle Sanders: Ruth and Edward Faust
Honoring Ray Watson: David and Janice Porter
Honoring Nancy Steiniger: Louise Kemp
Honoring Charles Orlando: David and Janice Porter
Honoring Lillian Fox: Allegany County Assoc. for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Honoring Tim Embser: Janice and David Porter
Honoring Leon Knox: Jeffrey and Lloyd Dugan and Families
Honoring Bob Geffers: Robin Carlin with a garden fountain
Honoring Ann and Pat Fasano: Joe Fasano with a memorial bench for the Garden
Honoring Richard Mason: June Mason
Honoring Larry Hannigan : Millie Hannigan
Honoring Karen Harris: Theresa Fitzgerald
Honoring Jack Moore and Emma Moore: Sylvia Weber
Honoring Pat Pettnot: Barbara Zlomek
Honoring Gerald and Mary Ellen Hart: Jerome Hart and family
Honoring Richard and June Mason: Gail and Rob Aiken
Honoring Ruth and Jim O’Connor: Peter O’Connor
Honoring Lola and Tinker: Rima O’Connnor
Honoring Charles H. Joyce: Coy Fanton and Connie Woodworth
Honoring Elaine Smith: Mike Smith
Honoring Ray Tavenner: Betty Tavenner
Honoring Ivan Cherry: Nancy Cherry
Honoring Jeremy Smith: James and Darlene Smith
Honoring Rita Campbell: Ray and Roxanne Campbell
Honoring Ed Roeske: Barbara Roeske
Honoring D. Carl Fallesen: Mary Lou Fallesen
Honoring Damon Cohen: Lauretta Goforth
Honoring Claire and Muriel Rossman: The Rossman girls: Bette, Linda, Julie, Cathy
Honoring Steve Wright: Kim Wright
Honoring Robert Geffers: Allegany County Employment & Training
Honoring Priscilla’s Aunt and Uncle Winchell: Priscilla and Bob Thompson

Memorial and Honor Donations as of December 31, 2019
International Association of Machinists LL1580 in memory of Alan Matteson
Wayne Davis in memory of Leona Davis

Diane and Dan Hall honoring Philip and Kathy Sweet
Mary Jane McNeill in memory of John and Sharon Flanagan

In memory of Charles H. Joyce
Janet Arnold
Charles P. Joyce
Grandchildren of Charles H. Joyce
Lorraine Joyce
Teresa Joyce
Bill Pulos

In memory of Laszlo Szabo
Kathy (Szabo) and Steve Ray
Zoltan Szabo
Eva and Kris Thompson

In memory of Jessie Stark
Norma Jean Fritz
Victor and Leslie Stark

The Ryan Agencies in memory of Robert Johnson. Sr.
Jean Murray Colegrove in memory of Tom “Rev” Murray

In memory of Peggy Booth
Laura MacFarlane
Mary Ann Newark and family

Curtis and Wilma Robbins in memory of Carolyn Roberta Lycette
Norene Ferris in memory of Betty J. Ferris

Jeff and Bonnie Ordiway in honor of those who battle cancer
Kevin and Jeanne Harris in memory of Jim and Marcella Sweet, Bob and Alice McEnroe, …and Don Higgins

Kathleen Weinhauer in memory of Donald Weinhauer and Brigid Porter
Dan and Julie Costello, Taylor Costello, & Erica and Steve Richardson in memory of ….Laurie Cornelius

Shallee Lauzze in Christmas spirit: Marlee Cannon
Alfreda Weart in memory of Jerry Swift
Annette White in memory of M. Lynn Fulmer

In memory of George W. Knight
Mary Lou, Dana Pitman, and the George Knight Family
Wanda and John Dean

In memory of Lawrence Hannigan
Millie Hannigan
Cheryl Hannigan

Sandra Denhoff in honor of Jim Smith’s retirement
Tad and Ruth Manske in honor of Ken and Penny Canfield’s volunteering

In memory of Richard Burrous
James Walchli
Frances Baham
Paul and Shallee Lauzze
Ken and Judy VanDine
John Papa
Mary Lou, Dana Pitman, and George Knight family

Jerome and Nancy Hart in memory of Margaret Billings and Tony Dougherty

Betty Pappas in memory of her sister Rose Pappas:
…Cattaraugus Region Foundation – Rose Pappas Foundation Fund

Bonnie Warren in memory of Ted Groocock
Ann Koegel in memory of James Koegel
Jane Aiken in memory of Joan L. Sortore

In memory of Lola Cline
Debra and Guy Jackson
Tom and Pat Cline
Eleanor and Stewart Harrison
The Ryan Agencies
Mr. and Mrs. George Muller
Susan Zanders
Stephanie Stein and Carol Erwin
Dan and Julie Costello, Taylor Costello, Erica and Steve Richardson
Jerome and Nancy Hart
David and Shaune Henry
Florence Buckley
Dennis and Gayle Clark
Kel-Kur Electrical Contracting, LLC
Joanne Rahr

In memory of Brigid Porter
Linda and Sam Conner
Janice and David Porter
Kathleen Weinhauer

In memory of Don Higgins
Kevin and Jeanne Harris
Nancy and Jerome Hart

Joe Corriea in honor of Andrew Acomb
Heather James in memory of Roger Linza
Bill Pulos in memory of Dr. and Mrs. William Pulos

In memory of Mary Ann Coustenis
Kay McCulloch
Nancy Monroe

Roger and Sharon Smith in memory of Warren and Dorothy Bouck
Judy Brush in memory of James Brush and Nancy Hanks

Cyril and Jackie Merrick in memory of Vinton Nourse and Lucy Boser
Michael and Connie Doyle in memory of Bill Fraser
John O’Brien in memory of Sharon Greene

Silas and Kathryn Smith in memory of Kay D. Smith

In memory of Peggy Booth
Laura MacFarlane
Mary Ann Newark and family

Gary and Jean Nevinger in memory of Jim Feldbauer
Mary Nease in memory of Jack Nease

In memory of Pauline Morrison
Andrew and Wilma Morrison
Doreen Yager

John Fitzgerald and Mary Ellen Bonnar in memory of Mary Fitzgerald and Jim Bonnnar
Christopher Depner MD in honor of Scott Swift
Bill Coniff in memory of Linda Coniff

In memory of Robert Swift
Janice and Dave Porter
The Chris Wilkinson Family: Chris, Pam, John, Tim, Laura, and Kara
Ken and Penny Canfield
Marlee Cannon
Carolyn Miller and Martha
Sharon Hedrick-Ash
Lisa and Erich Wuersig

Kenneth Moller Stillson in memory of Robert Stillson
Joseph and Bonnie Collins in memory of Lulu Burdick and Hattie Collins
Robert and Sharon Pulos in memory of Juanita W. Pulos
The Dressig Family in memory of John Dressig

In memory of Ralph E. Fanton
Linda K. Orpet
Linda and Dwight Fanton

Amy and Chad Hunt in memory of Ruth Buhl and Linda Johnson
Bob and Tracy Insley in memory of Mary Ann Temple
Linda Fiegl in memory of Gary Fiegl

Patricia Curran in memory of Jack Michael Harvey
Lori Michalak in memory of Peggy (Edith) Crittenden

In memory of Frank Cady
Joan Cady
Mike and Nora McArdle

In memory of James Brush
Judy Brush
Michael and Nora McArdle

In memory of Jackie Burdick
Brad Burdick
Wiliam and Joy Cleveland

Mary L. VanEtten in memory of Faye Starks

In memory of Janice Boring Davis
Tim and Sue Colligan
Becky and Rich Archambault

David and Karen Maskins in memory of Alex P. Davis
Shirley Green in memory of Duane A. and Mark. D. Green

Maureen Soule in memory of Sally Bond
Mike and Nola Hardy in memory of Barbara Hardy
Mary C. Boyd in memory of Larry B. Boyd

Dolores Kelley in memory of Robert C. Kelley
Michael and Janet Steiniger in memory of Nancy Steiniger

Fred and Peggy Pearce in memory of JoAnne Wagner
Annie Kier in memory of Arlene LaLonde

In memory of Anne W.Perkins
Bobbi Staub
Kathleen Karpiak

In memory of Richard Eaton
Douglas and Sheryl Hall
Steve and Beth Eaton

In memory of Arthur Kellogg
Marilyn Kellogg
Ruth J. Kellogg
Richard Kellogg

First Trinity Ev. Lutheran Church and the Council in memory of Pastor Kitzman
Sherry Herdman in memory of Doris Longway
Belfast Lions in memory of Judith Barrett and Walter Lindsley

Kimberly and Dean Gallman in memory of Bernard Piatt
Conrad Johnson in memory of Harry C. Johnson

In memory of Charles Young
Eleanor Young
William and Joan Smith

In memory of C.R. Jackson
Bob Jackson
Charles Yazak

In memory of Elsie Swartz
Larry and Carolyn Rogers
Richard, Tina and Cory Joyce

Ellen Shawl in memory of Keith Rumsey
Joann Rahr in memory of Berneice Robbins

In memory of Linda Myers
David Myers
William and Sandra Allis
Bruce and Sue Gardner
Jack and Joyce Robinson
Joseph Robinson

In memory of Alice McEnroe
Alice and Bob’s sons and daughters: David, Amy, Barb, and Rob
Gail Corwin
Denis and Colleen Dahlgren
Nancy and Jerome Hart
Joyce and Stan Krupnik
The Gardner family
Sharon Hendrick-Ash
John and Doris Rigas family
Corning R & D Corporation – Gail Sachenik
Becky and Rick Archambault
Sally and Bill Schleigh
Timothy and Susan Finnegan
Voni and Bob Walker
Jeanette DeBarbieri
Lynn Fulmer
Philip and Gladys Swarthout
Elaine Fulmer
Jim and Marjorie Fulmer
Rheba V. Rigas
Ken and Penny Canfield
Joan I. Rosell
Marge and Jim Goodspeed
“The Spindles” Nancy Monroe, Pam Reed, Reita Lynch, Vicki Middaugh, Marlee Cannon
….Mary Fagan, and Shall Lauzze
Steve and Diana Pease
Beverly Harder

Rada Biedakiewicz in memory of John Biedakiewicz
James Albert in memory of Susan Albert

Neil and Eva Benedict in honor of Dr. William Coch
Sandra Greiff in honor of Sylvia Myers and Carol Young Bush

Paul and Shallee Lauzze in memory of Louise Probasco
Gloria Knox in memory of Leon Knox
Collen Gyr in honor of David Sherk

Gary and Gloria Fanton in memory of our veterans
Dan Shea in memory of Bob Norton
Richard, Tina and Cory Joyce in memory of Pat Howland

In memory of David Sweet
Janet Vargo
Betty Meehan and family
Lawrence Browning

Betty Meehan and family in memory of Dave Helmer, Sr.
Sheila R. Faber-Hayes in memory of Michael R. Hayes

Kim and Bob Donius in memory of Scotty MacCrea
Heart Sisters in memory of Sandi Sweet

In memory of Marjorie Anderson
Nancy and Jerome Hart
Denise Richardson
Mark and Elaine Richardson
Bob and Tracy Insley
Frank and Pam Harvey
Della Gross
Joe and Cindy Baker
Jerry and Cindy Vance
Geralyn Gough
Ken and Penny Fahrbach
Dale and Nancy Smith
Maureen Cooper

Mulholland- Crowell Funeral Home – Dylan Foust in honor of Hart House volunteers
Michelle Froebel in honor of Elizabeth Edwards
Charity McCormick in memory of Reta Jean Holinko

In memory of Dan Martelle
Race Services, Inc.
Jacqueline Enders
Sylvia Masin
Marsha Sick
Rick and Darla Babbitt
Wellsville Rod and Gun Club
Friends of Allegany ARC
The Mercy Flight Sunshine Club
Warren and Connie Emerson
Melody Kellogg
Ona Reynolds
Dale and Joyce Eldridge
Jim and Maria Mihalko
Philip and Kathy Sweet
Cindy Vance
Greg Perkins
Charles A Thompson, Jr.
Doris MacFarquhar

In memory of Ruth Meacham
Marsha Sick
Ellen Mattice
Mark and Helen Baker
Duane Meacham
Whitesville Methodist Church
Judy and Rob Loughlin
Marlene Guild and Thurston Granger
Rita Sick

The Ryan Agency in memory of Robert Caldwell

In memory of Wendell “Ike” Hewitt
Frank and Pam Harvey
Jerome and Nancy Hart and family
John and Denise Richardson and family

In memory of Nancy Lotter
Tim Lotter
Zahi and Rayana Kassas
Mark and Kelly Lotter

Manor Hills in memory of Judy Barlow
Manor Hills in memory of Edward Wilson, Sr.
Manor Hills in memory of Mildred McCormick
Manor Hills in memory of Terese Amidon

In honor and memory of John A. Matya
Paul Matya
Alliance Manufacturing, Inc.
Ann and David Ried
Dennis and Sharon McMahan
James Swartz

Sherry Anderson in memory of Joan Palmer – my “Aunt Squeak”
Morrison Hayes Unit 702 American Legion Auxiliary in memory of
….Penny Prokopchuk, Marcella Sweet, Beverly Inferrera, and Lois Baldwin

Michael Smith in memory of Onilee M. Bunnell

In memory of Robert Dougherty
Sally Dougherty
Cindy and Dick Jadwin

International Association of Machinists in memory of Jim McConnell
Bonnie Enke in memory of Tom Lindsay
Mary Jane McNeill in memory of John and Sharon Flanagan

In memory of Merle L. Swort
Pauline S. Fairman
Georgia and Pat Birmingham

In memory of Judy Barlow
Maureen Cooper
Manor Hills
Dawn Ketchner
Glenn and Diane Hopkins

Higgins Family Trust (Dan Higgins) honoring Wilda Miller for her volunteerism
Rita Peangatelli in honor of JoAnne’s birthday

Donna Orvis in memory of John Richard Bartow and Raymond Orvis
Donna Orvis in memory of Richard and Lula Lynn Orvis

In memory of Patrick Savage
Cherlyn Savage
Delmas A. Jackson Family Charitable Gift
Nancy and Gene Martin
Karen Savage Jackson
Mariann Savage
Michael Savage
Scott Savage
Jackson Family Trust
Timothy Gallineau
Cheryl Hopkins
Monroe and Jan Bishop
Dean and Kathy Benham
Kim and Susan Hillman
Ken Hillman
Cortland and Janet Hillman
Edith Freaney
Mike and Charlotte McLaughlin
Cynthia and Dan Massey

In memory of Audrey Hall
Paula Jones
Florence Buckley

Jim and Darlene Smith in memory of Duncan Geffers

In memory of Carol Hyland
Wayne and Jeanne Johnson
Cynthia and Duane Fish
Pat and Lisa Atwell
Carl Atwell
Patricia Curran
Ryan Agency
Larry and Carolyn Rogers
ACES – Alfred State College
Cindy Baker

In memory of Raymond Kailbourn
Daniel Schmidt
Lauren Schmidt
Marion Johnson
Ryan Agency
Donald and Jackie Comstock
Norman and Wilda Miller

In memory of Walter Folts
Jeffrey and Stacey Erdmann
Larry Erdmann
Marion Johnson
Dean and Maureen Lewis

In memory of Frances David “Dave” Hart
Kevin and Annette Perry and the Wellsville VA Clinic Staff
Judy and Rob Loughlin
Arline and Ronald Miller
Ryan Agency
Dresser-Rand Maintenance Department
Jim and Darlene Smith
Michael Smith
The Nicoloff family
Donald and Jackie Comstock
Mary Ellen Abou-Eid
James Dunfee
Donald and Debra Smith
Marcella Smith Ashley-Silleck
Linda Fanton, Teresa Smith, Monica Smith
Evelyn and Jim Smith
Cindy Baker
Christine Smith and Marcia Smith
Marie Smith, Paul Smith, and Michele Willis
Marsha Sick
Robert Grossman

In memory and honor of Evelyn Bissell
Garth Grantier
Katrina Leach, family, and friends – matching donation for Katrina Leach
Brenden Lewis
Management Team at Charter Communications, Louisville, KY
Community Bank of Alfred
Cindy and Robert J. Baker
John and Mary Lewis
Sandy Mascho

Ann Hallett in memory of Jim Hallett
Ann Lynch in memory of Maureen A. Lynch
Scio Senior Sunshine Club in memory of Maria Farina

In memory of Joanne Daily Horton
Carol and John Flurschutz
Darlene and Jim Smith
Evelyn and James Smith

Elva Cornell in honor of Nancy and Jerry Levitt’s 50th anniversary

Manor Hills in memory of Ernest Kosa, Susan Potter, Sharron Waide
Manor Hills in memory of Arthur Havens, Anna Transki, and Barbara Vossler-Siermaszko

In memory of Marcella Sweet
Doug Sweet
Beverly, Brian, and Kevin Sweet
Kevin and Jeanne Harris
John and Carol Flurschutz
American Legion Auxiliary, Morrison Hayes #702
Doris MacFarquhar
John Berardi
Gladys Sweet
David and Jackie Sweet
Roger and Kathryn Moyer
Sandra Salopek
Maureen Cooper
Ryan Agency – Jeff Ryan
Pamela and Daniel Lanzendorfer

In memory of Beverly Middaugh
Joanne Rahr
Bill Fraser

Friends and Fellow Floaters from Bolivar and beyond in memory of Bobby Hackett
MaryAnn and Paul Whitehouse in honor of Dave and Angie

In memory of Ralph Allen
Betty Allen
Sue and Mike Snyder
Family of Ralph Allen: Larry Allen; Sue & Mike Snyder; Sherry, Lloyd & Erika Winans
Gloria Nilsson
Patricia S. Curran
Erie 1 Management Association
Sharon Mahaffey
Robert and Joan Whelpley
Ryan Agency- Jeff Ryan
Martin and Kathleen Eddy
Lyle and Donalea Lewis
Tony Galeazzo
Bob and Barb Baker
Rick and Molly Andolina
Myrna Adderly
Art and Esther Ormsby
Donny and Chris Kernan
Sharon Jackson and family
Peg and Don Jefferds
Bob and Diane Davison
Pat McEvoy
Dale and Linda Butts
Nelson and Amanda Snyder
Gene and Barbara Truax
Bill and Chris Locke
Dennis and Susette Ordiway
Mary and Jud Stearns
Brenton Bacon

In memory of Ernestine Wakefield
Irving Wakefield
Southern Tier Concrete Products – Ben and Patrick Palmer
Carl and Linda Grovanz
Warren and Connie Emerson
Jud and Mary Stearns
The Ryan Agency

Susan Brague and family in memory of Roger W. Marsh
Diane and Alan Forsberg in honor of Neil Haskins’ 90th birthday

Wanda and John Dean in memory of Harold and Dorothy Allen
Stephen and Neva Galle in memory of Chester Galle
Helena Adams and Richie York in memory of Michael York

In memory of Kathy Greenan
Teresa Graham
Wellsville Elementary Kindergarten Crew (Natalie, Gena, Stephanie, Lisa, Larry, …..Tessa, Sandy, Polly, Maureen, and Scott
Annette and Billy Ring and family
Mary Kate Cole
Friends at Curtis Wright SAS
Sarah Campbell

In memory of Mark Green
Shirley Green and family
“Cousins Cancer Crusade”
Martin and Kathleen Eddy
Nelson and Amanda Snyder
Mark and Patty McIntosh
Brenton Bacon
Lona McIntosh
Jo Kennell
Russ and Ginny Allen
Kitty Baker
Myrna Adderly
Duane and Renee Potter

In memory of Susan Potter
Manor Hills
CA BOCES School Board
Penelope and John Wurtz
Christopher and Irene Smith
Ona Reynolds
Duane and Renee Potter
Sue and Jerry Potter
Belinda and Larry Knight
Donald and Carol Donovan
Kathleen Donovan
Kathleen Tulevski
William Walsh

Kevin and Kathy White in memory of Meta Darlene Hall
Clark and Lori Brown in memory of Katherine Brown

Tina Stetz in memory of Virginia Cecchi
Ann Lewis in honor of Jeannie Hyland

In memory of Judith E. “Judy” Perry
Cynthia and Duane Fish
Gladys Payne
Ralph and Norma Rossman
The Frost Family
William and Susan Hitchcock
Zona Hitchcock
Kim and James Gartner
Helen Dennison
Chemung Valley Region of AACA
Mary Kenny
Barbara Walter and Family
Dale and Marcia Buley
Brenda Kavanaugh
Patricia Curran
Elizabeth Field
The Piersons
Cindy Baker
Jon Waldon
Robert Streeter
Don and Peg Jefferds

Della Gross in memory of Paul Cole
Warren and Connie Evans in memory of Loretta O. Evans
Gary and Gloria Fanton in memory of Dale T. and Donna M. Smith

In memory of Richard B. Davis
Ed and Helena (Davis) Adams
Richie York
Marilyn Matteson
Michael Smith
Annette and Kevin Perry
Cindy and Robert Baker
Linda and Virgil Garner
James and Laura Davis
Wayne and Cindy Davis
Donna Brown
Helena Adams’ C-W Co-workers
Sandy and Terry Denhoff
Jerry and Kelly (Davis) Weber

In memory of Bob McEnroe
Gladys and Philip Swarthout
Alan and Doris Hanchett
David and Janice Porter

Mark and Linda Elliott in memory of Dawn Elliott

Eileen Tecza in memory of Grace Stott
Agnes and Tom Brush in memory of Janet Sheehan

In memory of Lanny Wesche
Carol Bush
William and Christine Locke
Ted and Marge Crowell
Suzanne Nydegger
Lawrence Browning
Glenn (Havens) Olsen and Rev. Jeff Olsen
Mrs. Arthur Havens
Al and Marilyn Goodliff
Larry and JoAnne Graves
Deb and Jim Joyce
Alfred State College Facilities Department Employees
William and Sheila Dodge
Judith Chaffee and family
Joan Cady and Family

In memory of Faye M. Starks
Mary L. VanEtten
Klein Cutlery, LLC

Niles Herberger in memory of Donna Herberger

In memory of Stephen D. Bigger
Marie Diestler
Steve’s Family
Joe and Margaret Latham

Family of Muriel Rosssman in her memory
Sharon and Mervyn Robinson, Jr. in memory of Harold Bowker
Sarah Campbell in memory of Jean Russell

In memory of Ann Babcock
Aunt Becky Babcock
Aunt Barbara Dunn and family
Aunt Fran Hamlin and family
Maureen Cooper
Gene and Norma Cedruly
Marge and Jim Goodspeed

In memory of Raymond G. “Ted” Shawl
Keith and Linda Rumsey Dolega
Ken Hand
Linda Appleby
Mary Hoshal
Kim Gleason
Kathleen Hayes
William Fraser
Gary Enderle
Ronald Rinker

In memory of Gerald W. Van Dyke, Jr.
Noreen and Merlin Briggs
Roberta and Glenda Fisk
William and Marlene Johnson
Jeff and Bonnie Ordiway

In memory of Julie Eastlack Ryan
Janice and Dave Porter
John Embser and Walter Gardner

Dave and Janice Porter in memory of John Ninos
Curtis and Wilma Robbins in memory of Barbara Lamb

In memory and honor of Susanne M. Ando
Mary Lynn and David Dole
Kathy and Mike Olejniczak
Maryann Zawieruszynski
The Shady Ladies
Providence and Aida Tramontana
Cheryl Heferle
Melanie and John Loss
Kathleen Phillips
Brenda Dermody
Marcia Mariani
Paula Butz
Flora Drabik
Marilyn Kellogg
David and Cindy Clark
Audra Becker
Janet Nosowicz
Kimberly Kacprowicz, Cheryl Meegan, Linda Sciolino, &
…Linda Morgan, and Donna Cooper-Gordon

In memory of Patrick Steven Lester
Judy Winterhalter, Ryan Lester, Kyle Lester
L. Chandler Whitford
James Walchli
Butch Cozzi
Mary Fagan
Joe and Cynthia Baker
Mike and Linda Tronetti
Mark Bierman, Jr.
Lindsey Fahy
Sue Fahy

In memory of James Meehan
Kenneth Schirmuhly
Michaela Drabic
Merlin and Noreen Briggs
Wellsville Firemen’s Ladies’ Auxiliary
James and Donna Leonard
Maureen Cooper
Robert Leitzell

Ann Koegel and Raymond Champlin in memory of Ida Hess
Michael Smith in memory of Elaine G. Smith
The Paul McCormick Family with thanks to and honor of Carolyn Dougherty

In memory of Maureen Lynch
Ann Lynch
Jeremy, Mary Kate, Liz, Molly, and Sarah Cole
Jerrica, Jay and Jared Breindel

In memory of Joyce Watt Ambuske
Timothy and Beverly Fluent
Keystone Powdered Metal Company
Joseph Dolecki

Jerry and Kathleen Burrell in memory of Marjorie Clark

In memory of Lyle Rahr
Joanne Rahr
Dollie Ward

Charity McCormick in memory of Bess Mulligan
Charity McCormick in memory of Bill Cronin
Charity McCormick in memory of Vincent McAndrews

Dean and Maureen Lewis in memory of Margie Hall
Pam Colerick in memory of Joan Petit

In memory of Judy Clark Donovan
Carol Bush
Wilda and Norm Miller
Jackie Clark Dill
Jerry and Kathleen Burrell
Kathy A. Miller
Craig Gould
Bob and Zalie Linn
Sharon Haney
Mary Hanaka
Cassandra L. Hawley
Gary Lounsberry
The McQueen “Kids”
Deb Daugherty
Anne Rybicki
Mary Rotolo
Janet Nickerson McTighe, in memory and in celebration from a high school friend
Janice and David Porter

John and Cindy Santora in honor of Sue Rawleigh’s 65th birthday
Alexis Niedermaier in honor of the Joyce Family

In memory of Paul Gene McCormick
Charity McCormick
Ann and Keith Howland
Lorraine Joyce
Mary Fagan
Jeff and Bonnie Ordiway
Maureen, Shane,and Bridget Cooper
Betty, Mike, Jerry, and Steve Joyce
Francis Joyce and Family
Marsha Clark
Karen and Michael Whipple
Janene and Pat Howland
Frontline Education
Dean and Maureen Lewis
John and Kathryn Gilbert
Deb and Jim Joyce
Kay Rifenburg and Family: Harold and Claudia Rifenburg and Jack and Jeannie Gore
John and Jeannie and Johnny Hyland
Carolyn Dougherty
District 832
Antonia Fannin

Robert and Tammy Christman in memory of Robert H. Moran
Eugene and Norma Cedruly in memory of Dr. Thomas Pamukcoglu
Joe and Cindy Baker in memory of Tony Guido

Joe and Bonnie Collins in memory of Lulu Burdick and Hattie Collins
John and Diane Embser in memory of Dr. David Graham

Judith Miller in honor of David Palmiter

In memory of Mary Lou Hennessy
Arvos Management Team
Mary and Ken Huber
Jeanette DeBarbieri
Tom and Mary Hennessy
Joe and Cindy Baker
Teresa M. Joyce
Sharon Haney
Don and Georgi Higgins
Dr. and Mrs. James Edmonston
The Albany Hennessys: Ed, Sheila, Sue, Trisha, Billy and Liz`