Memorial/Honorary Donations for 2018

The Board of Directors gratefully accepts memorial or honorary donations. You may donate by sending a check to Comfort House with details about whom you are remembering or honoring and, if you wish, how you’d like your donation to be used.

Memorial or Honorary Donations:

Click here for donations made in memory of Betty E. Searle
Click here for donations made in memory of Bob Jackson
Click here for donations made in memory of Charles H. Joyce
Click here for donations made in memory of Gerald Hart.
Click here for donations made in memory of Dawn E. Reagan.
Click here for donations made in memory of Elizabeth O’Connor Harris.
Click here for donations made in memory for 2010-2011.
Click here for donations made in memory for 2012
Click here for donations made in memory for 2013
Click here for donations made in memory for 2014
Click here for Memorial/Honorary Donations made in 2015
Click here for Memorial/Honorary Donations made in 2016
Click here for Memorial/Honorary Donations made in 2107

Memorial Bricks as of December 28, 2018
Honoring Sue Ando: Kathy and Mike Olejniczak
Honoring Sandra Spence: Jim and Maureen Edmonston
Honoring David Graham: Jim and Maureen Edmonston
Honoring Lisa Miller Cutten: Wilda and Norman Miller
Honoring Neil and Louise Depew: Their 4 D’s: Debra, Denise, Diane, and Doug
Honoring James Snyder: Michaela Drabic
Honoring James Snyder: James and Betty Meehan and Family
Honoring Betty Ferris: Norene Ferris
Honoring Carl N. Leave: Arlene, Vicki, Linda, and Peggy:
Honoring Carl N. Leave: Linda and Merrill
Honoring First Trinity Lutheran Church
Honoring Wellsville Volunteer Fire Department
Honoring Scio Senior Sunshine Club
Honoring Rita Insley: Co-Workers of Chris Carson, Canadaigua National Bank –
IT Department
Honoring Rita Insley: Ontario County Department of Social Services –
Income Maintenance Department

As of December 15, 2017
Honoring Mary Ann and William DiBerardiono: Tim DiBerardino
Honoring Nancy Lotter: Lee Hillard
Honoring Jean Windus: Kim Dickerson
Honoring Norma Ralyea: Kenneth Ralyea
Honoring Jasmine: Rima O’Connor
Honoring Duane “Gus” Koss: Susan Doran
Honoring Norma Ralyea: Nancy Cherry
Honoring John J. Cosgrove: Mary Cosgrove
Honoring Chrystelle Robert: Bill Laubert
Honoring George McNulty: Robert McNulty
Honoring James Brush: The Willey Family

As of December 31, 2016
Honoring Jack Morrison: The Morrison Family
Honoring Sandra Rae Ellison: Jennifer and Erik Gehen
Honoring Martha Hanks: Tina M. Peters
Honoring John J. Cosgrove: Mary McDermott
Honoring Rita Childs: The Orosz family
Honoring Judy Barrett: Pam Cockle and family
Honoring John J. Cosgrove: Carol Cosgrove
Honoring Ethel Briggs: Joan Briggs and family
Honoring Donna Herberger: Noel and Gerry Herberger
Honoring Donna Mary Herberger: Niles Herberger and Family
Honoring Richard J. Harrison: Phyllis Harris and Peggy Tobin
Honoring Helene Cannon: Brian and Marlee Cannon
Honoring Gail Willson: James Winde Family
Honoring Gail Willson: Jeff Barnes and Cheryl Miles
Honoring Art Kellogg: Moore, Austin, and Johnson Families
Honoring Janice Boring Davis: Tim and Sue Colligan
Honoring Gary C. Fiegl: Linda Fiegl
Honoring the 8th Birthdays of Cassidy, Nick, Caelyn, and Lydia
Honoring Paul and Lorraine Ordiway: Dennis and Susette Ordiway
Honoring Cecil R. Clark: Mark and Cynthia Clark
Honoring Marty Boyer: Class of 2015, Andover Central School
Honoring Liz Atkinson: Rita Peangatelli
Honoring Carl Osgood: Kerri and Kris
Honoring Gert and Gus Padden: Maureen Cooper
Honoring Kevin M. Padden: Maureen Cooper
Honoring Kelley Marie Cooper: Maureen Cooper
Honoring Dorotha and Lester Harris: Elton Harris
Honoring Rolly Miles: Dave and Janice Porter
Honoring Jessie Wereley: Molly Young
Honoring Bruce Porter: Dave and Janice Porter
Honoring Linda Myers: Dave Myers
Honoring Connie and Shirley Johnson: Margo and Dave Thornton
Honoring Percy “Bud” Stitely: Paula Stitely
Honoring Bev Burdick: Deanie Crocker Daily
Honoring Linda Myers: Barbara Hults
Honoring Bruce Greene: Janice and Dave Porter
Honoring Lillian Fox: Her family with a memorial bench for the Garden
Honoring Susan Boyle Sanders: Ruth and Edward Faust
Honoring Ray Watson: David and Janice Porter
Honoring Nancy Steiniger: Louise Kemp
Honoring Charles Orlando: David and Janice Porter
Honoring Lillian Fox: Allegany County Assoc. for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Honoring Tim Embser: Janice and David Porter
Honoring Leon Knox: Jeffrey and Lloyd Dugan and Families
Honoring Bob Geffers: Robin Carlin with a garden fountain
Honoring Ann and Pat Fasano: Joe Fasano with a memorial bench for the Garden
Honoring Richard Mason: June Mason
Honoring Larry Hannigan : Millie Hannigan
Honoring Karen Harris: Theresa Fitzgerald
Honoring Jack Moore and Emma Moore: Sylvia Weber
Honoring Pat Pettnot: Barbara Zlomek
Honoring Gerald and Mary Ellen Hart: Jerome Hart and family
Honoring Richard and June Mason: Gail and Rob Aiken
Honoring Ruth and Jim O’Connor: Peter O’Connor
Honoring Lola and Tinker: Rima O’Connnor
Honoring Charles H. Joyce: Coy Fanton and Connie Woodworth
Honoring Elaine Smith: Mike Smith
Honoring Ray Tavenner: Betty Tavenner
Honoring Ivan Cherry: Nancy Cherry
Honoring Jeremy Smith: James and Darlene Smith
Honoring Rita Campbell: Ray and Roxanne Campbell
Honoring Ed Roeske: Barbara Roeske
Honoring D. Carl Fallesen: Mary Lou Fallesen
Honoring Damon Cohen: Lauretta Goforth
Honoring Claire and Muriel Rossman: The Rossman girls: Bette, Linda, Julie, Cathy
Honoring Steve Wright: Kim Wright
Honoring Robert Geffers: Allegany County Employment & Training
Honoring Priscilla’s Aunt and Uncle Winchell: Priscilla and Bob Thompson

As of December 31, 2019
In memory of Lyle Rahr
L.C. Whitford
Jack and Joan Rahr

Jeffrey and Stacey Erdmann in memory of Marge Erdmann and Bill Culbert
John and Helen Reed in memory of Dr. and Mrs. Robert Thompsett and
… Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Reed
Pat and Denise Regan in memory of Frank Cady

Brian and Marlee Cannon in memory of Helene Cannon, Jimmy Cannon, Victor Daley, ….Nancy Lotter, and in honor of Olga Iantorno
Henry and David Mercier in memory of the Tobin-Mercier Families

In memory of Mary Lou Hennessy
Tom and Mary Hennessy
Joe and Cindy Baker
Teresa M.Joyce
Sharon Haney
Don and Georgi Higgins
Dr. and Mrs. James Edmonston
The Albany Hennessys: Ed, Sheila, Sue, Trisha, Billy and Liz<a

In memory of Leona Davis
Linda Garner
Wayne Davis

In memory of Pauline Morrison
Doreen Yager
Barbara Abbott

Grandchildren of Charles H. Joyce in memory of their grandfather
Kathy and Mike Olejniczak in honor of Sue Ando
Children of Charles P. Joyce in honor of their father
Preston and Polly Lucas in memory of Ben Cornelius

In memory of Laszlo Szabo
Zoltan and Yolanda Szabo
Eva and Kris Thompson in memory of Laszo Szabo
Kathy (Szabo) And Steve Ray

Sharon and Roger Smith in memory of Warren and Dorothy Bouck
Kay McCulloch in memory of Mary Ann Coustenis
Karen and David Perrigo in memory of Howard Leonard

In honor of family members who have fought or are fighting the cancer battle:
….Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Allen, Mr. and Mrs. Chris Dahill, Mr. and Mrs. Chad Wright
Judith McNulty in memory of George J. McNulty

In memory of Arlene LaLonde
Annie Kier
Sal AQuila
Judy Scott

In memory of Robert Dougherty
Sally Dougherty
Dick and Cindy Jadwin

Marilyn and Bill Weidman in memory of Jean and Nancy Hanks
Jean Murray Colegrove in memory of Tom “Rev” Murray

Conrad Johnson in memory of Harry Johnson
Douglas Gee in memory of James and Robert Gee
Ken and Penny Canfield in memory of the residents to whom
…..they’ve had the honor of giving comfort

Jeanette DeBarbieri in memory of Marian and David Barney
The Board of Mount Carmel House in memory of Rose and Raoul Grossi

In memory of Stephen D. Bigger
John and Kim Weyand and Family
Steuben County Legislature
JoAnn LaVerde
William and Donna Hatch
Association of Former NYS Troopers, Allegany Mountains Chapter
Fitzgerald and Cruzado Families

Kevin and Jeanne Harris in memory of Dan and Liz Harris, Jim and Betty Searle, and ……Dan Denner
Leon and Mary Jane McNeill in memory of William Cronin

Joan Aiken in memory of Joan Sortore
Diane and Jim Lanzo in memory of George and Erestine Cox and Cosmo and Anne Lanzo
Karen and David Maskens in memory of Alex Davis

In memory of Keith Rumsey
Ellen and Michael Shawl
Gary Fuller
Susan Rumsey Dichhter
Charles Woodford

In memory of Jack Nease
Mary Nease
Tom and Kathy Burt

In memory of Richard Eaton
Roger and Judy Easton
Douglas and Sheryl Hall

Mary Boyd in memory of Larry B. Boyd
Ruth Kellogg in memory of Arthur Kellogg

In memory of Anne W. Perkins
Kathleen Karpiak
Roberta Staub

In memory of Ralph E. Fanton
Linda Kay Orpet
Dwight and Linda Fanton

Liz Sherwood in memory of Neil Depew
James and Demetra Raptis in memory of Patty Post

James and Cheryl Howland in memory of Lewis Jackson
James and Cheryl Howland in memory of Robert Geffers
Ann Koegel in memory of James Koegel

Michael and Lola Hardy in memory of Barbara Hardy
Richard and Alfreda Weart in memory of David Weart
Richard and Alfreda Weart in memory of Mary Ellen Zacher

Maureen Kelley in memory of Sean Phelan
Sandra Keough in memory of Sam and Aldene Rotell

In memory of C.R. Jackson
Cheryl and Michael Jackson
Robert and Yvonne Jackson

Brenda Bowen in memory of Barbara J. Bowen
Warren and Connie Emerson in memory of Loretta O. Evans
Cory and Sandra Guenter in memory of Pauline Percifield

In memory of Brigid Porter
Janice and Dave Porter
Linda Conner
Kathleen Weinhauer
Joan Hooper

Neil and Eva Benedict in honor of Bill Coch and Joe Felsen
Linda Conner in honor of Dave and Janice Porter

In memory of Robert McEnroe
AC Association for the Blind and Visually Handicapped: Staff and Board Members
Denis and Colleen Dahlgren
Jeanette DeBarbieri
James and Demetra Raptis
Voni and Bob Walker
Steve and Diana Pease
Rheba Rigas
Elaine Fulmer
Gladys and Philip Swarthout
Jane White
Penny and Ken Canfield
Beverly and (Bill) Harder family
Gail Sachenik
Jim and Deb Joyce
John and Doris Rigas family
Louann Pawlak
Maureen Cooper
Ed and Kay Eicher
L. Chandler Whitford
Audrey Hall
Joan I. Rosell
Doris MacFarquhar
Marjorie and James Goodspeed

Cory and Sandra Guenter in memory of Pauline Percifield
Caren Gibson in memory of Merle Swort

Kathleen Weinhauer in memory of Don Weinhauer
Dolores C. Kelley in memory of Robert C. Kelley

Gloria Knox in memory of Leon Knox
Beatriz Jevremovic in memory of Juanita Del Busto
Linda Fiegl in memory of Gary Fiegl

In memory of Rosamonde Presutti
Otto Township Lions Club
Josephine and Felicia Biancuzzo
Daniel Jordan
Des Moines Area Regional Transit
Kathy and Tom Burt

In memory of Charles H. Joyce
The Grandchildren of Charles H. Joyce
Cheryl and Michael Jackson
Lorraine Joyce
Dick, Tina and Cory Joyce
Teresa Joyce

Stan and Joyce Krupnik in memory of Elizabeth Harris
Sherry Herdman in memory of Doris Longway
Bernice Reppenhagen in memory of Jim Brush

Jeanette DeBarbieri in memory of Myrtle Buell
Jeanette DeBarbieri in memory of Howard Lamphier
Mark and Claire Morris in memory of Dale Coats

Roger and Judy Easton in memory of Dorotha Harris
Eleanor Young in memory of Charles S. Young
Joanne Rahr in memory of Harold Rahr

Fred and Sally Dannheim in memory of Carl Osgood
Fred and Sally Dannheim in memory of Bob Reisman, Sally’s brother
Shirley Green in memory of Duane Green
The Dressig Family in memory of John Dressig

Suzanne and Timothy Colligan in memory of Janice Boring-Davis
Renee Osgood in memory of Jackie Burdick
Sheila Faber-Hayes in memory of Michael R. Hayes

Reita and Terry Lynch in honor of the volunteers who take great care of all who ….reside at the Hart Comfort House
Marsha Sick in honor of Hart House Volunteers
Gary and Gloria Fanton in honor of our Veterans

In honor of Olga Iantorno
Marlee and Brian Cannon
Rick and Lois Whitney

Philip and Gladys Swarthout in memory of their parents:
… Ed and Ruth Swarthout & Elvin and Fannie Wood
William and Joan Smith in memory of Charles Young

Dan Shea in memory of Bob Norton
Eileen and Joe Tecza in memory of Grace Stott

Michael and Janet Steiniger in memory of Nancy Steiniger
Susan Zanders in memory of Donald Mong
Pam Shattuck in memory of Pamela (Shattuck) Bennett

In memory of Ann Vlahos
Rheba Rigas and family
James and Demetra Raptis

Larry and Carolyn Rogers in memory of Harriet Gaylord
Walt and Jane Folts in memory of Henri “Hank” Shultz
Ann Tucker in memory of Judy Hoberg
Diana and Steve Pease in memory of Dorothy Allen

In memory of Sandra Spence
United Steel Workers Local #5429
Lynn Manning
Jim and Maureen Edmonston
The Ryan Agencies

In honor and memory of Beverly Brady
The Brady Family
Ryan Agencies

Sheree Gielow in memory of Terry DeRock
The “Bakers”: Dianna, Brian, Don, Judy, and Dave and spouses in memory of
… Chester (Don) Baker, Sharon Cartwright, and Dawn Williams
Dick and Wendy Lanterman in memory of Jean Tracy

In memory of Benson “Bill Heller”
Ann Tucker
Jeff Ryan: The Ryan Agencies
Jim and Margie Goodspeed
ACES- Alfred Sate College

In memory of Donna Abbott
Robert Abbott and Kim Waters
The Bakers: Dianna, Brian, Don, Judy, Dave and spouses
Rick and Darla Babbitt

In memory of Donna Herberger
Vaneesa Smith
Don and Janiece Dahlgren

In memory of Bonnie Neal
Voni and Bob Walker
Joe and Cindy Baker

Joan Tucker in memory of Tom Tucker
Friends and Fellow Floaters in memory of Bobby Hackett

In memory of Marilyn Hyslip
Voni and Bob Walker
Bob and Tracy Insley

In memory of George J. DeBarbieri
John DeBarbieri
Judy and Rob Loughlin
Diana and Steve Pease
Kim Lampman
Marilyn Lampman
Susan Rogers
Lawrence Browning
Mary Huntington
Nitia and John Cole
Baldwinsville Curriculum/Instructional Staff
Anne Marie Gebrain
Liz and Pete Buchholz
Linda Howe
Maureen Cooper
Gary and Gloria Fanton
Roy and Pauline Lucas
Ken and Penny Canfield
Kevin Curran
Florence Buckley

In memory of Charles H. Smith
Mildred and Jack Speciale
Gwen Cole
Tom and Marie McGowan
Joyce and Bert Reynolds
Jim and Linda Hamilton
Ona Reynolds
Kathleen Walsh
Joanne Rahr
William Fraser
Cletus and Dorene Benjamin
Jim Kane
Owego Apalachin Middle School
Walter B. Gladstone
Mary Sheeder

Sylvia Masin in honor of Kathryn Cretekos’ 90th birthday

In memory of Donna Dixon
Gwen and John Potter
Andover Central School Class of 1969
Betty J. Potter
Dale Burgess
Marlee Cannon
Ed Loeffler

In memory of Harold Eddy
Grandchildren of Harold Eddy in loving memory
Jeff Ryan: The Ryan Agencies
Allegany County Department of Public Works: Friendship
William and Christine Locke
Patricia Curran
Marlee Cannon
Ann Koegel
Janice Iati
Arlene Vestal
Georgianna and Donald Higgins
Tony Galeazzo
Kathleen and Wallace MacDonald
Jackie Gentile
Robert and Marlene McDowell

In memory of David Graham
John and Diane Embser
Christopher Depner, MD
Maureen and Jim Edmonston, MD
Marlee Cannon
Philip and Kathy Sweet

Michael J. Smith in memory of Elaine Grace Smith
Robert and Marlene McDowell in memory of Helen M. Tostanoski

Rheba Rigas and family in memory of Louise Konczai
Janice and Dave Porter in memory of Zoé Coombs

In memory of Father Sean’s Mother, Mary Margaret DiMaria
Joe and Cindy Baker
Paul and Shalee Lauzze
Mary Ann Newark

Debra, Diane, Doug and Denise in loving memory of Neil and Louise Depew

In memory of Lewis M. Jackson
Judy Jackson
Jackson nieces, nephews, great nieces and great nephews
James and Cheryl Howland
Sharon Haney
Olean Medical Group
Robert and Marlene McDowell
John, Jeannie, and Johnny Hyland
International Association of Machinists, LL1580
Warren and Connie Emerson

Allegany County Real Property Department in memory of Mildred Jean Lewis

In memory of Joan Palmer
Joan Tucker
Crystal L. Van Patten
Scio Friends at the Store
Ann Hallett
Rowena Fitzgerald Boyd

In memory of Nina Decker
The Deckers: Craig and Alice & family and Dave Lynnette & family
Ruth Gretchen Gregory
The Strahan Family
Anita Kinghorn
Ann and Hug Howes

In memory of Nancy A. Hanks
Marilyn and Bill Weidman
Cathy Rossman Harvey
Lillian Hanks

Terry Gelser in memory of Jessie Van Name
Trudy Meyer in memory of Eleanor Howe

Patricia Kailbourn in memory of Jerry Williams
Bruce and Janette Thomas in memory of Donna Moore
Elton E. Harris in loving memory of Dorotha and Lester Harris

In memory of Marie Cline
Judy and Rob Loughlin
Linda Benjamin
Gary and Kris Stoll
Stanny and Gregg Shear
Joan I. Rosell

In memory of Clifford Goodliff
The Ryan Agencies
Paula Kress

Ann Hallett in memory of Jim Hallett
LC Whitford in memory of Wes Cline

Mary Ann Newark in memory of Shelly Prince
Mary Ann Newark + The Court Kids in memory of Virginia Comstock
Mike Grogan in memory of his grand mother – Catherine Seymour

In memory of Jaci Geracci
Joanne and Dennis White
Daniel and Melinda Peters
Sharon Haney

In memory of James Gee
Douglas Gee
Ken and Penny Fairbach
TOPS H1355
International Association of Machinists LL1580
Paul and Shallee Lauzze
Robert and Maunie Ketchner
Larry and Faye Pritchard

John O’Brien in honor of the wedding of Ann Joyce-Drury & her husband David Drury
Maureen Cooper in memory of Gert & Gus Padden and
…in honor of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day
Wilda and Norm Miller in memory of Loretta Lovel
Bill and Charlene McComb in memory of Harold Bledsoe

In memory of Sharon Cartwright
Rick and Darla Babbitt
The Bakers: Dianna, Brian, Don, Judy, and Dave and spouses

In memory of Linda Myers
Jack and Joyce Robinson
Bill and Sandra Allis
Bruce and Sue Gardner
David Myers and the Richburg Rod and Gun Club
Allegany County Federation of Sportsmen
William Ritchie

In memory of Bruce Mothersell
Margaret Johnson
First Transit
Jennifer Allen

Mike and Lola Hardy in memory of Barbara Hardy
John, Monica and Caitlan Dean in memory of Frank Chase

Charles A. Thompson, Jr. in memory of Daniel Green, Sr.
Joanne Rahr in memory of Marjory Carlin
Dean and Maureen Lewis in memory of Robert and Laura Harder

In memory of Nancy Lotter
Zahi and Rayana Kassas
Tim Lotter
Beta Sigma Phi – New York Gamma Pi
Tracey Benjamin
Delta Team in Lagos, Nigeria
Paul and Helen Goubeaud
Paul S. Beresford
Elizabeth and Tim Lotter

In memory of Betty Jean Windus
Ellen Harris, in honor of her mother
Mark and Kelly Piscitelli

In memory of Don Windus
Mark and Kelly Piscitelli
L. Chandler Whitford

In memory of Marjorie Bledsoe Erdmann
Larry Erdmann
Jeffrey and Stacey Erdmann
Judy and Rob Loughlin
Canisteo-Greenwood Faculty and Staff
Ron and Mary Beth Meides
Otis Bowling Team: Lynn Manning, Janet Marble, Debbie Myers, Yvonne Simmons,
..& Sue Scott, and Sandy Denhoff
John, Monica, and Caitlan Dean
The O’Hagan Family
Margaret Calhoun
Carol Bledsoe
Dresser-Rand Maintenance Department
Charlene and Bill McComb
Judy and Roger Easton
James Walchli
Elton Harris
Gary and Gloria Fanton
Anthony DeSain
Paul and Shallee Lauzze
Naty and Gary Smith

In memory of Roland P. “Rollie” Kemp
Lawrence Browning
Anne Church
Chemung Valley Antique Car Club
Judith and Gerald Perry
Fives Landis Corporation

In honor of Hadleigh Graham’s 5th birthday
Chelsey Aylor
Rebecca Scott

Steve and Diana Pease in memory of Aileen Rigas

In memory of James Snyder
Michaela Drabic
James and Betty Meehan and Family

Beverly Kruger and Katherine Kirsch in memory of Carolyn Griffin
Gary and Gloria Fanton in memory of Dale T. and Donna M. Smith

In honor and memory of Barbara Lamb
Marlee and Brian Cannon
Dave and Sandy Golden
Ron and Vickie Greene
Dale and Tina Barnett

In memory of Katherine H. Brown
Carl Wilkins
Crystal Higby
Allegany County Deputy Sheriff’s Association
Allegany/Cattaraugus Legal Services, Inc.
Allegany County and Supreme Courts:
–Thomas B. Brown and Terrence M. Parker;
–Jen and Randy, Dorine and Steve, Roxanne, JoAnn, Michael Regan, Casey;
–Karen and Dave Brown, Kara, Ronelle, Jenise, Lisa and Bill;
–Miranda, Breille, Dawn.
Nancy Brewster
Janice T. Wightman
Joanne Wilkins
Becky and Chip Athelstone
Tony and Erin Wilkins
Charles A. Thompson, Jr.
The Cosgrove Family
Warren and Connie Emerson

Herald Ford, Inc. in memory of Orville Rossman
Jospeh and Kathie Timpano in memory of Audine M. Ashline
Deborah Clark in memory of Jesse and Gordon Wereley

In memory of Colleen Kailbourn
Monica, John and Caitlan Dean
Andover Historic Preservation Corp. Staff & Board Members

In memory of Lorma Ludwig
Allen and Linda Ludwig
Manor Hills, Inc.

In memory of Mary Eldridge
Roxy Schmidt
Denis and Colleen Dahlgren
Thomas Dean
Dale F. Burgess
Dale and Joyce Eldridge
Bradley Close
Turnkey Environmental Restoration, LLC
Arlene Leave
Tim and Sue Colligan

In honor of David Palmiter’s Birthday
Judith Miller
Sandy Palmiter

Dan and Paula Greene in memory of Joan Craft

In memory of Lois Wheaton
Wheaton, Greene, Weimer and Folts Families
Tim and Sue Colligan
Don and Anne Quick
Dan and Paula Greene

In memory of Betty J. Ferris
Norene Ferris
Robyn Hogan
Dick and Nancy Mills
Tom and Marilyn Taylor
Allison Barnes
Herald Ford, Inc.
Bill and Pamela Graffius
Dick and Wendy Lanterman
Lyle and Ruth Edwards
Nancy and Bill Walsh
Virginia Downing

Manor Hills, Inc. in memory of Martha “Matt” Mueller
Manor Hills, Inc. in memory of Robert McCracken
Manor Hills, Inc. in memory of Florence Marina
Manor Hills, Inc. in memory of Marjorie Clark
Manor Hills, Inc. in memory of Dorothy Willhoite
Manor Hills, Inc. in memory of Mildred Woodard
Manor Hills, Inc. in memory of Jean Burdell
Manor Hills, Inc. in memory of Lorma Ludwig
Manor Hills, Inc. In memory of Robert Moran

Patricia and Leo Alvord in memory of Carol Stevens Fanton
Patricia and Leo Alvord in memory of Marion McClure

In memory of Carl N. Leave
Arlene Leave, Linda, Vickie, and Peggy
Linda and Merrill

In memory of Peter William Presutti
Kathy and Tom Burt
Joanne Rahr
Otto Township Lions Club
Patti Perkins
Des Moines Area Regional Transit

In memory of Sandy Sweet
Katherine Truax
Marsha Sick
Leo and Patricia Alvord
Ona Reynolds

Bill and Sondra Fox in memory of Jason Quinn
Philip and Kathy Sweet in memory of Oliver C. Sweet
Audrey E. Hall in memory of Marian E. Barney

In memory of Marjorie Clark
Stanny and Gregg Shear
Don and Terry Lounsberry
Cheryl Boyer
Manor Hills, Inc.
Elva Cornell
Bob and Wende Palmer Green
Bob and Zalie Linn
Sharon Haney
Pam and Craig Gould
Gary Lounsberry

In memory of Vivian Shields
Michele and Marty DeMarte
Elizabeth Sinski
Shirley M. Green
Kathy McBride Giardini

In honor and memory of Joseph T. Lecceardone
Stephanie J. Lecceardone
Cherrie and Stewart Sharrett
Carl and Patricia Lawrence
Employee Sunshine Fund of the Steuben County Office for the Aging
Barbara and David Walter
Dwayne Sickler
Thomas Leddeardone
Joseph J. Duffy
Jim and Linda Cannon
Joseph Lecceardone
James T.Lecceardone

In memory of Charles Babcock
Kelly Babcock and family
Fran Babcock and Family
Francelia Babcock and Family
Barbara Dunn and Family
Daniel Babcock and Family
Rebecca Babcock and family

In memory of George Schenk
Lois Schenk
Phyllis Sherwood
Marlee and Tom Talbett
Jim and Pat Gibbons
Michael and Marjanne Kunz
Carol and Stan Harris
Charles Woodford
Elva Cornell

Barbara Snyder in memory of Virginia Vincent
Maureen Cooper in memory of Kelley Cooper

In memory of Louise Depew
Stanny and Gregg Shear
Mrs. Patricia Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Barnes and Family
Mike Berardi and Giant Food Family
Betty Lou DelVecchio
Naomi Bergen

In memory of Tim Ward
JW Embser Sons Funeral Home
Joanne Rahr

In memory of Erland D.Kailbourne
Erland and Pauline Kailbourne
Kay and Steve Nagy
Stanny and Gregg Shear
Michael and Denise McKee
Herald Ford, Inc,
Holly Burger
L. Chandler Whitford
Rand Capital
James and Demetra Raptis
James and Ellen Cannella
Robert Latella
Maureen Cooper
Diane and Stephen Yost
Doris MacFarquhar
Dolores Burger
Dean and Maureen Lewis
Warren and Connie Emerson
Andrew and Teresa Dorn
Jim and Marilyn Manion
Ona Reynolds
Joan Artlip
Ken and Judy VanDine
Gene and Norma Cedruly
Reginald B. Newman II

In memory of Linda Johnson
Patrick Jones
Karl, Lori, and Elizabeth Vossler
Dan and Joanie Guiney
Nancy Lewis
Officers of the Cutco Corporation
Dean and Maureen Lewis
Ona Reynolds
Mario and Catherine Zakel
Cole Memorial Leadership Team
Steven and Sarah Wright
Lyndsey Jones
Jim and Linda Buhl, also remembering Linda’s mother, Ruth Buhl
Robert and Sue Laylock
Craig, Sarah, Sam, and Megan Lewis

In memory of Georgia Grastorf
The Grastorf Family
Bob and Glenda Fisk
Cathy R. Harvey
Sherry Grastorf Lawn
Glenn Yager
Al and Bette Yager
Phil and Sharon Sortore
Julie Prunoske

Catherine Powers in memory of James Michael Powers
Bobby Estrada in memory of Christine Estrada
Patrick and Jamie O’Kelly in memory of Cindy Polle
Robert and Sharon Pulos in memory of William L. and Juanita W. Pulos

In memory of Robert Thomas
Joe and Cindy Baker
Beverly Kruger and Kathryn Kirsch

Audrey Hall in memory of Joyce Reynolds
Audrey Hall in memory of Gloria Clark

In memory of Richard Lentz
Metromont Engineers: Suzanne Aultman
Nina Buchanan and Helen Martin
Amelita and Lee Cunningham
Sue and Larry Browning
David and Marianne Scoins
Elizabeth and Jerry Hayes
Lillian Merchant
Leo and Pat Alvord
Connie Brandes
Mike and Amy Hunt and family
Mark and Stacy Fanton and family
Brian Brandes and family
The Seidita Family
Senior Stretch Class
Joe and Kathie Timpano

In memory of Rita Insley
Joyce Burns and Family
Tuesday Bridge Group
Maureen Cooper
Doris MacFarquhar
Charlie Yazak
Gary and Pat Balcom
Beef House Employees
Morrison Hayes American Legion Auxiliary, Post 702
Senta Streeter
Jim and Elaine Reisinger
Margaret Mitchell
Elaine A. Fulmer
Judith, Michael, Theresa, and Christine McNulty
The First Grade Team – Wellsville Elementary School
George and Jolene Cretekos
Nyhl and Linda Austin
Penny and Ken Canfield
Georgi and Don Higgins
Sylvia Masin
Ontario County Department of Social Services – Income Maintenance Department
Wellsville Central School “Culinary Team”
Allegany Co. Department of Health Employees:
Laurie Hennessy, Lori Ballengee, & Pat Mansfield
Betty Erwin
Leo and Pat Alvord
Audrey Hall
Co Workers of Cris Carson: Canadaigua National Bank, IT Department
Dan Hixson
Brian and Diane McGuire
Dan and Joanie Guiney
Maureen Smith
Deb and Jim Joyce
Dennis and Colleen Dahlgren
Marge and Jim Goodspeed
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Preston Lucas in memory of Douglas Perry
Texas Grandchildren in memory of Jessie Wereley

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Denise and John Richardson
The Marvin Family
William and Kathryn Childs
Ron and Janice Dennis
Don and Lois Andrews
Herman, Nancy and Michael White
Melodie and Dennis Farwell
“Friends of Char”: Deb Sexton, Deb Adams, Denise Kasperski, Patsy Pettit, &
…Melissa Sahm, and Michele Dunbar
Donald and Mary Smith
Bonnie Whittaker
Jean and Lew Becktold
Donald and Lucinda Amidon

In memory of N. Thomas “Tom” Barnes
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Stanny and Gregg Shear
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Milford V. and Marie L. Cline
Jim Devald and Linda Jesson

In memory of Robert Moran
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Alan and Doris Hanchett
Dan and Melinda Peters
The Babcock and Kozlowski Families
Richard and Wendy Lanterman
Sally and Fred Dannheim
Preston Lucas
Manor Hills, Inc

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Jim and Evelyn Smith
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Michele (Smith) Willis and Brian Phillipps
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Mary Ellen Smith Abou-eid
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Lorraine Joyce and Family
Cindy Baker
Teresa Joyce (2017)

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Kathryn Horton
Lorraine Joyce and family

In memory of Walter Coyle
Sue and Steve Mayne
Jack and Bonnie Schettine
Elva Cornell
Leo and Pat Alvord
International Association of Machinists, LL1580
Sally and Fred Dannheim
Jim and Evelyn Smith
Jim and Darlene Smith
Cindy Baker
Steve and Sue Kell
Marlee and Brian Cannon (2017)

In memory of Lisa Miller Cutten
Wilda and Norm Miller
Higgins Family Trust: Daniel Higgins
Arlene Leave
Sarah and Marshall Kuriger
Donald and Sue Faulkner
The Cady Family
Edward and Suzanne Palmer
Georgi and Don Higgins & Family
William and Mary Ann DiBerardino (2017)

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