Community Builders 2017

“Built by Allegany County support and hands for Allegany County”

The Board of Directors thanks all our “building” hands and financiers who have helped in all areas of beginnings and reconstructions, and yearly giving for Hart Comfort House
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Heart Community
(minimum of $50,000 in cash or “building” supplies/ services):

The Hart Family – Donation of Hart Family House
Charles P. Joyce and Otis Eastern Service, Inc.

Grace Community
(minimum of $20,000 in cash or “building” supplies/services):
The February Basket Auction (2012-2017)
Christian Youth Corps, Inc.
Morrison Hayes American Legion Auxiliary, 702

Vision Community
(minimum of $10,000 in cash or “building” supplies/services):

As of March 27, 2017
Danielle Tuohy

As of December 2016
Otis Eastern
Lorraine Joyce
Linda Meyers Memorial Trap Shoot and Fund Raiser – David Myers and Richburg
Rod and Gun Club
As of Dec. 31, 2015
Otis Eastern for 2015
The Joyce Family in Honor of Lorraine Joyce
Dan Peters, Fassett Lane Building and Home Center
Jim Smith and Rob Warboys, Two Hogs With Hart (2013)(2015)
The Belovsky Family Foundation
Family of Pauline Morrison
Gabrielle and Richard Ewell
Cheryl and Mike Jackson
Thomas F. and Laura L. Moogan Family Foundation, Ltd.

Sustenance Community
(minimum of $5,000 in cash of building supplies/services):

As of May 4, 2017
Kathy and Philip Sweet
Belovsky Foundation

As of December, 2016
Manor Hills, Inc
Pauline Fairman
Linda Myers Memorial Trap Shoot with A.C. Federation of Sportsmen
As of Dec. 31, 2015
Allegany County Area Foundation
Susan and Bruce Greene
Joanne Hutter and the estate of Bob Hutter
Lucia and Sam Beer and the CatBird Griddle
David DuBois
Bill Lynch
Alfred-Almond Chiropractic
Bethesda Foundation
Elton Harris
Eileen Stott Tecza
Kevin LaForge, Laforge Disposal, Inc.
Alfred-Alfred Station Community Chest (2011-2015)
Bill and Geri Ford
Bill Coch
Larry and Deb Clark
Tami’s Floral Expressions
Union University Church
Teresa Joyce
Meridian Energy, Bill Schettine

Solace Community
(minimum of $2,500 in cash or “building” supplies/services):

As of July 31, 2017
Basket Raffle 2017
Charles and Lorraine Joyce Family Foundation
David Myers, Linda Myers Memorial Fundraiser

As of December, 2016
Clair Rossman Family
Thomas F. and Laura L. Moogan Family Foundation, LTD, Inc.
Charles and Lorraine Joyce Family Foundation
Mike and Cheryl Jackson
Lillian Hanks
Ken and Penny Canfield
Sons of American Legion Post, 702
L.C. Whitford
Steuben Trust Company
Lanny Wesche
Brian and Marlee Cannon
First Trinity Ev. Lutheran Church
Microsoft Matching Gifts
The Belovsky Foundation
As of December 31, 2015
Alan Griffin
Marleah Ritter and Family
Richard Sortore and Family
Harry Johnson’s Family
Michael and Marjanne Kunz
Constance and Rheba Rigas
Doug and Judy Lynch
Hot Dog Day
Rich Shear and his band members: Pig Roasts 2011-2015
Dresser Rand Co. and Employees
Municipal Electric Utilities Association
Jim and Darlene Smith
Charles Orlando and Bill Banker, Decorative Iron Artists
JR Morris Foundation
Shorts Oil, Co.
Wellsville Lions Charities, Inc.
The Family of Ruth Buhl
Anderton Living Trust
Manor Hills, Inc.
Jerome Hart
Robert Steiniger
Bob Geffers
Tom and Lisa Albert & Family
Leila Hunt
Dr. Lyle F. Renodin Foundation
Janice and David Porter
Joe and F.A. Felsen
Barbara and Tom Wright
Corning Inc. Management Team
Ashley Furniture of Olean

Hope Community
(minimum of $1,000 in cash or “building” supplies/services):

As of July 28, 2017
Alfred-Alfred Station Community Chest
Larry Clark
Susan Doran
Susan Greene
Theresa McNulty
Union University Church
Wellsville Lioness Club

Comfort Community
(minimum of $500 in cash or “building” supplies/services):
As of August 8, 2017
Friends of Bobby Hackett including Businesses and Fellow Floaters
Vickie Hand
Elton and Kris Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Hoyt
La Gra’s Little Gallery
Mike and Nora McArdle
Judith McNulty
National Fuel Gas Foundation
Francis Padden
Steve and Diana Pease
Judy Samber and Gary Ostrower
Craig and Cynthia Sinesiou
Wellsville Lions Charities

Caregiving Community
(minimum of $250 in cash or “building” supplies/services):
As of July 31, 2017
Belfast Lions Club
Maureen Cooper
Ken and Karen Galle
GE Foundation Matching Grant
Mike Grogan
Ann Hallett
Matthew Jackson
Vicki Hand
Local 1580 – Siemens Dresser-Rand
Manor Hills, Inc.
National Fuel Gas Foundation
Steve and Diana Pease
Rossman Family
Darlene Smith
Tanya and Tamara Greentree and Tricia Burton
Wellsville Central School Talent Show
Wellsville USBC Women’s Bowlers Association

Support Community
(minimum of $100 in cash or “building” supplies/services):
As of August 8, 2017
Tim and Sandy Allen
Allegany Council on Alcohol and Substance Abuse
American Legion Riders
Almond Union of Churches Mission Fund
Andover Religious Education Class
Nyhl and Linda Austin
Gary and Pat Balcom
Bank of Akron
Belmont Nutrition Site
Belmont United Methodist Church
Josephine and Feleicia Biancuzzo
Sharon Cackett
Joan Cady
Marlee and Brian Cannon
Mary Cosgrove
Bill Cox
Cutco Corporation
Tracy and Stephen Czarnecki
John Darr
Anthony and Sheila (Cady) Delmonte and Family
Josef Doenges
Liz and Tom Donovan and Family
Susan Doran
First United Methodist Church
Gamma Pi Sorority
Darlene Gibson
Grace United Church
Laurie and Joe Hennessy
Niles Herberger
Sherry Herdman
Keirsten Hoffman and James Cartwright
Joseph Hollister
Beth and Richard Howitt
Hume Baptist Church
Brenda Hurlburt
Daniel Jordan
Ray and Colleen Kailbourne
Lynette Kaiser
Melody Kellogg
Joyce and Stan Krupnik
Bill Laubert
Terry Lemcke
Loyal Order of the Moose, #210
Roy Lucas
Maple City Dodge
James and Jeanette Mastin
Brenda McGee
Pete and Pat McKay
Michael and Pamela McNulty
Robert McNulty
Robert and Vivian Moline
Sue and Dave Murray
Guinevere Nobles and Family
Carol Ormsby
Pettit Family
Kenneth Ralyea
David and Sue Reh
Scio United Methodist Church
Charles “Red” Shattuck
Carol Sherwood
Eileen and Joe Schaffner
Jim and Vicki Schooley
Marcia Scott
Pamela Shattuck
Roseann Sheffer
Marsha Sick
Maxine Simons and Robert Dunham
Vaneesa Smith Family and the Denig Family
Kim and Dave Toot
Arthur and Bonnie Turner
Sandra Vossler
Voni and Bob Walker
Joan Wilhoit
WHS Class of 1972
Wellsville Nitros Baseball Team
Gordon Wereley
Whitesville Teacher’s Association
Willey Family

Helpers’ Community:
As of August 8, 2017
Bill and Sandy Allis
David and Sandy Allis
American Legion Auxiliary, Post 702
John and Nancy Ames
Jean and Tim Armstrong
Marcia Ashworth
Frances Babcock
Joe and Cindy Baker
Belfast Central School Faculty and Students
Phyllis Bentley
Al Bertman
Ruth Bottoms
Mary Boyd
Nancy and Peter Bryant
Steven and Carol Bunting
Nora Burdick
Connie and Richard Burrous
Carol Bush
Janet Cackett
Joyce and Rollin Callahan
Ken and Penny Canfield
Shawn Canfield
Gene and Norma Cedruly
Rob Chamberlain
Nancy Cherry
Barbara Clare
Clark and Wu families
Sid and Sandra Cleveland
Cohen Elementary School Faculty and Staff
Nora Cole
Pauletta and Jim Copenheaver
Elva Cornell
Joan Craft
Lou Culbert
Richard Culbert
Denis and Colleen Dahlgren
Gary and Patricia Davis
George and Jeanette DeBarbieri
Walt and Phyllis Dennis
Anna and Joe Diliberto
Patrick Dooley
Lori Doolin
Gayle and Mark Dorrett
Chel Douglas
John and Alice Dunbar
Michelle Dunbar
Max and Joan Maynard Dunshie
June Easton
Jack and Donna Emrick
Gary Enderle
Jeffrey and Stacy Erdmann
Eileen Evans
Sally and Richard Ewell
Mary Fagan
Kenneth and Penny Fairbach
Gary and Gloria Fanton
Joe Fasano
Marianne Fleming
Diane and Alan Forsberg
Norma Jean Fritz
John and Shirley Giopulos
Corrine Glass
George Goetschius
Russell Goodenough
Cheryl and Ronald Goodwin
Geralyn Gough
Barb Graves
Shirley Green
Linda Grover
Dan and Joan Guiney
Elizabeth Gulacsy
Gloria Hamlin
Loni and Kathy Hamlin
Butch and Sue Hamre
Nancy Hanks
Marlene Happ
Jeanne and Kevin Harris
Tom and Mary Hennessy
Georgi and Don Higgins
Sally and Roger Horak
Julie Hoshal
John and Gerry House
James and Cheryl Howland
Tracy and Bob Insley
International Association of Machinists, LL1580
Vicki and Dan Jenkins
Kaleb Jozniak
Ray and Colleen Kailbourne
Jim and Linda Karns
Kimberly Keller
Melody Kellogg
Marilyn Kloosterman
Loren Knapp
Chloe Knudsen
Sheila Konar
The Glenn Koss Family
Wanda and Donald Lewis, Sr.
Lake Lodge Campers
Richard and Wendy Lanterman
Jerry and Sandra Layton
Dorothy Lendel
Georgia Lincoln
Nancy and Ken Lotter
Judy and Bob Loughlin
Dick and Gloria Lynch
David and Angela Markel
Sylvia Masin
Paul and Charity McCormick
Kay McCulloch
Doris McFarquhar
Leon and Mary Jane McNeill
Patrick McPoland
Cyril and Jacqueline Merrick
Roberta Messler
Carolyn Miller
Judith Miller
Nancy Miller
Wilda and Norm Miller
Sue Monroe
Gary Morrison
Wanda Mucke
Sylvia Myers
Joann Naylor
Rima O’Connor
Carla Orosz and family
North Park Wesleyan Church
Judith Palmer
Louann Pawlak
Beth Pederson
Ann Peiffer
Joanne and Robert Raish
Bob and Cathy Rees
Bernie and Steve Reppenhagen
Maggie Hart Reuter
Eleanor Reynolds
James and Deborah Richardson
John and Denise Richardson
Melanie Ricketts and family
Phyllis Rigby
Dee Roeske
Carolyn and Larry Rogers
Joan Rosell
Angela and David Rossington
Richard and Violet Russell
Gudrun Scott
Carole Sewar
Bruce Schoenthal
Marilyn Snell-Brown
Suchagooddog, LLC
Jennifer Shamp
Mary Shaner
Mary Sheeder
Siemens Dresser-Rand SCM. and Engineering Dept.
Stefanie Gasbarre-Simonetta
Carolyn Slocum
Jill and Michael Slocum
Amanda Smith
Dale and Nancy Smith
Michael Smith
Tom and Ann Smith
Marian Spahn
Bonita Spencer
Helen Staughton
Caelyn Stevens
Galen and Betsey Stout
Carroll Swanson
Gladys and Phil Swarthout
Robert J. Sweet Family
Jill and Aaron Teel
David and Margo Thornton
Kathie Timpano
Diane Vossler
Nina Vossler
Nancy Walsh
Karen and Mike Walter
Connie Washburn and Family
Alexandra Watson
Wellsville Middle School Jump Club
Jane White
Julie Willson
Helena York
Joe and Kathy Zizzi
Beverly Zuchlewski